Eastern Dobsonfly

They are quite vicious and, when provoked, will administer a painful bite that stings for a long time.
Eastern Dobsonfly Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Corydalus cornutus
Eastern Dobsonfly Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Black, Tan, Orange
Adults live between 2 to 10 days
Eastern Dobsonfly Distribition

The eastern dobsonfly is not really a fly however a huge winged bug with sticking out jaws. Individuals generally see them near road lights. They are helplessly brought in to lights as well as are nighttime animals.

They are rather ferocious as well as, when prompted, will certainly carry out an unpleasant bite that hurts for a very long time. These bugs have a life process that is split right into 4 phases, as well as the whole procedure is called ELPA, which means egg, larva, pupa, as well as grownup. The eastern dobsonfly’s larva phase lasts longer than the grown-up stage.

These bugs are soft-bodied as well as differ in shade from dark brownish to yellow. Additionally, they have clear wings; nonetheless, in some cases, their wings have a grey shading.

Eastern Dobsonfly Types, Kind, as well as Taxonomic Name

While there are 30 varieties of dobsonflies, just one happens in the USA, the eastern dobsonfly. Various other continents that are residence to dobsonflies are:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

The eastern dobsonfly’s taxonomic name is Corydalus cornutus, as well as they come from the order Megaloptera. This order is reasonably little, including just alderfly as well as dobsonfly varieties, as well as their most typical attributes are huge, soft, as well as delicate bodies. Additionally, they have marine larvae.

Surprisingly, grown-up alderflies aren’t solid fliers. They have 2 collections of filmy wings practically similar in dimension; nonetheless, the hindwing is a little broader due to a huge folded up location. Consequently, they look comparable, however the majority of the hindwing is concealed by the forewing.

Additionally, they have huge sticking out eyes, eating mouth components, as well as fractional antennae, as well as men have longer as well as extra noticeable jaws.

Eastern dobsonflies come from the household Corydalidae, which includes different varieties as well as 12 category of fishflies as well as dobsonflies. These bugs happen generally in warm as well as exotic environments throughout the North Hemisphere as well as South America.

Look: Exactly How To Recognize the Eastern Dobsonfly

Female Eastern Dobsonfly (Corydalus cornutus)
With 2 collections of wide wings two times the size of their bodies, eastern dobsonflies are huge bugs.

Jay Ondreicka/Shutterstock. com

The eastern dobsonfly is a huge bug with sticking out jaws as well as 2 collections of wide wings. As a matter of fact, their wings are two times the size of their bodies. Additionally, they have 2 antennae on their heads as well as eating mouthparts. Their jaws are sickle-shaped as well as sharp adequate to injure.

Ladies lay their eggs at numerous websites; they appear like little grey cyndrical tubes as well as appear like white milky masses when organized with each other.

When the larvae hatch out, they appear like vermins since their bodies are level as well as differ in shade from brownish, black, as well as tan. The larvae are marine as well as can expand in between 2 to 3 inches in size. Additionally, they have 6 legs as well as what appears like 6 to 8 gills called filaments that assist them take a breath undersea. They utilize their solid pinching mouthparts when feeding.

They are yellow-colored orange as well as covered in dark places throughout their pupal phase. Once they have actually changed right into grownups, they are soft-bodied, as well as their shade can differ from dark brownish to yellow, with clear filmy wings that in some cases have grey shading.

Environment: Where to Discover the Eastern Dobsonfly

Eastern dobsonflies favor environments with freshwater bodies that have high focus of liquified oxygen. This consists of lakes, fish ponds, streams, as well as rivers where they lay their eggs.

Diet Plan: What Does the Eastern Dobsonfly Consume?

When the eastern dobsonfly remains in its larval phase, it is an opportunistic killer that eats anything within its environments; this consists of target like marine bugs as well as little fish. Grownups are not understood to consume because they get all their nutrition in their larval phase.

Grownups typically do not live longer than a number of days to a week, so they utilize this brief time to focus on replicating.

Life Process of the Eastern Dobsonfly

Ladies dobsonflies will certainly lay their eggs in masses on frameworks near moving water, like fallen leaves or rocks near the water’s side. Their white look results from a material that covers the eggs to secure them from overheating.

The eastern dobsonfly eggs hatch out throughout the evening, as well as the larvae will certainly creep or come under the water as well as scatter. While they have 4 phases of advancement, the larval stage is split right into 10 to twelve phases which can take 1 to 3 years to finish.

Although they invest their larval phase in water, their pupal stage happens ashore near the body of water they originated from.

Prior to entering their pupal phase, they will certainly tunnel right into wet dirt producing little cells, where they will certainly remain for a week to 2 weeks prior to becoming grownups. Men typically live for a number of days, while grown-up ladies can meet 10 days old.

Is the Eastern Dobsobfly Dangerous to People?

Among the eastern dobsonflies’ most distinct functions is their sharp, bigger jaws or “pincers.” The men’ jaws are a lot bigger than the ladies; nonetheless, it’s the ladies that attack, as well as their brief, sharp pincers can truly injure human beings.

While they are not dangerous, their bite seems like an unpleasant sting that can aggravate the skin for a couple of days. Although they utilized their jaws as a defense reaction to maintain killers away, their real objective is really for breeding. The men utilize them when defending a companion. Both sexes will certainly spread their jaws in a protective activity if assaulted or endangered.

Avoidance: Exactly How to Do away with the Eastern Dobsonfly

Among the most convenient methods to discourage eastern dobsonflies is by transforming or lowering the light in your house since they are so attracted to incandescent as well as brilliant white light. This is particularly essential if you reside in locations with high invasions.

To stop these bugs from pestering your residence, you can attempt among these sure-fire techniques:

  • Minimizing the quantity of light made use of in your house
  • Transforming your lights to yellow diffused pest light bulbs
  • Making use of lights made from high-pressure salt vapor

Comparable Types

There are 4 varieties comparable in look to the eastern dobsonfly; they consist of:


Fishflies are generally located in The United States and Canada. Their taxonomic name is Chauliodes rastricornis; Chauliodes means “impressive tooth,” as well as rastricornis suggests “rake-horned.”

Regardless of their huge bodies, they can fly many thanks to their lengthy wings. They are extra primary in the summertime as well as typical throughout The United States and Canada. Just like their relatives, the dobsonfly, the men have bigger pincers, as well as their teeth appear like combs. Additionally, they can attack human beings, which creates a horrible painful experience. Nevertheless, this generally just lasts a couple of hrs to a day and after that vanishes, as well as it will not have any type of lasting impacts.


Alderflies are typically located in the plants surrounding marine environments that their larvae call for. While they are brought in to lights, their fascination is not as extreme as the dobsonflies.

Their lengthiest phase is the larval stage, as grownups do not live longer than a couple of days, simply enough time for Alderflies to mate as well as lay eggs.


The stonefly is commonly described as Plecoptera,’ it’s a marine bug, as well as there are 3,500 varieties located around the globe. Nevertheless, they do not happen in Antarctica. What’s fascinating concerning this bug is it is thought to be among the earliest teams of Neoptera.

They are very closely pertaining to varieties located in the Permian geological as well as Carboniferous. As a matter of fact, real stonefly fossils have actually been located that are just a little more youthful than their primitive relatives.


Owlflies are hard on the eye; they have monstrous larvae that are fierce killers, making use of ground cover as well as trees as their searching premises.

Searching is rather straightforward, all they do is await target to stroll directly right into their huge jaws, as well as they confiscate them as well as drain pipes all their body fluids, practically like a vampire. The grownups are huge as well as can be puzzled with dragonflies.


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