Some Cheagles have an excellent sense of smell.
Cheagle Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Cheagle Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, White, Cream
10 and 14 years
20 lbs
Cheagle Distribition

The Cheagle might inherit a eager sense of scent and robust looking instincts from the Beagle.

The Cheagle is a feisty, charismatic little canine that mixes collectively many traits between a Chihuahua and a Beagle. At first look, this may look like a wierd cross. The Chihuahua is a small toy canine with an enormous and charming persona. Its lineage dates again to pre-Columbian Mexico. The Beagle, in contrast, is an brisk and blissful-go-fortunate pack hound. It was initially bred to trace down deer and hare.

Regardless of being a 50/50 combine between a Beagle and Chihuahua, this crossbreed won’t essentially inherit traits in equal proportion. Most of those canines could have broad and rounded heads with expressive brown eyes. It could inherit the lengthy and extensive muzzle of the Beagle or the quick and pointed muzzle of the Chihuahua. The ears can likewise be erect or floppy. Most however not all Cheagles could have a brief, shiny double coat of fur, generally accompanied by featherings across the ears, legs, and tail. The fur is often a mix of black, white, cream, and brown.

3 professionals and cons of proudly owning a Cheagle

Pros! Cons!
The Cheagle varieties a deep bond with its house owners.
The Cheagle may inherit a slight cussed streak from the Chihuahua.
Charismatic and Enjoyable-Loving
This canine loves to have interaction in enjoyable actions and playtime.
This canine will demand loads of its proprietor’s time and a focus.
This can be a good selection for house owners with an energetic life-style.
Loud and Vocal
This canine tends to bark.
Cheagle playing at the river
Danae Abreu/

Cheagle Measurement and Weight

The Cheagle is a small canine, often weighing someplace between the Beagle and the Chihuahua. The small measurement is clearly influenced by the truth that the Chihuahua is without doubt one of the smallest breeds on the planet. The so-referred to as teacup Chihuahuas, the smallest canines of all, solely weigh a couple of pound. They’re clearly named for the truth that they may match within a teacup. The Cheagle is never the scale of a teacup, however they’ll weigh as little as 9 kilos.

Top (Male) 9 to 14 inches
Top (Female) 9 to 14 inches
Weight (Male) 9 to twenty kilos
Weight (Female) 9 to twenty kilos

Cheagle Widespread Well being Points

Identical to its two dad or mum breeds, the Cheagle might have the tendency to endure from coronary heart illness, most cancers, mange, thyroid issues, weight problems, eye infections, and hip dysplasia (a developmental dysfunction that causes the hip to grow to be dislocated in its socket).

One other potential downside is a degenerative spinal situation referred to as intervertebral disc illness. This may result in ache and weak point in canines. Good breeders will all the time attempt to display screen their canines for potential well being issues, however it’s unimaginable to remove all dangers. A daily checkup on the vet is important to catch issues as early as doable. This may result in higher outcomes in the long term.

In summation, there are the most typical well being issues:

  • Weight problems
  • Coronary heart Illness
  • Mange
  • Eye Infections
  • Most cancers

Cheagle Temperament

The Cheagle is a loyal and enjoyable-loving combine with a sassy and charismatic persona. As an amazing folks-oriented canine, it ought to type a deep bond with its proprietor. However remember that its conduct can differ extensively based mostly on what traits it inherits from the dad and mom. Some people could also be extra of a toy canine just like the Chihuahua.

Different people might inherit a powerful prey drive and looking intuition from their Beagle dad or mum that may trigger it to chase round smaller pets and animals. This may be partially mitigated with correct coaching, however some people are all the time extra more likely to chase after animals than others, so try to be cautious when letting them off the leash. Regardless of its excessive vitality stage, the Cheagle ought to do moderately effectively in residences and indoor areas. The canine’s tendency for barking at suspicious sounds and other people makes it a sensible choice for a watchdog as effectively.

How you can Take Care of the Cheagle

Whereas the Cheagle is not at all a straightforward canine to look after, it must be a sensible choice for all sorts of homeowners, whether or not skilled, novice, or first-time, who need an brisk and clever hybrid. House owners may wish to think about investing in a crate, loads of toys, and a few winter clothes (this canine could also be susceptible to chilly climate). Additionally, think about spaying or neutering your canine if this has not already been finished. If in case you have some other questions or considerations, then you need to seek the advice of together with your vet.

