Death’s Head Cockroach

People buy Death’s Head Cockroach nymphs and raise them as pets!
Death’s Head Cockroach Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Blaberus craniifer
Death’s Head Cockroach Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black
1 year
less than 1 ounce
Death’s Head Cockroach Distribition

Fatality’s Head Cockroach Recap

” This cockroach is commonly maintained as a pet.”

The Fatality’s Head Cockroach is a huge winged insect which is belonging to Mexico, the West Indies, and Central America. It has actually likewise been presented right into Florida. There is a little black spot on their head that appears like a “Fatality’s head.” Although they have black wings, they are ruled out a flying cockroach species, though they do utilize the wings to slide from greater put to reduced ones. Despite the fact that roaches are generally thought about parasites, the Fatality’s Head Cockroach is commonly maintained as a pet, either alone or with a couple of others in a team.

Fatality’s Head Cockroach Realities

  • Fatality’s Head Roaches can expand over 2 inches in size.
  • A Real Fatality’s Head Cockroach might occasionally be puzzled with the Discoid Cockroach (False Fatality’s Head Cockroach), which has a much less complex black spot on its head and much paler wings.
  • Fatality’s Head Roaches have a black, face or head designed noting on their heads, where they obtain their uncommon name.
  • Fatality’s Head Roaches are the biggest roaches located in The United States and Canada.
  • A Fatality’s Head Cockroach can meet 1 year.

Fatality’s Head Cockroach Species, Kind, and Scientific Name

The Fatality’s Head Cockroach’s scientific name is Blaberus craniifer and though there are several cockroach species, there is just one species thought about a Real Fatality’sHead Cockroach This sort of cockroach has a really distinct mark where it obtains its name. Its mark likewise notifies its scientific name, because Craniifer is Latin for “Service provider of the head.”

Appearance: Just How To Recognize Fatality’s Head Cockroach

A Fatality’s Head Cockroach is roughly 2 inches long and dark brownish verging on black. Its body remains in the form of a lengthy oval. On the paler brownish pronotum, or the head part of the exoskeleton, the Fatality’s Head Cockroach has a black noting with red orange places which appears like a head or possibly a jack- o- light. They can be puzzled with the Discoid Cockroach ( Blaberus discoidalis), likewise called the False Fatality’s Head Cockroach due to their similar appearance. The factor for this is that the Discoid likewise has a black spot on its head, yet it is just a spot and it does not have the added red marks that provide the black spot on a Fatality’s Head Cockroach the appearance of a face. They likewise do not have the black wings of a Real Fatality’s Head Cockroach.

Environment: Where to Locate Fatality’s Head Cockroach

Fatality’s Head Roaches largely stay in Central America and in Florida. Their environment is timberlands and woodlands, where they can live under fallen leaves and particles and in old rotting logs. When Food is limited, they might also eat the decomposing timber for nutrition till they discover far better food. They choose cozy, damp environments, and when they are taken care of as pets, their unit requires to be warm and moist.

Diet: What Do Fatality’s Head Cockroach Eat?

Fatality’s Head Roaches are omnivores whose diet is composed generally of greenery, carrion, smaller sized insects, and occasionally timber and even feces. They can take in approximately half their very own weight in food each time. When some takes care of Fatality’s Head Roaches as pets, these cockroaches will gladly eat pet food, dampened grain, and a selection of vegetables and fruits. In the wild, Fatality’s Head Roaches are target to anything that eats insects, such as birds, reptiles, spiders, and amphibians.


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