Blue Belly Lizard

This species can detach its tail to escape from predators
Blue Belly Lizard Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Sceloporus occidentalis
Blue Belly Lizard Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Black
5-7 years
1 ounce
Blue Belly Lizard Distribition

” Heaven belly lizard has little tiny pores on the legs that launch scents right into the air and draw in friends.”

Heaven belly lizard, additionally referred to as the western fencing lizard, is amongst one of the most usual reptiles in the western USA. They are typically seen showering in the sunshine around exterior tracks or structures and houses. The shimmering blue ranges of the male lizard are an unique pen of this species. These ranges offer a vital duty in the reproductive procedure. This post will certainly cover some fascinating truths concerning the recognition, environment, and diet of heaven belly lizard in the wild, in addition to exactly how to look after them as pets.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of heaven belly lizard is Sceloporus occidentalis The genus name Sceloporus is originated from 2 Greek words: skelos, suggesting leg, and permeable, suggesting pore or opening. This remains in referral to the big pores in the leg that launch the scents. The species name occidentalis is merely the Latin word for west. The genus to which it belongs additionally consists of various other fencing lizards and spiny lizards, every one of which prevail to the USA.


Heaven belly lizard can be recognized by the tan or grey- tinted ranges with bumpy red stripes on the back and brilliant blue ranges around the sides and base of the abdominal area. Just the man has this brilliant blue pigmentation. The female and juveniles often tend to have simply the duller grey ranges.

Among the significant recognition pens for the whole genus is the existence of sharp, spiny ranges; therefore why the genus is called the spiny lizards. A lot of participants of this species step someplace in between 4.3 inches and 8.3 inches long from the pointer of the head throughout of the tail. They have long and sharp claws that allow them to quickly climb up trees. While they do look rather similar to the eastern fence lizard, their variety does not overlap in any way, which must make recognition simpler.

The brilliant blue belly is one of the most distinguishing characteristic of heaven belly lizard. Sundry Digital photography


Like all various other reptiles, the day-to-day actions of heaven belly lizard is oriented around the ambient exterior temperature level of the surrounding setting. Due to the fact that they can not create sufficient of their very own temperature to endure, heaven belly lizards require to invest much of their time taking in sunshine. They can be seen in the daytime hrs sunning on rocks, hostile courses, logs, and fencing blog posts; they often tend to favor high locations, yet any type of area will certainly benefit them. Their ranges regularly alter shades from light to dark, yet this is possibly provided for the function of managing temperature level (the quantity of warm they soak up) instead of camouflage.

Heaven belly lizard often tends to continue to be on its own for the majority of the year. The only time they integrate is briefly in the breeding period, when the males preserve and safeguard their very own region. When the wintertime gets here, they nestle in gaps or openings and after that go into a state of hibernation in which their task and metabolic process are greatly minimized. The size of the moment they hibernate depends upon the bordering temperature level of their setting.


Heaven belly lizard is discovered around the western component of the USA, consisting of the states of Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. Nevertheless, the best focus takes place in the state of The golden state. It is additionally discovered in little components of north Mexico. This species fits in all sort of environments, consisting of meadows, woodlands, farmlands, and hedge lands. It often tends to stay clear of the toughest deserts, due to the fact that it requires a close-by resource of water to endure.

6 subspecies are normally identified: the excellent container fencing lizard, the northwestern fencing lizard, the Sierra fencing lizard, the coastline variety fencing lizard, the San Joaquin fencing lizard, and the island fencing lizard. This last subspecies is discovered just on the Network Islands off the coastline of The golden state. The various other subspecies normally stay with the geographical variety shown by their names.

Predators and Hazards

Aside from its all-natural predators, probably the best risk to heaven belly lizard in the wild is environment loss. This species has actually been required to adjust to the infringement of humans throughout the majority of its variety. Regardless of this, the species still continues to be really usual.

What consumes heaven belly lizard?

This species is preyed upon by coyotes, snakes, bobcats, hawks, and many various other birds and animals. While the open areas in which they absorb sunshine do possibly reveal the lizard to predators, they utilize a variety of protective steps to escape. If endangered, the lizard can totally separate the tail from its body. The tail will at some point expand once more concerning 3 to 5 weeks later on, yet it might have a various size and color scheme than the old one. The lizard additionally has incredibly rapid reflexes to avert possiblepredators It will certainly typically face shrubs or scamper up trees.

What does heaven belly lizard eat?

This species victims upon many sorts of spiders, caterpillars, beetles, insects, and grasshoppers. It additionally occasionally eats various other little lizards. For a total listing of the foods blue belly lizards eat, have a look at or “What Do Blue Belly Lizards Eat?” web page.

Recreation and Life Process

The yearly reproductive period of heaven belly lizard normally occurs in between April and July. Lizards can find each various other in the wild by noticing scents. The females additionally appear to favor males with the brightest pigmentations and the lengthiest tails. The males have the capability to inform various other possible competitors to steer clear of from its friend by doing a kind push-up- like movement on logs or rocks to display his brilliantly tinted bottom.

When breeding is finished, the female’s abdominal areas will noticeably swell with her totally fed eggs. She will certainly dig an opening in the ground and disabled to 3 clutches of 10 to 17 eggs each time. After a gestation duration lasting 3 to 6 weeks, the eggs will totally hatch out and give their young. The juveniles are rather little in the beginning, gauging just concerning an inch long. They get no guidance or treatment from the moms and dad and have to look after themselves from the beginning. The juveniles end up being sexually fully grown in the springtime of their 2nd year. They have a regular life-span of 5 to 7 years in the wild.


Heaven belly lizard is taken into consideration to be a species of least concern by the IUCN Red Listing. Populace numbers seem secure, yet couple of researchers have actually ever before carried out a great populace quote to figure out the amount of presently reside in the wild.


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