The breed was formerly known as the Brittany spaniel
Brittany Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Brittany Physical Characteristics
Black, White, Tan, Orange
12 – 15 years
40 lbs
Brittany Distribition

The initial recommendations to the Brittany’s presence originated from paints and tapestries of the 17th century.

Bottom Line:
  • The Brittany type is a sort of pointer dog which has a skill for searching numerous kinds of chicken. Brittanys get along and enjoyable pets that have a delicate nature and succeed with favorable affirmation.
  • Brittanys are relatively very easy to take care of, yet have a great deal of power and can be active. Workout is essential to assist them remain healthy and delighted.
  • As they age, Brittanys can be vulnerable to particular kinds of wellness problems like Cataracts, Hypothyroidism, Cancer Cells, Epilepsy, and Hip Dysplasia.

Called after the northwestern French area in which it was initial established, the Brittany is a tough and durable searching dog that focuses on various kinds of chicken consisting of ducks, woodcocks, partridges, and pheasants. It came from in between the 17th and 19th centuries, possibly initially utilized by peasants and poachers in France. The type was when called the Brittany spaniel. Nonetheless, given that this dog is a pointer and does not eliminate the video game like a spaniel, the complete name was ultimately reduced in 1982 to its even more precise type. Today, it is thought about to be an all- around functional dog: great in the area, great in the program ring, and efficient house as a caring buddy.

Shade and Markings

In regards to its physical qualities, the Brittany is characterized by saggy ears, a brief bobbed tail, and featherings around the ears and legs. It likewise has a level or bumpy layer of hair tinted orange and white or liver and white. Their layers either have actually differed patterns, consisting of parti- shade (2 or even more unique, damaged shades, one being white), piebald pattern (covered with spots of 2 shades), a clear pattern, or a roan pattern (a mix of tinted hairs with white hairs, which can look like freckling or ticking).

There are usually 2 kinds of Brittany dogs: the American and French. The only distinction in between them is that the American Brittany is bigger and much faster.

3 Pros and Cons of Having a Brittany

Pros! Cons!
Energetic and Alert
The Brittany is a terrific selection for proprietors that desire an enjoyable and interesting buddy.
High Splitting Up Stress And Anxiety
The Brittany can not be laid off for extended periods of time.
Eager to Please
The Brittany constantly looks for affirmation from its proprietor.
The Brittany is not an excellent selection for individuals that desire a tranquility and determined dog.
Easy to Bridegroom
The type’s layer is fairly very easy to preserve. It is terrific for proprietors that do not wish to take care of a great deal of messiness.
Delicate Nature
This type does refrain from doing well in stressful or difficult scenarios and atmospheres.
Brittany dog jumping over a hurdle in an agility competition.
Brittany dog leaping over an obstacle in a dexterity competitors.

Skumer/Shutterstock. com

Brittany Dimension and Weight

The Brittany is a tool- sized dog with a small and sports framework. Its leggy construct adds to its dexterity and endurance. A Brittany is equivalent in dimension to an English Springer Spaniel, though the Springer Spaniel is a little bit taller. Male and female Brittanys are really similar in dimension.

Elevation (Male) 17.5 to 20.5 inches
Elevation (Female) 17.5 to 20.5 inches
Weight (Male) 30 to 40 extra pounds
Weight (Female) 30 to 40 extra pounds

Brittany Usual Health And Wellness Issues

The Brittany is a really healthy and balanced dog, a superb selection for proprietors that placed a costs on long life and lifestyle. Brittanys do have a couple of wellness problems that they are vulnerable to, consisting of:

Cancer Cells
Hip Dysplasia


One wellness problem that can be genetic in Brittanys, or come as an outcome of diabetes mellitus, is cataracts. When the lenses of a human’s or animal’s eyes come to be over cast or nontransparent, this problem is called cataracts. The level to which they cover the eyes identifies their impacts on your dog. 30% or much less insurance coverage would certainly permit your dog to appear generally. If 60% or even more of the lens is covered, your dog would certainly have some aesthetic disability. However, if 100% of the eye lenses are covered in cataracts, loss of sight would certainly take place.

For types that are vulnerable to cataracts, there are no clear preventative steps that dog proprietors can take. However just like humans, dogs can likewise gain from cataract surgical treatment, which can bring them back to a factor of seeing all right to lead regular lives. You would certainly require to talk to your dog’s veterinarian on the alternatives.


