Caracal Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Caracal Caracal
Caracal Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, Tan
12 – 15 years
Top speed
50 mph
11kg – 18kg (24lbs – 40lbs)
Caracal Distribition

” A little cat that can add to 50 miles per hour”

Caracals can be located in lots of areas consisting of Africa, the Center East and also India. The serval and also the African gold cat are its closest relative. A caracal’s black, tufted ears offer it an appearance various from a lot of cats in the wild. A caracal’s rate and also capability to jump right into the air make it a superb seeker.

Remarkable Caracal Realities!

• A cat with rate: A caracal can go for rates of approximately 50mph! Not surprising that it’s additionally referred to as a gazelle cat.

• An experienced seeker: A caracal can jump right into the air to capture a bird as it’s removing.

• Exceptionally delicate hearing: A caracal has 20 muscle mass in each of its ears aiding it to find victim.

Caracal Scientific Name

Caracal is the usual name of this cat while Felis caracal is its scientific name. This cat comes from the Felidae family and also belongs to the Mammalia class. The name caracal originates from a Turkish word, karakulak Karakulak suggests black ear.

Caracal Appearance & Behavior

A caracal has a streamlined layer of red gold brief hair and also a line of white hair around each of its eyes. This cat’s ears stand directly and also are rounded off by lengthy black tufts of hair. No person makes sure why caracal ears have tufts of hair on them. Yet, some researchers think that caracals interact with each other by jerking their ears.

A caracal’s tail has to do with 8 to 13 inches long. Simply put, the typical caracal’s tail has to do with as lengthy as the leader you make use of in college. A caracal’s tail aids it to transform and also remain on training course when going after a bird, bunny or various other victim. Consider a caracal’s tail like a tail on a watercraft.

A grown-up caracal can evaluate from 20 to 40 extra pounds. To offer you a far better suggestion, a 30-pound caracal considers as high as 2 bowling rounds! A caracal has to do with 24 to 42 inches long and also 18 inches high from its shoulder. That makes it concerning as high as a Boundary Collie.

Caracals are very closely pertaining to servals. They have to do with the exact same dimension yet stay in various sorts of areas. Servals like to search in damp, damp locations while caracals remain in completely dry, desert settings.

A caracal has long, solid legs. When searching, its legs function like curled springtimes as it jumps right into the air to get a bird as it flies away.

Caracals have sharp claws that assist them to get onto trees and also go up right into the branches. They additionally utilize their claws to search and also capture victim. Caracals note their area by clawing trees and also launching fragrance from in between their toes.

Unlike lions that stay in satisfaction, caracals live alone the majority of the moment. They are hostile cats and also fast to safeguard their area from various other animals.

Caracal Environment

A lot of caracals stay in sub-Saharan Africa along with partly of the Center East. They make their house in completely dry settings such as savannas, forests and also also in locations with hills.

There is very little water to be located on a savanna. Nonetheless, caracals do not require much water to make it through. These wild cats have actually adjusted to the absence of water by obtaining the liquid they require from their victim. Likewise, caracals have actually adjusted to the warm environment of their atmosphere by resting throughout the day to preserve power and also searching in the evening when it’s cooler. They oversleep burrows, rock holes, thick shrub or perhaps on a branch in a tree. These cats have tight hairs on the pads of their feet in addition to various other sorts of hair permitting them to stroll conveniently on the sandy ground of a savanna. Occasionally these cats can cover as lots of as 12 miles as they browse their area for victim.

Due to the fact that caracals live alone and also make really little audio when they relocate, they continue to be surprise the majority of the moment. They assimilate with their atmosphere making it very easy to get victim along with area feasible hazards.

Caracal Diet

What does a caracal consume? Like various other cats in the wild, a caracal is a predator. Its rate permits it to capture and also consume lots of sorts of animals consisting of bunnies, birds, serpents, reptiles and also, often, insects. Occasionally a caracal will certainly go onto a farmer’s land to capture lamb, goats or various other animals to consume. Caracals consume whatever they can capture. A caracal can consume a dove one evening and also a young impala the following. An impala is a kind of antelope. A young impala considers around 80 extra pounds which equates to the weight of concerning 13 blocks!

Caracals stay clear of consuming the tight, wiry hair on the animals they capture. They utilize their claws to eliminate this hair prior to consuming their dish. They can consume plumes without any trouble and also can also consume rotten meat if they’re actually starving!

Caracal Predators & Threats

Lions and also hyenas are both major predators of caracals. These 3 animals all search on the savanna, so they are most likely to go across courses eventually. A caracal’s rate is its most beneficial protection versus these animals. Likewise, it’s layer can assist it to assimilate with the anemic greenery and also sand in its atmosphere. Occasionally it will certainly lay on the ground to stay clear of being seen by predators.

Human beings are additionally a danger to caracals. Numerous farmers eliminate caracals when these cats attempt to swipe animals. And also, even more individuals are removing land and also relocating right into their area displacing the victim of caracals. This places these cats in danger for depriving. They are additionally looked for their skins by people that are searching for prizes.

The preservation standing of the caracal in South Africa is taped as: Least Problem. This suggests the populace is ruled out to be under risk currently.

Caracal Recreation, Children and also Life Expectancy


Caracals maintain to themselves up until it’s time to mate. Among one of the most special caracal noises is a breeding telephone call that seems type of like a coughing. Numerous male caracals might deal with or contend for the interest of one women caracal. Ultimately, the women selects a man out of the team. After mating, the male leaves the women caracal so she can elevate the infants on her very own.


A caracal brings her infants, called sets, for concerning 69 to 81 days. She locates an old den or burrow where she can deliver far from predators and also various other hazards. Caracals can have from 1 to 6 sets in a trash, yet a lot of have simply 2. Each package considers concerning 7 to 9 ounces at birth. A caracal package has to do with the dimension of a pet hamster. The serval and also the gold cat (close family members of the caracal) have sets of concerning the exact same dimension.

Sets are birthed with their eyes shut. This holds true with tamed kittycats also. It takes around 6 to 10 days for a package’s eyes to entirely open up. They have the ability to wriggle around yet can not see where they’re going. The sets quit taking care of and also begin to consume meat at 10 weeks old. Sets find out searching abilities from their mom and also remain with her up until they have to do with 10 months old. A women caracal just brings to life one trash annually since it takes the majority of a year to elevate one trash of sets.

Life Expectancy

The typical life-span for both male and also women caracals is 12 years of ages in the wild. Nonetheless, caracals maintained in the zoo can meet 17 years. Caracals live much longer in a zoo atmosphere since they are not intimidated by predators, obtain food regularly and also obtain treatment when they require it.

As a caracal ages in the wild, it can end up being ill from unattended skin infections and also infections as a result of injuries. Likewise, like residential cats, a caracal can obtain rabies from an additional animal and also pass away. If a caracal takes place to stray near a roadway, it goes to danger for obtaining struck by an automobile equally as a tamed cat goes to danger if it strays from house.

Caracal Populace

The specific populace of caracals worldwide is not recognized. Yet, there is some information on these tiny cats:

• Caracal populaces are expanding in South Africa and also Namibia where there is lots of victim readily available for them.

• It’s thought that the greatest variety of caracals stay in the hills of the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

• In North Africa, the caracal populace appears to be lowering perhaps as a result of seekers. The preservation standing of caracals in North Africa is: Intimidated.

• The caracal populace in Asia is lowering likely as a result of farmers eliminating them when they attempt to search their animals.


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