Dwarf Hamster

dwarf hamsters love to explore at night.
Dwarf Hamster Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cricetulus barabensis
Dwarf Hamster Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, White, Tan, Sandy
57 million
2-3 years
Top speed
5 mph
0.71 – 0.88 ounces
Dwarf Hamster Distribition

A dwarf hamster is a team of a number of subspecies, particularly handling hamsters that are smaller sized than 4 inches long. They commonly have a life-span of 2 to 3 years, though some live much less than this. They are exceptionally wise, and some subspecies hibernate via the cold weather underground. If you wish to take a little additional time with this fuzzy pet, you might also discover exactly how to educate them to do various techniques.

5 Extraordinary Dwarf Hamster Realities!

Below are a couple of enjoyable hamster realities.

  • Dwarf hamsters, like various other sorts of hamsters, are nighttime. They often tend to play noisily in the evening with their numerous playthings in their cage.
  • When the dwarf hamster is worried, he’ll screech, squeal, and even shriek as opposed to weeping. They’ll likewise make these sounds if they are injured or terrified.
  • Dwarf hamsters are birthed nude, blind, and deaf. Their hair does not been available in till they have to do with 5 days old, adhered to by their view (14- 18 days old) and lastly their hearing (18+ days).
  • Although dwarf hamsters can not burp, they can pass gas.
  • Some dwarf hamsters lick and bridegroom proprietors as a method to reveal love.

Scientific Name

The dwarf hamster’s scientific name is Cricetulus barabensis, and it becomes part of the Cricetidae family of the Mammalia class. There are a total amount of 7 subspecies, that include the Robo dwarf hamster, Chinese dwarf hamster, grey dwarf hamster, and Campbell’s dwarf hamster (to name a few). The grey dwarf hamster has a lot bigger ears than various other subspecies.

The name “barabensis” originates from the Greek word “Barabbas,” which originates from Aramaic “barabba,” which suggests “kid of the dad.”


The dwarf hamster is called for its exceptionally little dimension, though their general appearance modifications from one species to the following. They usually just expand to be 2 to 4 inches long, yet the tiniest of them all is the Roborovski dwarf hamster (or the robo dwarf hamster) at simply 1.5 to 2 inches long. The biggest subspecies is the Chinese dwarf hamster at 4 inches long, though he is practically ruled out a real dwarf since he can enlarge.

The wintertime white dwarf hamsters go from grey and white to brownish and white, based completely on the period. It enables them to conceal from prospectivepredators Campbell’s dwarf hamsters have exceptionally little ears and are covered in grayish brownish hair. Grey dwarf hamsters look even more like mice than hamsters, and they can be grey, grayish brownish, or sandy grey. Chinese dwarf hamsters have white stomaches with a dark red stripe versus grey- brownish hair on their back. The Roborovski dwarf hamster is relatively similar, though it resembles it has brows with the white places over their eyes.

There are 7 subspecies of dwarf hamsters that obtain their names due to their little dimension.

Vinicius R. Souza/Shutterstock. com


Apart from times of breeding, dwarf hamsters are instead singular animals. They go long and much to discover their sources, and they shield it in any way expenses from various other rodents in the location. They are rather timid unless they are consistently subjected to human get in touch with.


Dwarf hamsters can be bought as pets throughout the USA, yet they exist normally in the wild in Greece, Romania, Belgium, and north areas in China. While they choose to be in locations that are 68 to 72 levels Fahrenheit, they can go a bit greater or reduced without much problem.

The most convenient areas for these animals to prosper remains in completely dry settings, like deserts, scrubland, hills, some woodlands, and desert sides. Each species of dwarf hamster has various adaptions to prosper in their neighborhood climate. As an example, the wintertime white dwarf hamster’s hair modifications shade throughout chillier months to hide themselves from predators in the snow.

When temperature levels obtain chillier, Roborovski dwarf hamsters commonly remain in their below ground environment as component of hibernation. They accumulate food in warmer months to get ready for this hibernation duration. Russian dwarf hamsters and various other sorts of dwarf hamsters are a lot more familiar with winter, so hibernation is unneeded.


The regular diet of a dwarf hamster will greatly contain grains and pellets, which can be quickly located in pet shops and food store. It is secure to provide various other nutrients like veggies, fruits, lawn hay, and grains, yet the food provided in these pet shops is commonly all they require to be healthy and balanced.

Predators and Risks

Though the diet of a pet dwarf hamster mainly contains pellets, seeds, and a couple of diverse veggies, these animals might choose insects in the wild. The consuming practices are significantly different since these hamsters need to be territorial to endure. Nevertheless, stay clear of revealing your hamster to delicious chocolate or high levels of caffeine as these compounds are extremely hazardous.

To assault victim, the dwarf hamster merely gets what they discover in their atmosphere. They do not require much healthy protein, so they are equally as completely satisfied with their plant- based diet.

What Consumes Dwarf Hamsters?

As a result of their little dimension, the dwarf hamster’s all-natural predators consist of kestrels, falcons, foxes, owls, and eagles.

What Do Dwarf Hamsters Eat?

Though the dwarf hamster mainly relies upon seeds and plant, there are some celebrations that provide them with a possibility for a bit a lot more nutrition. Crickets and mealworms prevail components of the wild dwarf hamster’s diet, yet they just have these insects as deals with.

Reproduction and Life Process

In order for dwarf hamsters to mate, the female should remain in warm, which suggests that she remains in her estrus cycle. All these hamsters require is a possibility to mate by being positioned with a male in her cage. With the maternity, it is relatively secure to maintain the breeding set with each other. Her maternity commonly causes around 6 children. With her life, it is secure for her to have children with greater than one male, though both may require to be divided after the online birth. In overall, her maternity lasts in between 3 and 4 weeks.

The children of dwarf hamsters– which are called puppies– need to stick with their mommy till they are discouraged at 3 weeks. Their eyes will not open up till they have to do with 2 weeks old, and they are color blind from birth. By their 18th day of life, you’ll have the ability to see their little ears appear (as they have actually formerly laid level on the head). They are deaf and hairless when they are very first birthed, though their hair will certainly begin to find in when they have to do with 5 years of ages.

Nevertheless, unlike various other species that may eat their young, the puppies can stick with the mommy for a bit much longer. Because the puppies get to sex-related maturation as very early as 4 weeks old, they will certainly require to be positioned in different cages by sex.

The typical life expectancy of dwarf hamsters is 2 to 3 years, though it will certainly differ by species. The wintertime white dwarf hamster, for instance, just lives concerning a year in the wild or as a pet, while the Campbell’s dwarf hamster just lives 2 years at one of the most. One of the most usual health and wellness problems that these rodents encounter consist of skin conditions (termites or ringworm), loss of hair, digestion problems, diabetic issues, teeth problems, and respiratory system infections. With the appropriate treatment, they must have the ability to live to their forecasted seniority. Correct recognition of your hamster will certainly offer better understanding right into their prospective lifetime and health and wellness problems.


As a result of the regular sale of dwarf hamsters as pets, professionals think that the complete populace goes to the very least 57 million. Of that 57 million hamsters, roughly 11 million are maintained as pets. The IUCN takes into consideration the dwarf hamsters to normally be of least concern.


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