Elephant Beetle

The males have multiple horns at the front of their bodies.
Elephant Beetle Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Megasoma elephas
Elephant Beetle Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Black
Up to 3 years
Up to 100 grams
Elephant Beetle Distribition

It might not be as huge as an elephant or have a trunk, however the Elephant Beetle shares some intriguing functions with its name.

While these beetles are not as huge as elephants (or perhaps the biggest beetle in the animal kingdom), their dimension certain makes them a fascinating sampling to examine. The males have inform- story horns that likewise resulted in their name,Elephant Beetle Similar to elephants, male Elephant Beetles utilize their horns to contend for food and companions, revealing their supremacy with display screens of power.


  • Male Elephant Beetles have numerous horns that they make use of to reveal their supremacy. While they do not make use of these to wound or eliminate, the males still contest food and companions. These horns likewise are available in convenient to mine food or defense.
  • Elephant Beetles are a few of the biggest beetles and can mature to 12 centimeters long. The males are typically bigger than the females.
  • These beetles have 4 life phases: egg, larvae, pupae, and grown-upElephant Beetle They invest a lot of their lives in the larvae phase.
  • Elephant Beetles are black however have yellow hair that provides a yellow-colored- black appearance.
  • The hair of the Elephant Beetle is thickest on their elytra, the thick skin of their front wings.

Species, Kind, and Scientific Name

The Elephant Beetle is recognized by the scientific name Megasoma elephas The Megasoma genus consists of rhinoceros beetles. Words Megasoma indicates “huge body” in Greek, which means the bigger than typical dimension of the majority of beetles in this genus. Elephant Beetles come from the Scarabaeidae family, likewise called scarabs or scarab beetles. There are greater than 30,000 participants of the Scarabaeidae family and all are characterized by tough front wings.

All beetles, consisting of the Elephant Beetle, belong to the Coleoptera order. There more than 400,000 species of beetles. The whole order comprises around a quarter of the recognized animal species in the world. Elephant Beetles belong to the Insecta class, Arthropoda phylum, and Animalia kingdom.

Appearance: Exactly How to Recognize Elephant Beetles

Despite the fact that the term Elephant Beetle can be utilized to define various other species within the Megasoma genus, it most precisely describes the Megasoma elephas Real to its name, the Elephant Beetle is huge and can expand to be approximately 12 centimeters long. The males are usually bigger than the females. Generally, their dimension varies from 7 to 12 centimeters.

One more factor that Elephant Beetles obtain their name is that they have “horns” on the front of their head. The front horn is huge and prolongs out from the extremely front of their body, with a split top horn simply above. There are likewise 2 smaller sized horns even more back. Just males have these forecasts, that makes them much easier to determine.

What are these horns utilized for? The males do not combat each various other with the intent to wound or eliminate, however they do utilize their horns to reveal their supremacy over various other males and the press them far from food and prospective companions.

Elephant Beetles are black. However, because of the yellow-colored hair that covers their bodies and wings, they have a yellow-colored- black appearance in the beginning glimpse. The initial point you’ll see regarding a male Elephant Beetle is most likely its horns, while a female Elephant Beetle is ideal determined by its smaller sized dimension and coloring.

Keep in mind the distinct horns on theElephant Beetle Just the males have these horns.

Environment: Where to Locate Elephant Beetles

The Megasoma elephas is located in Central and South America. They can likewise be seen in one of the most Southerly components of Mexico. These components of the globe are abundant in food forElephant Beetles They prefer rain forest with a lot of plants to eat and visit which to lay their eggs.

Various other species within the genus and family lie in Europe and The United States And Canada. They are occasionally described as Elephant Beetles, particularly various other species within the Megasoma genus.

Diet: What Do They Eat?

Elephant Beetles are herbivores and eat plants and sap in their atmosphere. Sap actions water and nutrients around the plant to its branches, leaves, and fruit. Elephant Beetles feed upon this nutrient- abundant sap as grownups. They have actually likewise been observed consuming some fruit and also bark. Since they reside in the exotic rain forest, a lot of their recommended food resources are exotic fruits and plants.

When recreating, Elephant Beetles lay their eggs in dropped logs. After 2- 3 weeks, the eggs hatch out and end up being larvae that feed upon the rotting timber where they were birthed. They remain by doing this for virtually 3 years, eating dropped leaves, logs, fruit, and various other plants on the ground. They at some point end up being pupae and after that grown-up Elephant Beetles.

Elephant Beetles invest a lot of their lives as larvae. They end up being pupae for just a couple of months and after that become fully grownElephant Beetles The females lay their eggs and the circle starts throughout once more.

Avoidance: Exactly How to Eliminate Elephant Beetles

While not nighttime, these insects are a lot more energetic in the evening. This can make it tough to learn if Elephant Beetles are creating issues unless you are proactively trying to find them. Luckily, Elephant Beetles seldom trigger issues. Actually, they are in fact helpful for the atmosphere due to the fact that they eat rotting plant issue and include brand-new plants to expand.

In their larvae phase, Elephant Beetles mainly eat dead and rotting plants. These can consist of fallen leaves and fruit along with bigger things like logs and branches. This is a valuable and important part of the environment in their natural surroundings. They look after removing particles from the woodland flooring. The larvae can likewise be food for various other species in their atmosphere. As larvae, they are white with little legs and do not yet have the defense from the tough front wings that they will certainly have as grownups.

When Elephant Beetles are presented to brand-new locations, nonetheless, their feeding routines might trigger damages to the existing environment. Various other species of beetles depend on the exact same food resources and way too much competitors can result in populace numbers decreasing. Luckily, the Megasoma elephas species is not intrusive or damaging. Various other species within the genus or family, nonetheless, are thought about intrusive. For instance, the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle is intrusive in Hawaii and can trigger damages to indigenous plants consisting of coconut hands and African oil hands.

Securing Elephant Beetles

As a result of the devastation of their tropical rain forest environment, there is some issue forElephant Beetles They are not provided as endangered, however it is still an excellent suggestion to make sure to protect their natural surroundings. Elephant Beetles invest most of their lives as larvae, which indicates they are much less safeguarded and do not yet have the tough external covering of their elytra.

Similar Insects to Elephant Beetles

  • Scarab Beetles: Elephant Beetles are a sort of scarab. However with over 30,000 species, these beetles are extremely varied. One of the most well- recognized scarab is one that the old Egyptians venerated, the Scarabaeus sacer
  • Hercules Beetle: This is an additional huge species of beetle and an additional participant of the Scarabaeidae family. Male Hercules Beetles likewise have horns, similar to the Elephant Beetle These beetles can mature to 3 inches lengthy or a lot more.


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