Black Witch Moth

Some folklore associate Black Witch Moths with bad luck (and even death!), while other associates them with good fortune.
Black Witch Moth Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Ascalapha odorata
Black Witch Moth Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, Purple
Black Witch Moth Distribition

If you see a big, brownish Black Witch Moth fly right into your house, beware.

Not since it threatens. Actually, this safe moth prevails in lots of locations of Central America and moves via the USA and also Canada. Nonetheless, these moths are taken into consideration to be a precursor of fatality or rotten luck in lots of mythology customs from these locations. In spite of its creepy background and name, the Black Witch Moth is a moderate- mannered moth that can flaunt a host of vivid information along with its brownish camouflage shade.

Species, Kind, and Scientific Name

Black Witch Moths, or Ascalapha odorata, belong to the Ascalapha genus. This genus was classified in 1809. It comes from the Erebidae family and the Noctuoidea extremely- family. The Black Witch Moth is really the biggest participant of the Noctuoids, that includes a few of the biggest moths around. Moths belong to the Lepidoptera order, which additionally consists of butterflies.

Moths stand out from butterflies, although both belong to the Lepidoptera order. Both butterflies and moths have similar frameworks, yet moths maintain their wings expanded while relaxing, whereas butterflies fold their wings. They are additionally awake at various times. Moths are nighttime, which suggests that they’re awake in the evening. Butterflies are diurnal, so they’re awake throughout the day.

Black Witch Moths, recognized by the species name A. odorata in the scientific area, are just one of the biggest moths. They are the biggest in the Noctuoida extremely- family, although this technique of classification within this extremely- family has actually undergone current brand-new study. Moths are identified according to their wing framework as grownups.

Appearance: Exactly How to Recognize Black Witch Moths

Black Witch Moths are commonly determined initially by their dimension. They are the biggest of the Noctuoid moths. Their wingspans as grownups can get to 7 inches throughout. That is a remarkable moth! Simply visualize locating this winged animal, which some also blunder for a bat because of its plus size and form, flying at you throughout the evening!

Female moths have a tendency to be bigger than male moths. Nonetheless, both can obtain fairly huge. With a 6- 7 inch wingspan, these moths are difficult to miss out on. It’s not a surprise that they obtained a scary credibility in many mythology.

Their forewings are sharp at the front, an additional crucial function for recognition. They are dark brownish in shade, an additional function they show to bats. They do have some design and color on their wings, consisting of 2 unique comma- designed styles on the top of their wings. Female Black Witch Moths have purple rainbowlike and white lines. Males just have the purple rainbowlike section and are a little bit darker total.

Black Witch Moths start their life as caterpillars that eat cassia, catclaw, and the fallen leaves of woods like acacia and mesquite. They are additionally huge, rising to 3 inches. They are brownish and black in shade, similar to the darker shades seen on the grownups when they end up being moths.

male adult black witch moth
The female Black Witch Moth’s wingspan can get to 7 inches throughout!

Vinicius R. Souza/Shutterstock. com


Black Witch Moths are belonging to Central America, some components of South America, and southerly components of the USA. Locals in South Florida and South Texas are extremely knowledgeable about these moths. In their indigenous houses of Mexico and the Caribbean, Black Witch Moths misbehave prophecies. If one flies right into your house, some societies think that a person in the house will certainly quickly pass away.

These moths move north in late Springtime. Grownups at some point call most locations of the USA house. Some are also as much north as Wisconsin and Michigan. Due to the fact that their favored food resources aren’t as typical in those locations, they aren’t an usual view.

Hawaii has an expanding populace ofBlack Witch Moths It’s believed that solid winds assisted Black Witch Moths make their method to the far-off islands at some time. They have actually come to be a component of Hawaiian mythology and are believed to stand for dead enjoyed ones claiming their last bye-byes.

Some individuals take into consideration these moths to holders of good luck. They think that seeing one will certainly bring economic well- being and also good luck. See a Black Witch Moth and it might be time to purchase a lotto game ticket!

Black Witch Moths in some cases take a trip through solid winds. One research study discovered records of Black Witch Moths miles and miles far from their recognized environment. Scientist saw a male on Gough Island, approximately 3500 kilometers far from the nearby all-natural environment of these moths. Winds commonly lug simply one moth away to brand-new places. Extremely, the moth showed up unscathed and was accumulated and given away to the South African Gallery.


Black Witch Moth caterpillars like to eat vegetables, acacia, mesquite, and Kentucky coffee. Because of their plus size, these little people need to eat a fair bit to turn into the 3- inch caterpillars and later on the 6- 7 inch moths. While not a large issue for lots of farmers, they can be a hassle for those that grow acacia and mesquite particularly. They eat the fallen leaves, nonetheless, and just make use of the timber for sanctuary.

Grownup Black Witch Moths delight in ripe, soft exotic fruit such as bananas. They additionally eat tree sap when offered. Grownups just live a couple of weeks, although there are generally overlapping generations of Black Witch Moths arising in their primary environment locations. They end up being an usual view in these locations and are seen much less on the sides of their array. Their feeding behaviors additionally differ, based upon what food resources are offered.

Avoidance: Exactly How to Eliminate Black Witch Moths

Black Witch Moths are safe moths and do not posture a danger to farmers or the bigger populace. Apart from their threatening credibility in mythology, they are fascinating moths that are enjoyable to view and will not both anybody or anything. They do not eat various other insects and do not aid or injure the bigger community.

When they move or are blown to various other locations, they are not an intrusive species. Because of their lengthy and commonly unsafe trip, these moths are commonly ragged and not able to live enough time to mate, lay eggs, and influence the community.

If you do intend to do away with these moths, the most effective point to do is get rid of or transfer their favored food resource. Similar to creating a butterfly yard or pollinator yard to draw in butterflies or bees, you can make a moth yard to bring Black Witch Moths to a far better place. We suggest establishing one up in a remote location of your residential property if they are coming to be a hassle.

Usual pesticides additionally function, although we do not suggest performing forBlack Witch Moths Due to the fact that they are not unsafe to individuals, pets, or various other plants (apart from their healthy food resource), using pesticide will certainly do even more damage than great.


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