Chameleon Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Chameleon Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Red, Black, Tan, Green
4 – 8 years
Top speed
21 mph
0.01kg – 2kg (0.02lbs – 4.4lbs)
Chameleon Distribition

Can transform shade to pink, red, environment-friendly, yellow, blue-green, as well as various other shades!

The chameleon, scientific name Chamaeleonidae, is a species of reptile. There more than 160 species of these reptiles spread out throughout Madagascar, Spain, Africa, Asia, as well as Portugal. They have big eyes, a crinkled tail, as well as some species can transform the shade of their skin to assimilate with their environments as a defense reaction frompredators These reptiles can transform their skin to be pink, blue, red, orange, environment-friendly, black, brownish, light blue, yellow, as well as blue-green.

Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) in Wroclaw Zoo
Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) in Wroclaw Zoo

Kinemator/ Creative Commons

The Chameleon’s Environment

Chameleons are animals that are located throughout forest as well as desert alike, in Africa, Asia, as well as components of Southern Europe, as well as chameleons have actually additionally been presented to components of The United States and Canada. The majority of these reptiles reside in trees or in shrubs. Just a few species survive on the ground under heaps of fallen leaves.

Predators of Chameleons

There are several animals that eat these reptiles. Actually, the smaller sized a chameleon is, the more probable it is to be consumed by a bigger animal. A few of the predators consist of serpents, birds, as well as in some cases apes. Though they can assimilate with their setting, they are near all-time low of the food cycle. This suggests there are several animals over them on the food cycle that can eat them.

A Chameleon’s Protection Versus Predators

A chameleon’s capability to transform shade to match its setting is its means of securing itself when a killer neighbors. If this reptile gets on a branch, its skin can transform a shade that is really near the shade of the branch. Numerous predators might go by without ever before seeing the animal resting silently on the tree branch.

Body Movement of a Chameleon

Chameleons are animals that connect with each other by utilizing their body movement. As an example, a chameleon attempting to shield its area from a burglar is most likely to transform laterally. This makes the reptile look larger as well as extra harmful. A chameleon that really feels intimidated might open its mouth to attempt to terrify one more one away.

Chameleon Recreation

A lot of species of these reptiles lay eggs while a couple of have online infants. The women digs an opening in the ground as well as lays her eggs inside it to maintain them cozy. Generally, they lay around 20 eggs, yet it can be extra or less relying on the species. It can take 4 months to a year for the eggs to hatch out. Jackson’s chameleon is one instance of a species that has online infants. This reptile can have from 8 to 30 online infants after being expecting for concerning 6 months.

Chameleon Diet

Chameleons eat a diet that’s primarily concentrated on insects. While chameleons are omnivores that will certainly feed upon greenery such as dandelions as well as various other greenery, the majority of their victim is insects such as insects, crickets, as well as dragonflies.

For a complete listing of chameleon diet plans, offer our ‘What Do Chameleons Eat? 16 Foods in their Diet’ web page a read!

Chameleon Conservation Status

There are some species of chameleons that are threatened. A number of instances consist of the tiger -as well as the Elandsberg dwarf chameleon. These animals can come to be threatened for several factors such as loss of their environment or air pollution.

Enjoyable Information Regarding Chameleons

The Definition Behind the Name

Words chameleon originates from the Greek words chamai which suggests on the planet as well as leon which suggests lion. So, words suggests planet lion.

A Chameleon’s Vision

These reptiles have exceptional sight. They can see approximately 32 feet before them. This makes it also much easier to identify crickets, snails, as well as various other kinds of victim. They additionally have full 360-degree vision around their body! This unique adjustment enables them to search victim as well as area predators better.

A Chameleon’s Hearing

Though this reptile has exceptional sight, it can not listen to effectively. Like serpents, they can listen to audios at particular regularities yet depend upon their sight to capture insects.


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