A Brittany can likewise create hypothyroidism, a problem triggered by reduced degrees of hormonal agents generated by the thyroid gland. Signs and symptoms of this illness are sleepiness, weight problems, half-cracked skin, loss of hair and breakable hair, and an uneven heart beat.

If your dog is detected with hypothyroidism, it will likely need to get on medicine forever. The illness is treated with a thyroid substitute hormonal agent such as the manmade hormonal agent called levothyroxine or L- thyroxine.

Cancer Cells

Lots of dog types are vulnerable to cancer cells, yet the sort of cancer cells can differ. For Brittany Spaniels, one of the most usual sort of cancer cells that they are vulnerable to is Liposarcoma (Lipoma). A lipoma is a benign fatty skin lump discovered on dogs, frequently taking place on their legs, breast, or abdominal area. These lumps can expand huge, and some can expand in between a dog’s muscular tissue layers. The deadly kind is called a Liposarcoma.

Lipomas are normally eliminated operatively, though some vets pick to check their dimension. They can restrict a dog’s flexibility, and can also hurt. Malignant liposarcomas might be treated with medical elimination and radiation. It is very important, if your dog has several of these lumps, to watch on them for modifications in dimension or exactly how they really feel (soft and squishy vs. difficult). Constantly consult your veterinarian for suggestions if you identify a lipoma on your dog.


Epilepsy is an additional genetic problem that can take place in Brittanys and several various other pure type dogs. Epilepsy is a neurological problem characterized by unwarranted, reoccuring seizures.

While seizures can be frightening to you, your dog does not experience discomfort throughout one, and it generally lasts much less than a couple of mins. If the seizure lasts longer than 3 mins, take it to the veterinarian asap. As soon as a dog has one seizure, even more will likely comply with, so life- lengthy medicine will certainly be one of the most likely therapy your veterinarian recommends. If your dog has a seizure, stay clear of coming up to it’s mouth as you might obtain attacked. Or else, see to it your dog is clear or things it can wound itself knocking versus, and enjoy it till the seizure subsides.

Hip Dysplasia

Lastly, a severe problem that a Brittany can deal with is hip dysplasia, a developing problem in which a warped hip joint comes to be partly or completely disjointed. This problem can trigger strolling problems, discomfort in the hip or joints, instability in the hip, and also lameness. In extreme instances, surgical treatment might be needed to fix this trouble.

While some dogs will unavoidably create this problem, there are some points a pet proprietor can do for long-term avoidance of hip dysplasia.

  • Diet: Maintain your dog on a healthy and balanced diet throughout it’s life, feeding it a relied on brand name of dog food which contains vitamins and nutrients, high- high quality meat, healthy and balanced carbs, without chemicals or meat results.
  • Weight Administration: If increasing your Brittany from a pup, assistance to maintain it lean instead of enabling it to place on excess weight from a young age. Prevent over- feeding, and watch on it’s weight variety, seeking advice from a veterinarian if your dog seems obese.
  • Workout: Search for means to maintain your grown-up dog energetic like strolling it, treking, or doing tasks that motivate it to run. Nonetheless, when increasing a Brittany pup, it is very important not to strain it’s bones and joints in the developing phase. It’s suggested to prevent leaping and running in young pups, which can trigger problems that can cause hip dysplasia in the future.
  • Prevent leaping: Also as a grown-up, the one exercise that can establish the phase for future hip dysplasia is leaping way too much. Frisbee or leaping for rounds can really do even more injury than great. Depend on more secure workouts like running, strolling, and also swimming.
  • You can consult your dog’s vet and placed it on supplements which contain vitamins C and E, along with various other essential components that can maintain your dog’s bones and joints healthy and balanced.

A typical Brittany will certainly live someplace in between 12 and 14 years of ages. While there is constantly a component of randomness and good luck to wellness, the possibilities of a lengthy life can be enhanced by an excellent diet, an appropriate weight, an energetic way of life, high- high quality health care, and an excellent hereditary pedigree. You must constantly ask the dog breeder to give evidence that their dogs are examined and gotten rid of for usual hereditary problems; this is basic technique for an excellent dog breeder that takes care of the wellness of their dogs.

Exactly How to Deal With the Brittany

The Brittany is a really functional type; one does not always require to be a seeker to appreciate it. Nonetheless, this type will certainly do ideal with exterior enthusiasts and daring kinds. It might deal with apartment or condo living unless you’re prepared to invest a great deal of time outdoors in close by open locations or parks.

