Egyptian Mau

An ancient breed of domestic cat!
Egyptian Mau Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis catus
Egyptian Mau Physical Characteristics
Grey, Blue, White, Silver
12-16 years
Egyptian Mau Distribition

The Egyptian Mau is an uncommon little- to- tool dimension brief- haired type of tamed cat that is normally found on the ideas of its hair.

Coming From Egypt, it is taken into consideration a forefather of modern-day residential cats along with among the fastest. The type name of “mau” implies “cat” in Egyptian Arabic.

Egyptian Mau Attributes: What to Know Prior To You Purchase

  • The Egyptian Mau is an offspring of the African wild cat.
  • Literally, this type is lengthy and really muscled.
  • It has a a lot longer maternity than various other types, 73 days to be precise.
  • It’s really quickly, running greater than 30mph (48km/h).
  • The type is so unusual it is a lot more usual to discover a blended type than a pure-blooded beyond Egypt.

Egyptian Mau Character

The Egyptian Mau individuality gets along, friendly, spirited, and energetic. It has a social, well balanced character with qualities of commitment, awareness, self-reliance, perseverance, and knowledge. This social cat is literally beautiful, solid, royal, and elegant and while it has a caring individuality, it is a flexibility- caring “4 on the flooring” (all feet on the ground) cat that does not delight in being held or being a lap cat half the moment or even more. It can be controlling in character and treasure one human to be connected to most importantly others. Odd sounds and sudden activities make it unreliable.

This type is really singing and music per its type name Mau, indicating “cat.” It might tweet, trill, chortle, and make various other uncommon audios in feedback to excitement. One more usual actions in this type is the “shake- tail” in which it jerks its tail, trembling it similar to splashing area although it does not launch pee.

This type can be territorial with various other pets yet can discover to manage. It does nevertheless delight in households, particularly those with older youngsters. It is timid around complete strangers.

It has gooseberry eco-friendly eyes which can transform to blue-green depending upon its character.

Two cute Egyptian Mau cats sitting on a shelf.

2 adorable Egyptian Mau cats resting on a rack.

Egyptian Mau Dimension and Weight

The Egyptian Mau is little to tool in dimension with brief to tool smooth hair and a lengthy body. It has the slim style of a Siamese with the thickness of a Burmese, total appearing like the Abyssinian yet with even more size, muscular tissue, shapeliness, distinctive contours, and elevation. It is typically puzzled for an Ocicat, which is a blend of an Abyssian and an Egyptian Mau and keeps the discovered hair.

Both sexes are 8- 14 inches in elevation, with male Egyptian Maus being bigger than females. Males evaluate 8- 14 pounds generally and females evaluate 6- 10 pounds generally. Kittycats get to complete maturation at concerning 18 months and evaluate concerning 7- 9lbs generally, reaching their complete weight later on.

Egyptian Mau Rate

The rate of an Egyptian Mau relies on whether you are obtaining a pure-blooded or a blended type along with its age and where you obtain it from. If you obtain Egyptian Mau kitties from a dog breeder, they can each expense anywhere from $1,800- 2,500 on the high-end and $600- 1,200 generally depending upon shade, type enrollment, and various other qualities.

Nevertheless, there are Egyptian Mau saves in the united state where you can discover pure-blooded and blended type kitties and grown-up cats and pay the conventional fostering cost.

Egyptian Mau Kittycats

These kitties all have eco-friendly eyes, yet brownish-yellow is normally taking place in kitties and young people approximately 18 months old. They can set you back as long as $1,200. If you are seeking a female for reproducing, it can set you back approximately $2,000. Preferably, you must pick a respectable dog breeder with a healthy and balanced line and a created wellness assurance to prevent concerns, several of which can show up at a young age.

Cute Egyptian Mau kitten playing by itself.
Charming Egyptian Mau kitty having fun on its own.Vivienstock/Shutterstock. com

Egyptian Mau Life Expectancy

The life-span of these cats varies from 9 to two decades, yet 12- 16 generally. Although it’s normally really healthy and balanced, it can be vulnerable to heart problem, urate urolithiasis, pyruvate kinase shortage, and leukodystrophy. It is a lot more conscious temperature level than various other types and appreciates hot temperature levels. It is a lot more conscious medications and anesthetic than various other types too.

Egyptian Mau Type vs. Mixed

Some qualities of a pure-blooded cat is as comply with:

  • A rounded, triangular- designed head
  • Tool- to- huge gently formed, black- tipped, tufted ears
  • Big, almond- formed “gooseberry eco-friendly” eyes with a rather stressed expression
  • Identified tabby markings
  • A paler bottom
  • A cheetah- like stroll
  • A back red stripe ranging from head to tail
  • An “m” or scarab beetle noting on its temple
  • 2 “mascara lines” on each side of their cheeks
  • The front legs somewhat longer than the back
  • Thin, lengthy tail with traditional black suggestion

These cats are road cats in Egypt and unusual anywhere else. An Egyptian Mau blended type is typically a cross in between an Egyptian Mau and a shorthair residential cat instead of one more pure-blooded. Its type name as a cross is Egyptian Mau mix.

Sorts Of Egyptian Mau Cats and Color Styles

These cats are available in 3 primary shades for program top quality:

  • Silver with charcoal identifying( most usual)
  • Bronze with black or dark brownish identifying
  • Smoke with black identifying

On the various other hand, pet- top quality cats have various other shades which are watered down instead of all-natural, consisting of blue silver, blue smoke, blue- found, strong black, and blue (or pewter). Purchased from one of the most usual to the least, the shades are silver, bronze, smoke, black, sugar, and blue. Black and blue Egyptian Maus can not be program- top quality yet can be made use of for reproducing.


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