Chinese Water Deer

They usually have 2-3 young at a time but can have up to 7!
Chinese Water Deer Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Hydropotes inermis
Chinese Water Deer Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, White
10,000 or less in China; 700,000 in North Korea.
10 — 12 years
19 — 28 lbs.
Chinese Water Deer Distribition

” Occasionally called ‘vampire deer’ due to their fang- like tusks.”


Chinese water deer are a tiny deer species belonging to China and the Oriental Peninsula. Among their most distinguishing characteristics is a collection of disordered canine teeth that expand downward right into fang- like, partly retracting tusks. This has actually gained them the label “vampire deer.”

Chinese water deer are just one of one of the most respected deer species, having up to 7 young each reproducing period. Nonetheless, they such as really certain environments near rivers, swamps, and islands so the schedule of environment limitations exactly how rapidly they can spread out in locations where they have actually been presented. The termination of their all-natural predators in Korea has actually made them fairly abundant there.

Chinese Water Deer Realities

  • Can bring to life as lots of as 7 infants each time
  • Called “vampire deer” due to their fang- like tusks
  • They live near rivers and swamps and are superb swimmers.
  • They can bark, yap, whistle, click, squeal, and howl.
  • Males make use of scent glands to note their region and battle each various other viciously.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of the Chinese water deer is Hydropotes inermis ” Hydropotes” originates from 2 Greek words implying “water” and “alcohol consumption” and describes the reality that this deer often lives near rivers and swamps. ” Inermis” is a Latin acceptation “unarmed, unprotected.” This name originates from this deer’s absence of horns.

There are 2 subspecies of water deer: the Chinese water deer and the Oriental water deer. In Korea, they are called gorani. In the past, people ideas in Korea restricted searching the water deer as it was thought to have a deadly bite.

Many thanks to their 2 down- expanding tusks, Chinese water deer are in some cases called “vampire deer” in English- talking locations.


Chinese water deer are little, slim- bodied deer with lengthy legs, a lengthy neck, and brief spherical ears that can provide their faces a “teddy bear” appearance. Their back legs are longer than their front legs, to ensure that they lug their buttocks greater than their shoulders. This can provide a stout, plump appearance. They run by leaping, similar to rabbits. They do not have horns.

Youthful Chinese water deer, or fawns, are birthed with dark brownish layers with white red stripes and places with a white underbelly. At maturation, their summer season layers come to be gold brownish sprinkled with black. In winter months their layers come to be shaggier, duller, and flecked with grey.

Man, or dollars, consider 24- 28 lbs., while females, or does, consider 19- 23 pounds. Their bodies get on typical 30- 40 in. long, and they stand 18- 22 in. at the shoulder. They have brief tails, 2.5- 3 in lengthy. These are virtually undetectable other than when males present increased tails throughout breeding period.

One of the most striking attributes of the Chinese water deer are its fang- like tusks. These are in fact extended top dogs that are little in females (0.2 in. long) however can mature to 3 in. long in phases. These teeth are held freely in their outlets so the deer can partly withdraw them while consuming or expand them when safeguarding itself or testing an opponent. This is why these deer are in some cases called “vampire deer” in English- talking nations.

Water deer
Chinese water deer are frequently called vampire deer as a result of their tusk- like fangs.Erni/Shutterstock. com

Chinese Water Deer Actions

As they are are a mystical species, scientists do not called long as they would certainly such as regarding the actions of Chinese water deer, as a result of the remote nature of their environment.

Chinese water deer are little and can conveniently conceal in the thick reeds and underbrush in the marshes, islands, and shores that comprise their favored environment. Outstanding swimmers, they have the ability to go across miles of China’s huge rivers to reach remote islands.

Chinese water deer are really mindful, appearing generally in the evening. They can make a selection of audios, consisting of barks, yaps, whistles, clicks, and squeals. When stunned, they jump away with curved backs while making a barking sound. When hurt, they make a shrieking sob.

