Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Elephant Seal Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Black, Tan
18 – 22 years
Top speed
12 mph
900kg – 3,000kg (2,000lbs – 6,000lbs)
Elephant Seal Distribition

Elephant seals can dive higher than 5,000 feet right into the sea along with can hold their breath for 2 humans resources.

The trunk- like nose of this seal makes it basic to see precisely just how it got its name. The regular life span of a north elephant seal is 9 years while an elephant seal living in the Antarctic location can live from 20 to 22 years. Male seals can examine as long as 4.5 tons. They are predators making it through on a diet of squid, fish, rays, penguins, along with some little species of sharks.

5 Elephant Seal Realities

  • These seals spend around 9 months of the year in the water.
  • They are impressive swimmers yet move awkwardly while onto land.
  • Male elephant seals are called bulls.
  • These seals were sought in the 19th century till they were virtually extinct.
  • An elephant seal becomes an expanded- up at 3 years of ages.

Elephant Seal Scientific Name

The scientific name for these seals is Mirounga. Mirounga, or ‘miouroung,’ is an Australian native acceptation seal. The elephant seal originates from the Phocidae family along with the class Mammalia.

There are 2 species of elephant seal: north ( Mirounga angustirostris) along with south ( Mirounga leonina).

Elephant Seal Appearance along with Activities

These seals are covered in a layer of light or dark tan or grayish hair. While male seals have a huge trunk- like nose, in addition called a proboscis, female seals have a nose that’s regular in measurement. These seals have a huge, rounded face, dark eyes, along with hairs.

Its 2 short front fins have nails on conclusions that look like long, dark finger nails. Its back fins are webbed, making this animal amongst among one of the most expert swimmers in the sea!

Male seals are a whole lot larger than females. A male north elephant seal can examine as long as 4,400 added pounds along with increase to over 13 feet in dimension. A female thinks about around 1,300 added pounds along with expands to be around 10 feet long. In addition, a male south elephant seal thinks about around 11,000 added pounds along with expands to be about 16 feet in dimension! A female seal of this species thinks about around 2,000 added pounds along with expands to be around 10 feet long.

For suggestion, a male seal assessing 4,400 added pounds thinks about pertaining to such a rhinoceros, while a female that thinks about 2,000 added pounds is equal in weight to 2 grand pianos. It’s not unusual that why most animals prevent these seals!

Taking a look at the dimension of these seals, a 10- foot elephant seal is equal in measurement to half of an expanded- up giraffe. A 16- foot long seal is equal in dimension to 2 total- sized Xmas trees. A big male elephant seal holds the record as the lengthiest– figuring out virtually 22 feet!

The short front fins along with back fins of this seal all have a specific feature. Its front fins help these seals to modify guidelines when swimming while their webbed hind fins move them in advance with the sea. When onto land, these seals use its front fins to tremble itself in advance while dragging its back fins. It’s uncomplicated to see why this seal prefers to be in the water!

Elephant seals are both single along with social. When they are swimming in the sea they are single. Nonetheless, when they return to the land along with join the rookery throughout duplicating duration they wind up being social. A group of seals has great deals of names containing a herd, a bob, a throng, or a hareem (females simply).

Elephant seals are extremely territorial along with can be incredibly aggressive when shielding their area of shore. A male seal gathers together 40 to 50 female seals, or a hareem, to continue to be within his area. If one male efforts to enter another’s area, it can result in a bloody, intense fight as the area is protected. It’s in addition incredibly loud. Male seals make deep, looking like sounds equivalent to drum beats as they cope another male.

elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris) two elephant seals

Elephant Seal Setting

North elephant seals remain in the North Pacific near Baja The Golden State, Mexico to the Aleutian Islands along with Gulf of Alaska. Southern elephant seals remain in the listed below- Antarctic along with Antarctic waters.

These seals relocate to the sea sets you back many months looking for food. Marine biologists have in fact situated male seals adhere to a similar training course as they relocate while female seals pick numerous programs to travel in the sea. In mid- December, these seals return to land to duplicate, heading back out to the sea at the end of March.

The thick layers of fat on these seals preserve them comfortable as they swim with the chilly waters of the sea. And additionally, they have in fact especially produced lungs that reduce as they dive deeply right into the sea for food along with fill with air when they resurface.

Elephant Seal Diet

What do elephant seals eat? Squid, rays, penguins, little shark, crabs, along with fish are all on the food choice of thesepredators Throughout their 9 months about purchased the sea, they are seldom seen at the surface of the water. They are either swimming just listed below the surface or diving right into the middles looking for food. These seals consist of a lot of fat to their bodies throughout these months. As quickly as breeding duration begins, they begin a fasting period (they do not eat).

Elephant Seal Predators along with Threats

Amazing white sharks along with outstanding whales are 2 predators of these seals. They are so large, they have incredibly number of predators in the sea.

However, the angling jobs of people can be a threat to these seals. They typically wind up being turned in industry fishing internet leading to exceptional injury or casualty. In addition, these seals are typically struck by large ships along with numerous other sea vessels that can result in their casualty.

Ecological celebrations, such as tropical storms along with cyclones, can reduce the people of elephant seals. Seal pups that are not yet strong swimmers can be scooped along with removed in these weather celebrations.

At the same time, these seals were sought by poachers for the oil in their blubber. Presently, they have authorized protection versus poaching jobs. The conservation status of elephant seals, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), is least concern.

Elephant Seal Leisure, Kid, along with Life- period

Breeding duration begins in December for elephant seals. They show up of the sea along with exercise onshore. The male seal elephants in addition called bulls, involved the rookery before the females. Male seals fight with each various other for area along with prestige. A male seal raises the leading half of its body, typically allowing it to stand 6 feet high. 2 male seals strike each numerous other with their elephant- like noses, assault, along with press each numerous other till one stops or is so harmed it can not continue. This is a loud, unsafe experience!

As soon as the leading male seals create their area, the female seals obtain below from the sea. A male seal has 40 to 50 females in his area. A group of females is called a hareem. The male buddies with a great deal of the females in the hareem.

The pregnancy period of a female elephant seal is 11 months. As quickly as a female seal conceives, she returns to the sea. She’ll later go back to shore along with offer on-line birth to one baby, in addition called a dog. A newborn seal young puppy thinks about around 75 added pounds along with is covered in black hair. The young puppy has the capability to see, pay attention to, along with relocate right from birth.

A mommy seal signed up nurses her young puppy for one month, afterwards it begins to eat solid food. The mommy leaves its young puppy after just one month along with kinds with a male before leaving the rookery to return to the sea. A month- old elephant seal young puppy must uncover along with workout its swimming along with looking capabilities on its own.

The regular life span of a north elephant seal is 9 years, while the life span of a south elephant seal differs from 20 to 22 years. Female seals typically live longer than male seals because male seals must protect area along with typically acquire life- minimizing injuries. These seals are in addition vulnerable to a variety of skin disease.

Elephant Seal Population

The people of north elephant seals is believed to be around 127,000. There are 26,000 living near the Mexican shoreline, while the remainder lives off the shoreline of The gold state. There are around 650,000 south elephant seals available.

The people of these seals is either consistent or increasing. That’s exceptional info, considering they virtually happened extinct in the 19th century as an outcome of poaching job. Today, the conservation status of both species is least concern.


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