Cookiecutter Shark

The cookiecutter shark takes its name because it leaves a cookie-shaped bite hole in its prey.
Cookiecutter Shark Scientific Classification
Cookiecutter Shark Physical Characteristics
Up to 25 years
Cookiecutter Shark Distribition

Cookiecutter sharks are squaliform sharks.

Squaliform sharks have 2 dorsal fins. Squaliform sharks typically have 5 to 7 gill slits on their sides. They additionally generally do not have rectal fins.

5 Extraordinary Cookiecutter Shark Truths

  • These sharks have the biggest teeth of any type of shark species at any type of area. Like all sharks, it sheds its teeth and expands brand-new ones throughout its life.
  • The liver represent 35% of the sharks’ weight. The liver includes reduced- thickness lipids that assist this shark float.
  • The bottom of the shark is covered in photophores that provide this shark a spooky environment-friendly radiance. The radiance lasts for approximately 3 hrs after the shark passes away.
  • These sharks are parasitical. They usually attack out a cookie- designed opening in a much bigger fish.
  • These sharks have actually attacked with submarines. They have actually attacked soft locations, like electric cable televisions and rubber finder dome.

Cookiecutter Shark Classification and Scientific Name

The scientific name of the cookiecutter shark is Isistius brasiliensis There are 2 species of cookiecutter sharks. The Isistius brasiliensis is called the cookiecutter shark while the Isistius plutodus is called the big cookiecutter shark. They are participants of the Isistius genus.

Every one of these sharks are participants of the Dalatiidae family. This family is much more typically described as the kitefin shark family. They are additionally participants of the Squaliformes consists of over 125 fish species. Like various other fish with a spinal column largely made from cartilage material, they become part of the Chondrichthyes order. They come from the Chordate phylum order and the Animalia kingdom.

Cookiecutter Shark Species

There are 2 species of these sharks. There have actually been just regarding 10 largetooth cookiecutter sharks captured, so really little is found out about them.

Researchers think that the largetooth cookiecutter shark has bigger teeth, particularly on the reduced jaw, than the cookiecutter shark. They additionally believe that the largetooth shark is a weak swimmer than the cookiecutter shark. They both reside in varied areas worldwide.

These sharks are a brown. It has a lengthy slim form, like a stogie, which is why it is usually called the stogie shark. This shark has a brief, candid nose and big eyes. It has 2 spineless dorsal fins and a huge back fin.

Treatment the sharks bottom are photophores. This makes the fish show up to radiance when seen from all-time low. It will certainly remain to radiance for regarding 3 hrs after the shark is dead.

Female sharks are bigger than males in dimension. The typical male is 14- inches long while the typical female is 16- inches long.

The underside of a Cookiecutter Shark, showing its teeth.
The bottom of a Cookiecutter Shark, revealing its teeth.

Cookiecutter Shark Distribution, Populace, and Environment

These sharks are discovered throughout the globe. The International Union for Preservation of Nature checklists this species as a species of least concern. There are no precise varieties of the number of of these sharks remain in areas worldwide.

Cookiecutter Shark Predators and Victim

Cookiecutters take advantage of nearly any type of aquatic living animals. They shut their suctorial lips versus the target, type of like kissing it. After that, it utilizes its top sharp teeth and effective jaws to hold the target much better. Lastly, it utilizes its top teeth and jaws to take a piece out of the animal. Many attacks from the teeth and jaws action regarding 2- inches throughout and 2.75- inches high.

Various animals have actually been detected with this shark marks on their bodies, consisting of porpoises, dolphins, whales, seals, sharks, stingrays, and bony fish.

Furthermore, these sharks have actually consumed squid as large as themselves. They ingest these animals whole.

Cookiecutter Shark Recreation and Life Expectancy

Researchers are unsure how much time the gestation duration remains in these sharks. A shark child is called a puppy. They live inside the mom’s womb. 6- to- 12 puppies are birthed as a child at the exact same time, with every one gauging in between 5.5- and- 5.9 inches long when they are birthed. Each child remains in a substantial cavity, so researchers think that this shark has a lengthy pregnancy duration.

Although they might wind up with an item of their bodies missing out on, some animals eat these sharks. These animals consist of bony fish and sharks that are bigger than them.

Cookiecutter Shark in Angling and Food Preparation

Besides a couple of captured unintentionally, these sharks are not targeted by entertainment or business fishermens.

Cookiecutter Shark Populace

Nobody has a precise matter of the variety of these sharks.


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