Bull Shark

Bull Shark Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Carcharhinus Leucas
Bull Shark Physical Characteristics
Grey, Blue
16 – 25 years
Top speed
25 mph
90kg – 230kg (200lbs – 500lbs)
Bull Shark Distribition

Sharks that can stay in freshwater

Bull sharks obtain their name from the brief, candid form of their noes as well as their hostile habits. They additionally typically butt target with their heads prior to assaulting. These sharks are located in cozy seaside waters much less than 100 feet (30 m) deep, yet they can swim much up fresh water rivers as well as stay in freshwater lakes if they pick. They are the 3rd most hazardous sharks in the direction of individuals, simply behind the wonderful white shark as well as the tiger shark. Their total form is big as well as stocky, with hefty, spherical bodies.

Fantastic Bull Shark Truths!

• They show up in unanticipated areas: In 2010 they were seen swimming the swamped roads of Brisbane, Australia.

• They are sports: They have actually been seen jumping up falls like salmon to get to inland lakes.

• Some are migratory: In the Amazon.com bull sharks move seasonally backwards and forwards the Amazon.com River.

• Greatest bite stress: The greatest shark bite stress ever before videotaped for any type of shark of their dimension.

For our complete checklist of realities, take a look at our ’13 Unbelievable Bull Shark Truths’ post that information one of the most remarkable realities on this one-of-a-kind shark species!

Bull Shark Scientific Name

The bull shark’s scientific name is Carcharhinus leucas. Words “Carcharhinus” implies sharp-nosed, due to the fact that a lot of sharks in this family, like the tiger shark, have extremely sharp noses. Bull sharks are an exemption to this, as they have short, rounded, blunt noses. Words “leucas” is originated from the Greek word “leucos,” which implies white, as well as explains the bull shark’s bottom.

Bull Shark Appearance as well as Habits

Bull sharks have big, hefty bodies that show up extremely rounded. Their noes are brief as well as candid. They have big dorsal fins on their backs, yet they do not have an interdorsal ridge diminishing their backs as various other sharks do. They are grey on the top with white bottoms. Youthful bull sharks typically have dark ideas on their fins. Bull shark teeth allow as well as triangular, with serrated sides comparable to the reducing side of a saw.

Bull shark dimension is generally as much as 11 feet (3.5 m) long, which has to do with the like 2 big fridges piled one in addition to the various other. They consider in between 500 extra pounds (230kg), concerning half the weight of the ordinary steed. They can grow, however. The biggest bull shark ever before videotaped was 13 feet (4.0 m), as well as the heaviest on document was 694 extra pounds (315kg). Women are larger than men of the very same age.

The leading swimming rate of a bull shark is 25 miles per hr (40 km/h). For contrast, the fastest swimmer on document, with 28 Olympic medals to his credit rating, is Michael Phelps. Also in an unique attire that permitted him to defeat his Olympic documents, he was just able to swim at 8.8 MILES PER HOUR (14.16 km/h), much slower than a shark.

Bull sharks are singular seekers the majority of the moment, though they do often join various other bull sharks to make searching less complicated. A team of sharks is typically called a college, yet might additionally be called a shoal. These sharks are understood to be extremely hostile as well as have actually been understood to assault individuals as well as various other sharks with no justification.

Bull shark image

Bull Shark Environment

The bull shark can be located worldwide, anywhere where there are cozy, superficial, seaside waters. They additionally stay in several rivers worldwide at the very least part-time. They have actually been located in the Amazon.com River in South America, the Mississippi River in the USA, the Brisbane River in Australia, the Tigris River between East, as well as the Ganges River in India. They additionally live at the very least part-time in different freshwater lakes, consisting of Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua as well as Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana.

Some bull sharks move yearly, such as those in the Amazon.com River that swim seasonally over 2300 miles (3701 kilometres) each means backwards and forwards the river. Because bull sharks bring to life their children in freshwater rivers, it prevails for ladies to move when they prepare to have their children.

Bull Shark Diet

Bull sharks are predators, implying their diet is comprised of meat, consisting of fish. They are opportunistic feeders, which implies that they consume practically anything they locate, as well as they aren’t fussy concerning their food. Their major diet contains fish, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, birds, as well as various other sharks, consisting of various other bull sharks.

Just how much they consume depends upon what is readily available. If food abounds, they will certainly consume as high as they can. If food is limited, bull sharks can go extended periods without consuming. When this occurs, their food digestion decreases to make the food last much longer as well as enable them to stay clear of malnourishment. It is not understood simply just how much a bull shark requires to consume.

A complete evaluation of the bull shark’s diet can be located on our “What Do Bull Sharks Consume?” web page!

Bull Shark Predators as well as Dangers

Grown-up bull sharks are not usually preyed upon by anything that resides in the sea. That makes them what is called an “pinnacle killer,” which is an animal that goes to the top of the food cycle. Adolescent bull sharks are often consumed by various other sharks, consisting of grown-up bull sharks. Bull sharks have actually been seen being assaulted as well as eliminated by crocodiles in rivers in both Australia as well as South Africa.

The major risk to bull sharks is human beings. They are pursued by individuals for their oil, conceal, as well as meat. The varieties of bull sharks seem diminishing, as well as at the very least one research has actually located that bull sharks are not expanding as big as they made use of to, more than likely because of the larger ones being eliminated.

Bull sharks are not presently thought about as a jeopardized species, yet their condition is noted as near endangered (NT) by the International Union for Preservation of Nature. This implies that they can quickly end up being an endangered species if actions aren’t required to safeguard as well as protect them.

Bull Shark Recreation, Infants, as well as Life-span

Very little is learnt about bull shark reproductive habits. Researchers assume that the male grabs the lady by the tail as well as holds her up until she surrenders, at which time breeding can occur. Women typically have marks as well as sores believed to be the outcome of such activities. This habits resembles reproductive habits seen in various other sharks.

Bull sharks end up being sexually fully grown at concerning 8 to ten years old. They integrate for breeding, yet after that they go their different means as opposed to staying with each other for any type of size of time. They reproduce from late summer season to very early autumn, typically integrating in rivers or in the tidewaters that exist in between rivers as well as the sea. Pregnancy lasts 10 to 11 months.

Infants, called dogs, are birthed in fresh water, offering them security from the several predators that stay in the sea. The mom brings to life anywhere from 1 to 13 online dogs determining concerning 2.5 feet (80 centimeters) in size.

When birthed these children get on their very own. The mom does not offer any type of look after them after birth. The children start searching on their own promptly, consuming tiny fish as well as shellfishes as well as anything else they can capture as well as ingest.

Bull sharks live approximately 16 years in the wild. It is feasible for them to live longer, particularly in a fish tank. The earliest bull shark understood was 32 years of ages.

Bull Shark Populace

No specific matter of the bull shark populace exists. They are seen often throughout their environment as well as seem numerous. In spite of this, it is very important to have a prepare for preserving them to make sure that they do not go away. Presently no strategy exists for their security.


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