This species is normally located one by one or in sets. It is uncommon for them to take a trip in herds.

Chinese Water Deer Environment

Water deer are belonging to China and Korea. They are located in the reduced components of the Yangtze River and in the seaside areas and islands of eastern- main China. In Korea, the demilitarized area in between North and South Korea is host to a multitude of water deer. Along with their favored river environment, they can additionally be located in fields, areas, and meadows.

Chinese Water Deer Diet

Chinese water deer are herbivores with 4- chambered bellies, however they can not absorb carbs from plants successfully. This makes them fussy eaters, favoring natural herbs and young wonderful yards instead of elder yards. They locate their finest forage in the rich plants of river bogs. When they obtain the chance to rob ranches, they such as veggies, specifically beetroots.

Predators, Dangers, and Conservation Status

The primary predators of Chinese water deer are humans, leopards, foxes, bears, and raccoon dogs. The human hazard to them originates from overhunting and loss of environment.

Water deer are taken into consideration a “vulnerable” species by the IUCN, however their condition in China is extra vulnerable than in Korea. They have actually gone extinct in southerly and western China and are seriously endangered in their continuing to be environment in the northeast and main seaside areas and Yangtze River container. Their numbers in China are approximated at 10,000 or much less.

By comparison, in South Korea, there more than 700,000 water deer located around the nation. Their population has actually expanded greatly due to the termination of all-natural predators such as tigers and leopards. The South Oriental Ministry of Atmosphere considers them to be “hazardous wild animals” due to the damages they posture to farming and as a source of web traffic mishaps. Some city governments have actually positioned a searching bounty on them.

After being presented right into a couple of parks and estates in the UK, Chinese water deer have actually left right into the wild and have actually expanded to a population of numerous hundred, These might supply added hereditary variety to assist renew the wild population partially of China.

Chinese Water Deer Reproduction, Children and Life-span

The reproducing period, or “rut,” for Chinese water deer lasts from very early November to February.

Dollars are very territorial, noting their region with pee, feces, scent glands, and breaking short plants tactically. They take on various other males for reproducing civil liberties over females. Occasionally these competitors are dealt with by strolling stiffly towards each other and after that strolling alongside each various other for 30– 60 ft. to size each various other up. If among them does not pull back, they utilize their tusks to clear up the battle by stabbing each various other on the head, shoulders, and back. The loser finishes the battle by laying with his head and neck level on the ground, or by escaping. Lots of males bear marks from these savage battles.

Does are in some cases seen in little teams however distribute at indicators of risk. They are not as territorial as males, however in the past and after the birth of their fawns they will certainly go after various other females away to deliver alone. Pregnancy takes 170- 210 days. Fawns are birthed from late April to June and consider much less than 2 pounds. at birth. An uncommon function of this species amongst deer is that they can have a multitude of young.

A couple of spawn each time is normal, however they can have up to 7 at the same time. At birth they are red- brownish with places or red stripes of white. They expand faster than various other similar deer species, and get to sex-related maturation at simply 5 to 8 months.

The typical life expectancy of a Chinese water deer is 10- 12 years.

Chinese Water Deer Population

Just regarding 10,000 Chinese water deer can be located in the wild in China is approximated at, while In South Korea, the projected water deer population is 700,000.

Similar Animals to the Chinese Water Deer

  • Musk deer – Musk deer and Chinese water deer are roughly the very same dimension and weight. Both have back legs that are longer than their forelegs. Both species have tusks. Musk deer have glands that create a solid aroma. Both are belonging to Asia and like to live near water.
  • Sika deer – water deer are similar in appearance to sika deer, with the exemption to the reality that sikas do not have fangChinese like tusks. They have similar habits, however the – water deer favors an extra marshy environment, while sika can be located extra in forested locations.
  • Chinese Red deer – The red deer and the water deer both can be located in marshy locations. They are similar in appearance and actions, other than that the Chinese water deer is smaller sized and has unique fang Chinese like tusks.

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