Chartreux Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis catus
Chartreux Physical Characteristics
Grey, Blue
11 to 15 years
seven to 16 pounds
Chartreux Distribition

The Chartreux is an uncommon French cat type with a smooth blue- grey layer that stands apart. It’s commonly evocative various other grey cat types such as the Russian Blue or British Shorthair. No person recognizes precisely where it originated from. One preferred concept is that the cat was reproduced by monks from the Valley of Chartreuse in France, yet this case is challenging to validate. It’s likewise feasible that the Chartreux might be called after a kind of Spanish woollen that was frequently imported right into France.

No Matter, by the 1700s, the Chartreux had actually come to be extremely treasured by French farmers for their abilities as rodent seekers in stables and residences. This type initially involved the USA in the 1970s and quickly came to be identified by almost all significant feline companies. This short article will certainly cover what you require to learn about the Chartreux, including its physical and behavior functions, treatment pointers, and also the enunciation of the name.

Chartreux Qualities: What to Know prior to You Acquire

  • The Chartreux does drop a fair bit, specifically in the springtime. Daily cleaning with a straightforward steel comb must suffice to eliminate loosened or dead hair. A bathroom is hardly ever required, yet when you do offer one, you must utilize a moderate and mild cat hair shampoo. You must likewise cut the nails every couple of weeks and examine the ears weekly. A day-to-day oral health strategy is extremely suggested.
  • The Chartreux is reasonably peaceful and well- acted contrasted to a regular cat type. Given that it does not require much area, this cat is an excellent selection for homes and homes alike.
  • This type might be susceptible to kidney condition, urinary system system condition, and kneecap troubles.


The Chartreux is a silent, great- natured cat, not extremely susceptible to abundant indications of love or play. While they do like their proprietors, these cats have a tendency to be independent and a little scheduled the majority of the moment. They commonly such as to observe the scenario prior to involving straight in it. Proprietors might often require to provide a little area, yet the Chartreux will typically require in cuddles and play frequently.

Their very easy- going and undemanding character suggests they can be laid off for a long period of time without always triggering a mess. They likewise fit quite possibly right into residences with youngsters and various other pets. There’s a great deal to such as with this type for proprietors that desire an undemanding and no- nonsense cat. Nevertheless, one disadvantage is that this type might not always inform you when something is incorrect. Proprietors will certainly require to watch on their cats and find out to review their behavior peculiarities.

Dimension and Weight

The Chartreux is a tool- sized cat, evaluating anywhere in between 7 and 16 extra pounds and standing around 9 to 11 inches high at shoulder elevation. They are recognized for their actual muscle and husky bodies and relatively brief legs. Regardless of their dimension, they have remarkably rapid reflexes and active activities, that make them rather enjoyable to have fun with. These cats like to go after appeal playthings and catch points.

The Chartreux evaluates approximately 12 extra pounds. olivierpieri


The rate of a regular Chartreux from a high- high quality dog breeder is generally in between $1,000 and $2,000. The rate depends upon a number of aspects, consisting of the pedigree and health and wellness of the cat and the need and schedule in your location. A lot of proprietors will certainly wind up paying a minimum of $150 a month for needs, consisting of food, clutter, playthings, and the periodic check out to the veterinarian.


Chartreux kittycats are commonly readily available for acquisition beginning about 16 weeks old. Dog breeders will certainly commonly immunize and sterilize or purify their cats prior to marketing them. The Chartreux is a gradually growing cat and might take a complete 3 years to maturate. The layer might begin with light tabby markings or places at birth that gradually decrease with age, as it comes to be much more wooly in appearance.

Cats likewise require a duration of social and psychological advancement early in their lives. While great dog breeders will certainly mingle their cats within the very first 16 weeks, the Chartreux will certainly remain to require additional socializing possibilities for the following couple of months. One of the most essential point a proprietor can do is to provide time to readjust and heat up to brand-new individuals. They likewise succeed with a foreseeable routine around the residence.

Chartreux kittycats maturate around 3 years old.

slowmotiongli/Shutterstock. com

Life Expectancy

The Chartreux has a regular life expectancy of 11 to 15 years, yet with outstanding treatment and a little good luck, they can live around twenty years old. This type is susceptible to a number of illness, consisting of kidney condition, urinary system system problems, and patellar luxation, a developing problem in which the kneecap will often disjoint. Cancer cells is likewise a leading reason of fatality. You can decrease the opportunities of your cat creating genetic problems by being extremely careful concerning whom you buy from. You must just rely on accountable dog breeders that often evaluate their supply for well-known illness. You must likewise arrange normal visits at the veterinarian to capture health and wellness concerns asap.

Chartreux Type vs. Mixed

All pure-blooded cats have to comply with a common collection of common qualities. The pure-blooded Chartreux includes a spherical head, put up ears, rounded and meaningful eyes with copper to gold shades, a muscle and durable body, a deep breast, and reasonably brief legs. One of the most specifying attribute of this type is brief to a tool- size dual layer of blue- grey hair, which must really feel rather thick and wooly to the touch. Invalidating characteristics consist of a tail twist, eco-friendly eyes, or indications of lameness. If your cat reveals any kind of inconsistencies from these essential functions, after that maybe an indicator of a mix. Blended types aren’t poor, yet they will certainly not have the very same qualities as a pure-blooded cat. They are specifically most likely to turn up in animal sanctuaries.

Sorts Of Chartreux Cats and Color Styles

The French Chartreux is recognized for its blue, virtually silvery grey dual layer of hair. Given that this is such a vital attribute for the type, nothing else hair shades or patterns are approved. All participants of this type have a tendency to look extremely similar to every various other.


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