Egyptian Goose

A duck species that resembles a goose when flying
Egyptian Goose Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Alopochen aegyptiacus
Egyptian Goose Physical Characteristics
Brown, White
200,000 – 500,000
15-25 years
Top speed
70 mph
2.2lbs – 8.8lbs
Egyptian Goose Distribition

In spite of its name, the Egyptian Goose is a sort of duck plainly included in old Egyptian art.

These birds have an all-natural array around the Nile River; nevertheless, their array has actually expanded outside Egypt, with populaces as away as Florida in the USA. These birds are hardly ever migratory and have a diet that consists of plants and insects. Their trademark design consists of mask- like markings. Usually, many females lay 5 approximately a lots eggs.

4 Incredible Egyptian Goose realities!

  • Has a hefty construct appearing like a goose when flying
  • In fact a sort of duck regardless of the name
  • Quill shades and patterns on the male and female are similar
  • These birds invest the majority of their break of water ashore

Where To Discover Egyptian Goose

One of the most typical location to see the Egyptian Goose remains in its indigenous Egypt, where the species has one of the most nests, in addition to southerly Israel. Although belonging to the Nile River location, these birds likewise have populaces originating from gotten away pets as away as South Africa, the UK, and the states of Florida, The Golden State, and Texas in the USA. These birds invest the majority of the moment swimming in their environment however will certainly roost in trees or forage for food inshore locations. These birds will certainly remain in the location unless dry spell problems require them out, so you can typically discover them all year long.


Egyptian Geese make nests with involvement from the female and the male. Hollowed- out tree dental caries are liked areas, however the birds will certainly typically utilize a place on the ground. Lawns and fallen leaves are liked nesting products integrated with a cellular lining of plumes for additional heat when the chicks hatch out.

Egyptian Goose Scientific name

The Egyptian Goose, in some cases referred to as the Nile Goose, has a Latin or scientific name of Alopochen aegyptiaca This bird becomes part of the Aves class and Anatidae family, that makes it most very closely pertaining to various other ducks, geese, and swans.

Egyptian Goose Appearance

The Egyptian Goose flaunts a 25- 29 in. wingspan and approximate size, offering the bird an excellent appearance in trip. These birds likewise have a weight series of 2.2 to 8.8 pounds. The male is bigger than the female generally, however both sexes share a similar appearance or else.

Primarily brownish coloring aids this bird assimilate with the lawn in river locations. Most of the bird’s coloring is a lighter color of brownish. Nevertheless, darker brownish markings around the eyes offer the appearance of an outlaw’s mask.

Egyptian Goose swimming in water. These birds have a natural range around the Nile River.
Egyptian Goose swimming in water. These birds have an all-natural array around the Nile River.Jo- anne Hounsom/Shutterstock. com

Egyptian Goose Actions

Sometimes, these birds have actually been tamed and maintained as pets, with the old Egyptians being amongst among the initial teams to tame these birds. Although these birds are typically pleasant in bondage, they are territorial in their all-natural environment, driving various other animals far from their nesting locations. Unlike lots of various other waterfowl species, these birds are not typically migratory other than when it comes to a dry spell.

Egyptian Goose Diet

The Egyptian Goose consumes marine plants and leaves, consisting of lawn, natural herb, blossom seeds, and fires. When these birds eat animal healthy protein, they eat worms, insects, and little frogs.

Egyptian Goose Predators and hazards

Some hazards in their indigenous array consist of environment loss as a result of farming techniques and environment adjustment. The bird’s endangered standing might alter due to the fact that the populace numbers are not too- recorded as a few other species.

A lot of these birds have actually been maintained as pets and got away right into non- indigenous areas like Florida and various other components of the USA. Individuals in these locations take into consideration the birds intrusive due to the fact that they can develop reproducing populaces and live lengthy life expectancies with excellent food resources. The assumption of these birds as being intrusive inspires a great deal of searching, making humans a legit risk.

What consumes the Egyptian Goose?

Predators that exploit the Egyptian Goose consist of Sea Eagles and, when it comes to united state populaces, Red- TrailedHawks These birds strike Egyptian Geese airborne or while roosting in trees, utilizing their talons and beaks to supply a deadly impact.

Leopards are likewise all-natural predators, tracking and striking to eliminate with a bite to the neck. Besides attempting to assimilate with their environments, Egyptian Geese have actually likewise established red herrings to lead leopards and similar predators away. Among these strategies includes inventing injury to maintain predators far from nests.

Egyptian Goose Reproduction, Infants, and Life Expectancy

Egyptian Geese set forever, with females laying 5- 12 eggs. Females typically lay their eggs around March, with incubation enduring 28 to thirty days. The infants will certainly fledge or prepare yourself to leave the nest at around 70 days after hatching out. Molting typically takes place a little later, around 10- 12 weeks.

Egyptian Goose Populace

These birds has Least Concern standing. Although the precise number in the wild is unidentified, observed wild populaces have actually stayed secure. Reproducing populaces in locations outside Egypt have actually revealed small development, with ducklings detected with their moms in Florida.


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