Common Green Magpie

Magpies are aggressive when threatened, often “dive-bombing” at intruders
Common Green Magpie Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cissa Chinensis
Common Green Magpie Physical Characteristics
Red, Black, White, Green
Unknown and declining
up to 20
Top speed
18 mph
4.5 ounces
Common Green Magpie Distribition

” These predators eat reptiles, various other birds, and also carrion.”


The common green magpie is a tool- sized participant of the crow family belonging to the reduced Mountain ranges and Southeastern Asia. This species lives in lowland bamboo woodlands and marshes, where it invests its days searching insects, reptiles, and creatures. You will certainly typically discover this bird pecking at dead animals on the woodland flooring or set down high in a tree. They are additionally outstanding fliers that will certainly assault trespassers, utilizing their sharp costs as a tool. Discover all the interesting realities regarding the common green magpie, consisting of where it lives, what it consumes, and just how it acts.

5 Impressive Common Green Magpie Truths

  • Common green magpies mix with their environments, regardless of their vibrantly tinted quill.
  • Among their most noteworthy attributes is the wide black bands throughout their eyes.
  • They are outstanding fliers and can rise to 20 Miles per hour.
  • These birds are rigorous predators that eat anything they can obtain their beaks on, consisting of dead animals and bird eggs.
  • Magpies are hostile when intimidated, typically “dive- battle” at trespassers and utilizing their sharp costs to peck.

Where to Discover the Common Green Magpie

Common green magpies stay in eleven nations in Asia, consisting of Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Viet Nam. It resides in environments such as evergreen woodlands, bamboo woodlands, cleanings, and scrublands. They require locations with a lot of greenery for cover and nest defense. You might additionally identify them in marshes or woodlands near streams and rivers in subtropical bogs. While their quill includes brilliant shades, they are remarkably masked versus their woodland environments. Search for them set down high in trees near their nest, flying around seeking target or pecking at their food on the ground. A terrific method to discover them is to pay attention for their loud, rough phone calls.

Scientific Name

The common green magpie ( Cissa Chinensis) is from the Corvidae family, including over 130 species, consisting of crows and ravens. Its genus, Cissa, consists of magpies that live in exotic and subtropical Southeast Eastern areas. This magpie has 5 acknowledged subspecies.

Dimension, Appearance & Actions

common green magpie
Magpies are hostile when intimidated, typically “& ldquo; dive- battle& rdquo; at trespassers and utilizing their sharp costs to peck.Riku sen/Shutterstock. com

The common green magpie is a tool- sized bird, determining 14 to 15 inches long and considering 4.5 ounces, with an unidentified wing period. Those in the wild are a brilliant green shade and a lighter green on their bottoms, with a thick black red stripe encountering their eyes (from costs to neck). Their tails are lengthy with white ideas, and their wings are a deep maroon. A brilliant red shade decorates their costs, legs, and the edges around their eyes. Very little is learnt about their social habits, yet they commonly mate permanently and share a nesting region with their companion. These birds are understood for being loud and loud, with their rough “peep- peep” phone calls. They might additionally whistle and babble with each various other. They are outstanding fliers and can get to accelerate to 20 Miles per hour.


Common green magpies are purely meat-eating and will certainly eat nearly anything.

What Does the Common Green Magpie Eat?

These magpies eat invertebrates, creatures, reptiles, young birds, bird eggs, and also dead animals (carrion). They search for their target while flying or on the ground, typically striking bird nests and swiping their young. You might capture them selecting at dead animals like crows and creatures on the woodland flooring.

Predators, Hazards, and Conservation Status

The IUCN notes the common green magpie as LC or “least concern.” Because of their considerable variety and estimable secure population, this species does not get to the limits for “intimidated” standing. Their most significant dangers consist of environment loss and overhunting.

What Consumes the Common Green Magpie?

Their major predators consist of birds of target, foxes, and various other little creatures. The common green magpie does not have a great deal of predators as a result of its wild and hostile habits. When intimidated, it will certainly dive- bomb predators and peck with its sharp costs. They might additionally swoop without beak breaking or front- on assaults from the ground.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

Green magpies develop long- term set bonds and construct their nest in trees, hedges, or tangles of climbing up creeping plants. Females lay 4 to 6 eggs and nurture them for 18 to 19 days, while the males bring food. Both moms and dads feed the nestlings, and they leave the nest around 25 days old. Magpies live approximately 10 to 15 years, yet as much as 20!


The worldwide population for the common green magpie is unidentified, yet it seems in your area common to unusual. Nonetheless, their population is experiencing a decrease as a result of environment loss and unsustainable degrees of searching.

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