Corn Rex Cat (Cornish Rex)

Corn Rex Cat (Cornish Rex) Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis catus
Corn Rex Cat (Cornish Rex) Physical Characteristics
Brown, Red, Blue, Black, White, Cream, Silver
11-20 years
5-10 pounds
Corn Rex Cat (Cornish Rex) Distribition

The Cornish Rex, additionally called Corn Rex, is a residential cat type that stemmed from a hereditary anomaly that created it to have no hair, just down hair that is really great and wavy. Additionally referred to as the Gazelle, Greyhound, or Whippet of cats, it has a long, sports, bent body, large hips, and a social, smart, caring, trainable character.

Cornish Rex Attributes: What to Know Prior To You Acquire

  • The Corn Rex character is really energetic, interested, and social, and as a result clingy in regards to friendship and focus. This type isn’t suggested for individuals that desire an even more singular, independent cat.
  • As opposed to common belief, the Corn Rex is not hypoallergenic, yet it has very little dropping. Individuals that dislike pet dander are much less conscious this type.
  • This type has even more threat of skin issues such as breakouts and sunburn since it does not have an external layer to soak up all-natural oils and secure the skin. Unique treatment has to be offered to effectively secure and clean its skin.


This type’s character is social, naughty, daring, interested, lively, and caring. It has a charming, energised, flexible, and trainable character. If you’re trying to find a cat that hits it off with unfamiliar people, kids, various other cats, and various other pets, the Corn Rex is a champion, as it chooses firm.

This type is sports. Although it looks breakable, it has a durable, muscle body and a running gallop. An all-natural acrobatic, it delights in leaping long or high ranges. It additionally delights in playing bring and competing various other pets, and also strolling on a chain.

Due to its light layer, it has to be maintained inside and in cozy, completely dry temperature levels. This cat delights in cozy areas such as human laps and shoulders, lights, and computer system screens.

The Cornish Rex has among the lengthiest tails of all cat types. slowmotiongli

Dimension and Weight

The Corn Rex is a long, slim, slim- layered tool- sized type. It considers 5 to 10 extra pounds, which is a little weight array, and it should not surpass 10 extra pounds. It is 11- 15 inches high with a body size of 12- 17 inches. Males consider 8 to 10 extra pounds, while females consider 6 to 8 extra pounds.

The type has a lengthy tail. It is just one of the types with the lengthiest tails. Various other top qualities that make individuals listen are its big ears, a little higher- inclining oblong- designed eyes, egg- designed egg, bent and muscle body, and large hips.

If you’re trying to find cat types that are similar in physique, dimension, and weight to Corn Rex, the Asian Shorthair, Sphynx, and Devon Rex share large ears and various other physical attributes. The Asian Shorthair has an external layer, while the Sphynx is a little much shorter and smaller sized. The Devon Rex is much shorter yet much longer.


The cost for a grown-up Corn Rex from a dog breeder is around $950. There are additionally Cornish Rex saves, with the cost for a cat or kittycat being the fostering charge.


Corn Rex kitties keep their lively, kittenish power as they age and also right into the adult years. Their character as kitties is what possible proprietors can anticipate them to have their entire lives. Their hyper, social and adorable individualities make them perfect for family members with kids, various other cats, and also various other pets, such as dogs.

This type is a tool- sized cat that gets to the age of puberty at 5 to 10 months. It obtains near to its complete- expanded dimension and weight at 9 to twelve month, after which it expands a lot more gradually till 18 months.

The cost of a Corn Rex kittycat can be anywhere from $800 to $1,300. A pet- high quality kittycat has a reduced cost than that of a program- high quality kittycat. Kitties are totally discouraged at 6 weeks, which is the earliest age you can securely embrace them.


The Corn Rex life-span is 11- two decades with approximately 12- 15 years. Contrasted to a typical life-span of 9 to 12 years, this type lives a long period of time.

Cornish Rex Type vs. Mixed

Pure-blooded Corn Rexes have a constant character, character, shades, life-span, size, elevation, weight, and various other attributes. Combined Corn Rex cats have distinctions in physical attributes, character, shades, and various other attributes relying on the type utilized for going across. They additionally often tend to have external layers and much less skin issues.

Kinds Of Cornish Rex Cats and Color Styles

The Corn Rex reproduce conventional shades are:

  • White with pink nose and paw pads, and blue or gold eyes
  • Black with black noses, brownish or black paw pads, and gold eyes
  • Blue with blue/grey nose and paw pads, and gold eyes
  • Red with red nose and paw pads, and gold eyes
  • Light lotion with pink nose and paw pads, and gold eyes
  • Delicious chocolate brownish with brownish nose, pink paw pads, and gold eyes
  • Lighter silver or darker black- tipped silver, both with red noses, black paw pads, and green/blue eyes
  • Tipped shade variants with pink, brownish, or black noses and paw pads relying on the base shade, all with gold eyes

Corn Rex layer patterns are:

  • Tabby: Typical dark red stripes or Found Tabby and Patched Tabby variants
  • Tortoiseshell: Mixed, big spots of 2 various shades (non- white) with gold eyes
  • Calico: 2 various spots of black, red, delicious chocolate, smokey, or lavender, versus a white base, generally red and black
  • Bicolor: Strong shade on white history
  • Directed: Factor pigmentation with light bodies and darker extremities or ‘factors’

Cornish Rex vs. Devon Rex

Possibly the greatest characteristics these 2 various types share are that they both come from the UK and have big ears and curly, soft layers. Nonetheless, truths additionally reveal that they are additionally of similar weight, the exact same clutter dimension, and are reduced- upkeep types. The Devon Rex has a much shorter life-span, while the Corn Rex is extra outward bound and territorial.


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