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The Chi Chi is a blended type dog produced by integrating the genes of a Chinese Crested dog and aChihuahua These hybrid dogs are occasionally called “developer dogs” to separate them from dogs or unidentified combined- heritage puppies. Relying on the functions of their moms and dads, Chi Chi’s can be cosy, hairless, or whatever in between and produce exceptional cuddle friends. These little dogs can be loud, many thanks to their Chihuahua heritage, that makes them exceptional guard dogs.

Tiny and incredibly charming, the Chi Chi is an enjoyable- caring and naughty dog that does not require much to be satisfied. Intend you’re searching for an ideal family dog for a smaller sized residence or apartment living or merely desire a caring and fairly reduced- upkeep buddy. Because instance, the Chi Chi might be the excellent pet for you.

These little dogs evaluates much less than 10 extra pounds typically and can can be found in shades varying from black and white to fawn, lotion, gold, and delicious chocolate.

3 advantages and disadvantages of having a Chi Chi

Pros! Cons!
While hair can be found in various sizes and shades, Chi Chis are generally hypoallergenic dogs.
They Have Lots Of Power
These high- power dogs require task and can occasionally be difficult to handle if your way of living can not stay on par with them.
They’re Superb Watch Dogs
Chi Chis will instantly educate you if a person brand-new gets on your residential or commercial property.
While they’re exceptional guard dogs, occasionally the barking can leave control without appropriate training.
They Love Remaining In a Load
The type enjoys associating various other dogs in the family and are an ideal enhancement if you currently have pets.
Assume they are the one in charge
Without appropriate training, these puppies can assume they’re the head of the family and will not attend to commands.

Chi Chi Dimension and Weight

The dimension and weight of any type of specific dog rely on their moms and dads’ qualities. The Chi Chi female’s ordinary elevation arrays in between 5 and 12 inches, with males balancing around the exact same dimension. Males can consider approximately 12 extra pounds when completely expanded, and females float in between 7- 10 extra pounds.

Elevation (Male) 5- 12″ Tall
Elevation (Female) 5- 12″ Tall
Weight (male) 12lbs, completely expanded
Weight (female) 10lbs, completely expanded

Chi Chi Usual Wellness Issues

Chi Chis have the prospective to establish similar wellness problems discovered in both Chihuahuas and Chinese Crested dogs, and the threat raises if you buy your crossbreed pooch from a careless dog breeder.

Lots of plaything dog types can establish a problem called luxating knees, in which one or both knees can unclothe the joint outlet. Relying on the seriousness of the problem, luxating knees can be a fairly small problem or call for medical treatment to fix it. Lap dogs similar to this type can likewise establish eye illness such as glaucoma, retinal degeneration, completely dry eye, and lens luxation.

Prior to embracing or acquiring a dog make sure to look into the dog breeder or the pooch’s moms and dads as high as feasible. If purchasing from a dog breeder, request for wellness screening to make certain the pups will not bring hereditary illness. This might possibly conserve you large dollars at the vet down the line.

Chi Chi Character

This crossbreed type is generally caring, pleasant, and extremely dedicated to its enjoyed ones. Some might acquire the dubious nature of their Chihuahua moms and dads, yet proprietors can generally educate this out with very early socializing.

These puppies are smart and enjoyable- caring, simple to look after with little upkeep. They do not mind remaining at house while their family’s at the workplace or institution, yet they grow on the day-to-day love they get when the family returns. These dogs agree youngsters of any ages and like the outdoors with various other human and animal good friends.

Chi Chis can be loud, which can either be an annoyance or make them an exceptional guard dog, all set to notify you to any type of trespasser. Their tiny dimension and smarts make them an enjoyable buddy to experience with, conveniently embeded a bag or lugged from area to area and all set to place a smile on individuals’s faces.

Exactly How To Care For Chi Chi

Brand-new proprietors questioning exactly how to look after their brand-new dog should think about a variety of special way of living aspects to offer their dog the most effective feasible atmosphere and life. Recognition of appropriate brushing upkeep, workout, and training requirements for this social, smart type will certainly maintain your dog healthy and balanced and satisfied for the remainder of their lives.

Upkeep And Pet Grooming

Relying on their moms and dads, Chi Chis can have brief hair, lengthy hair, or be completely hairless. Dogs without hair call for minimal day-to-day pet grooming, yet they gain from routine bathrooms to eliminate dust and particles from aggravating their skin. Hairless ranges need to likewise put on sunscreen to avoid sunburn and call for routine hydrating to maintain their skin healthy and balanced.

Chi Chis with hair gain from a cleaning every couple of days to maintain their layer in leading form, devoid of floor coverings or tangles. Both hairless and haired dogs frequently require their nails cut, a minimum of when a month or as required. Maintaining their ears tidy and completely dry will certainly avoid ear infections, and day-to-day tooth cleaning goes a lengthy method to reduce gum tissue illness or oral concerns. Lap dogs are specifically vulnerable to teeth problems, and an ounce of avoidance deserves greater than an extra pound of therapy.


Chi Chis need to begin their training regular as quickly as they’re brought house to promptly accustom them to their brand-new family and enable them to be efficiently handled by participants of the family. Obedience training gives framework to your brand-new dog, stopping them from assuming they’re the one in charge. These dogs are fantastic, so they can promptly discover commands like rest, remain, and come also when they’re young.


Chi Chis include a shocking quantity of power for such lap dogs, yet their task degrees are conveniently versatile to match their proprietor’s way of living. A 30- 45 min stroll or routine play daily will certainly please them, though some dogs like to bring or play a video game of chase in a yard or park. These dogs like being the centerpiece and succeed in numerous dog competitors, such as obedience sporting activities and dexterity training courses. Routine training likewise promotes their psychological professors and counts as its very own kind of workout for these puppies.


Chi Chi pups are exceptionally charming and among the much more prominent developer crossbreed types on the marketplace today. Regrettably, this makes the type an at risk target for money grubbing pup mill dog breeders. Nonetheless, dogs can typically be discovered up for fostering, so it deserves checking into neighborhood fostering companies or sanctuaries.

When taken on, pups call for dedication and interest to present them to the regulations of your family. Do not leave them outdoors alone, also in a fenced lawn, as these puppies are simple targets for killer animals such as hawks or coyotes. With routine training and guidance, your dog will certainly turn into a delighted and well- operating relative.

Chi Chi And Youngsters

While Chi Chis agree kids of any ages, they might be far better matched for homes with older youngsters that recognize exactly how to deal with a dog carefully. Toddlers can be awkward and might mistakenly harm the dog without appropriate advice or guidance. The type requires socializing and very early age training to discover exactly how to engage with people, yet with treatment and job, these dogs fit pleasantly right into your family’s and kids’s way of living.

Dogs similar to Chi Chi

The Chi Chi is very closely pertaining to its 2 moms and dad types, the Chihuahua and the Chines Crested dog, yet its small stature shares resemblances to the Papillon.

  • Chihuahua: These dogs might be little bit, yet they are strong, along with increasingly dedicated to their family members.
  • Chinese Crested: These hairless pooches are much more similar to their descendent, yet they’re both passionate barkers.
  • Papillon: The Papillon shares in the Chi Chi’s tiny dimension and kindness with people and various other dogs.

Popular names for Chi Chi dogs consist of:

  • Bella
  • Luna
  • Sissy
  • Lucy
  • Lola
  • Coco
  • Max
  • Charlie

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