The Finest Dog Meals for Cheagles

A full-grown grownup Cheagle will want a couple of cup of excessive-high quality dry meals ideally divided up into two meals a day to take care of steady blood sugar ranges. Puppies must be fed calorie-dense, excessive protein meals round three or 4 meals a day to help their quickly rising our bodies. After all, the precise quantity will rely in your canine’s measurement, age, and exercise stage. Since this combine is susceptible to weight problems, house owners ought to rigorously monitor its calorie consumption. Don’t feed it loads of treats and scraps all through the day.

Since coronary heart illness is without doubt one of the most typical situations in Cheagles, house owners ought to educate themselves on legume-free canine meals that work across the hyperlink between legumes and coronary heart failure in canines. At all times seek the advice of the vet about your canine’s well being and dietary wants.

Cheagle Upkeep and Grooming

As a lightweight shedder, the Cheagle solely wants about two to 4 brushings per week to take away lifeless hairs and distribute among the pure oils all through the fur. Due to the canine’s tendency to develop dry and irritated pores and skin, it ought to solely obtain baths from time to time when it turns into significantly soiled. If the canine has longer hair than regular, then it might require some further time to work out tangles within the fur by hand. House owners also needs to try to chop the nails, clear out the ears, and brush the tooth frequently.

Cheagle Coaching

For the reason that Cheagle will profit from a way of course and self-discipline, the coaching course of must be as a lot about boundary setting as anything. Let your canine know when it has crossed a line of unhealthy conduct, however all the time remember the fact that the Cheagle is delicate to the sound of your voice, so optimistic reinforcement strategies within the type of reward and treats work greatest. Most of all, house owners have to be in step with their instructions. In any other case, you’ll solely confuse your canine and complicate the method. If you’re struggling to coach your canine, then you need to attempt to discover a skilled in your space who will help you.

Cheagle Train

The Cheagle solely wants about 30 to 60 minutes of train per day. It must be glad with quick, leisurely walks and indoor playtime. In case your canine inherited some looking instincts from the Beagle, then chances are you’ll wish to throw in some scent actions as effectively. It’s all the time a good suggestion to have an enclosed yard or close by canine park so you possibly can let it run round freely with no leash. Nonetheless, in case your canine has inherited a brief snout, then it is likely to be susceptible to respiratory points; don’t let this canine overexert itself.

Cheagle Puppies

So as to grow to be a effectively-behaved full-grown grownup, Cheagle puppies might want to start coaching and socialization inside the first three to 4 months of age. Regardless of their potential cussed streak, they’re often fairly good about following their house owners’ orders. A crate will help a bit with burglary, however this isn’t strictly mandatory.

So as to discover a good pet, house owners ought to all the time do enterprise with respected breeders who display screen their puppies for well being issues. If you happen to can, you need to ask the breeders for proof of their canines’ well being. Whereas pet mills and pet shops have a cheaper price, their puppies are additionally extra more likely to have well being issues, which might result in extra issues in the long term. The 12-week mark is usually the best time to purchase a canine.

Adorable nine week old Chihuahua Beagle (Cheagle) mix laying down
Danae Abreu/

Cheagles and Youngsters

The Cheagle is a good companion for youths of various ages. However as a result of its small measurement and frail physique, it won’t be applicable for the smallest kids who don’t perceive how one can deal with these canines.

Dogs Similar to the Cheagle

If you’re a fan of the Cheagle, you then may discover loads of issues to love concerning the following breeds:

  • American Foxhound – Initially bred for the totally English custom of foxhunting, the American Foxhound is extra of a pure hunter than the Cheagle combine. Nonetheless, it has a candy, affectionate, and simple-going persona.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – A favourite of the British the Aristocracy, the King Charles is a mild, dignified toy breed with spunky vitality and athleticism that ought to thrill extremely engaged and attentive house owners.
  • Pomeranian – If you happen to’re on the lookout for a toy canine just like the Chihuahua, then it’s usually been stated that the Pomeranian is a perfect companion. This small, daring, vivacious, affectionate, and enjoyable-loving breed has a cute, expressive face and a cuddly coat of lengthy orange or pink fur. It should demand some effort and time to look after, nonetheless.

Well-known Cheagles

As a considerably obscure crossbreed canine, the Cheagle doesn’t but have a major following in the USA, a minimum of in comparison with the recognition of its two dad or mum breeds.

If you’re struggling to discover a title on your new Cheagle, you then may wish to think about one of many following choices:

  • Charlie
  • Bella
  • Cooper
  • Coco
  • Peanut
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Bailey
  • Luna
  • Chloe


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