Besides its substantial workout demands, several various other elements of its treatment are fairly uncomplicated and very easy. Brushing specifically must not use up way too much of your time. If you have any type of various other inquiries or worries concerning your dog’s treatment, after that you must talk to your veterinarian.

The Most Effective Dog Food for the Brittany

Depending the dog’s age, task degree, and dimension, the Brittany possibly requires concerning 1.5 to 2 mugs of high- high quality completely dry food a day with great deals of healthy protein. Proprietors must not omit food throughout the day, since this type could tend to put on weight. 2 smaller sized dishes spaced a number of hrs apart must suffice to feed your dog.

Brittany Upkeep and Pet Grooming

Upkeep for this type must be fairly uncomplicated and very easy. A brief pet grooming session with a soft brush 2 or 3 times a week, integrated with a comb- with of the featherings, must be enough to maintain this dog’s layer healthy and balanced and tidy, and devoid of tangles, also in the dropping period.

For some reveal dogs, added cutting might be needed around the head and neck location. Various other crucial elements of this dog’s treatment consist of month-to-month nail trims, routine ear checks, and teeth brushes concerning 2 or 3 times a week with a suitable paste.

Brittany Training

The Brittany is a smart and trainable dog that must get quickly on a variety of various human commands. Due to its delicate nature, proprietors require to be added calmness and unwinded around this type. Favorable support techniques and inspiration job best. Do not increase your voice or reveal it any type of rage. If you require assist with the procedure, after that you must speak to a regional instructor in your location.

Brittany Workout

The Brittany was meant to be an exterior dog of relatively limitless power, so a grown-up demands at the very least a hr of workout each day. Just taking it on strolls will certainly not be enough, nevertheless. It will certainly require lots of area off the chain to run about and play. This can be integrated with various other video games, playthings, and also flyball or dexterity obstacles. Workout time must be restricted to no greater than half a hr in dogs more youthful than 2 years old.

Brittany Young Puppies

Like any type of type, the initial couple of months of the Brittany’s life are important for its social and psychological growth. Some pups might display an extremely shy or passive habits with a propensity to pee when ending up being extremely thrilled or terrified. Early training and socializing must assist to form the pups right into positive and well- acted grownups. Proprietors must likewise think about crating the pup to help with behavior problems or home training troubles.

Cute and curious black and white baby Brittany puppy portrait, looking up
Adorable and interested black and white child Brittany pup picture, searching for


The Brittany and Kid

The Brittany is an excellent selection for youngsters that invest a great deal of time outdoors and desire an excellent- natured buddy. Due to its delicate nature, nevertheless, it could refrain from doing specifically well with more youthful youngsters that such as to play harsh and make a great deal of sound.

Dogs Similar to the Brittany

The Brittany bears the greatest resemblances to the pointers and gundogs of Western Europe. Keeping that in mind, you could wish to look into several of the adhering to about the Brittany:

  • English Setter— Created in the 19th century, the modern-day English setter is a searching dog that would silently ice up and direct when it situated a video game bird. Given they get sufficient workout, these pleasant, tranquil, and great- natured dogs likewise make terrific friends for the whole family.
  • Irish Setter— Like its English loved ones, the Irish setter is a high- perky searching dog with long, sagging ears and a dark red or chestnut layer of hair. Precious by several proprietors, this is a specifically preferred dog in the program ring. It has actually won the showing off team competitors at the Westminster Kennel Club 11 times.
  • Braque Saint- Germain– Likewise referred to as the St. Germain directing dog, this energetic and positive searching type is rather unknown beyond its indigenous France. It’s identified by the United Kennel Club yet not the American Kennel Club. The Saint- Germain are close loved ones of various other French searching dogs or gundogs.

Famous Brittany Dogs

While the Brittany is a rather unknown type beyond searching circles and reveal rings, there are a couple of people that have actually taken care of to stick out for their skill. For example, a Brittany by the name of Tally won the 2010 Westminster showing off team. One More Brittany called Jester (or the even more enjoyable name, Sir- ly You Banter) won the exact same competitors in 2002 and 2003.

If you’re still looking for an excellent dog name, after that you could wish to think about among the adhering to alternatives:

  • Charlie
  • Jack
  • Seeker
  • Sweetheart
  • Hannah
  • Bailey
  • Felix
  • Buster
  • Toby
  • Friend

National Dog Breeder and Dog Breeder Resources

For all sort of info on your Brittany, you can go to the American Brittany Club.

One more terrific source if you have an interest in taking on a Brittany is the NBRAN (National Brittany Rescue & & Fostering Network).


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