Black Dragon Lizard

Their black color is due to a genetic mutation!
Black Dragon Lizard Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Varanus salvator macromaculatus
Black Dragon Lizard Physical Characteristics
11 to 25 years
35-110 pounds
Black Dragon Lizard Distribition

Their black shade is because of a hereditary anomaly!


  • Water displays are the 2nd biggest lizards on the planet, after Komodo dragons.
  • The black dragon lizard is entirely black. It is high sought after due to this.
  • This monitor lizard is not its very own subspecies. It is in fact a hyper- melanistic variation of the southeast Eastern water display.
  • Its shade is as an outcome of a hereditary anomaly– similar to albinism!


Black dragon lizards are an extremely looked for- after kind of water monitor lizard because of their unique black shade. A subspecies of water displays, they are semi- marine, requiring bodies of water for their survival. They are meat-eating and eat carrion, or dead flesh, consisting of bodies.

Scientific Name

The black dragon lizard is likewise called the black Eastern water display. The black dragon lizard obtains its shade from a genetics anomaly similar to the kind in charge of albinism in various other lizards.

This lizard comes from the family Varanidae and genus Varanus It is a subspecies of the water display Varanus salvator. Previously referred to as Varanus salvator komaini, is it currently considered the hyper- melanistic variant of the southeast Eastern water display Varanus salvator macromaculatus

Varanus salvator consists of 4 various other main subspecies along with the black dragon lizard. These subspecies are:

  • The Eastern water display, Varanus salvator salvator, which is the choose subspecies
  • Both- candy striped water display, Varanus salvator bivittatus
  • The Andaman Islands water display, Varanus salvator andamanensis
  • Ziegler’s water display, Varanus salvator ziegleri

Various other typical names for the black dragon lizard are black dragon, black water display, and black Eastern water display.

Black Dragon Lizard Appearance

The black dragon display is fairly unusual. Unlike various other kinds of water displays that generally have dark shades ahead and light- yellow bottoms, black dragon lizards have a genetics anomaly that makes them show up all black, like a reverse albinism.

Black dragon monitor lizards have muscle bodies, consisting of brief limbs. They have lengthy necks and extended, slim noes. An awesome animal, they have sharp claws, serrated teeth, effective jaws, and a solid tail that can seriously harm when whipped at assailants and target alike.

Although black dragon lizards are fairly huge lizards, they are a little smaller sized than various other water displays. Water displays normally expand to be around 35 to 44 extra pounds, although they have an optimum dimension of regarding 110 extra pounds!

They have actually a forked tongue which flickers airborne to get fragrances. They can ferret out carrion from much ranges.

Black dragon lizard
Black dragon lizards have a genetics anomaly that makes them show up strong black.

Black Dragon Lizard Habits

Black dragon water displays are typically singular animals. They seldom collaborate other than throughout particular durations, such as breeding period. Proprietors of black dragons must bear this in mind. These animals can obtain quite territorial, so it isn’t a great suggestion to position 2 of them in the exact same room.

Black dragon lizards in bondage have an accommodating character and can expand to be caring and caring pets. They are not a lizard species for novices and must just be dealt with by professional lizard- caretakers.

These lizards typically have an also character. Nevertheless, they do not generally reveal indicators of timidity around humans or various other animals and will certainly protect themselves when worsened. They will certainly not wait to attack or snap their solid tails in the direction of any type of culprit. Their attacks are exceptionally hazardous due to their teeth and dental microorganisms which can trigger infection. They are poisonous, however the poison is deadly just to tiny animals such as rodents and not to humans.

An additional protection technique black dragons have is tree- climbing. They scale up trees to prevent predators and can also leap from the tree to a neighboring stream to escape capture.

Black dragon lizards are semi- marine which implies they require to live around a water resource. They are exceptional swimmers and dig burrows around their environment, particularly shores, which generally act as their house area. They dig these burrows purposefully to accumulate adequate water to develop a superficial swimming pool inside where they can moisten. The bodies of water likewise act as a defense reaction. When intimidated, the lizards locate security in the water where their predators can not reach them.

This reptile is a diurnal species. The majority of their searching task is done throughout the day. Just on unusual events do they search during the night.

Environment and Population

Water displays are belonging to southern and southeastern Asia. The black dragon lizard comes from Thailand, the Thai- Malaysian boundary, and likewise happens normally in some components of Indonesia.

A semi- marine lizard, the black dragon display hinges on water and needs to stay near a water body. They reside in mangrove swamps, main woodlands, and marshes. They such as to delve in shores. These reptiles can go across big areas of water, increasing its geographical reach.

Black dragons are extremely versatile animals and opportunistic too. They can reside in human cities, mainly in canals and farming locations. They often live in parks and canals in Bangkok. This adaptability is a survival benefit for them.

Black dragon lizards in bondage have similar handling needs as various other monitor lizards. They expand to be large regardless of being smaller sized than various other water displays, which implies they will certainly require adequate real estate room. They like to climb up and they like to swim, so an enough water resource must be offered for them to take great dips.

In Thailand, all display species are secured. The black dragon monitor lizard is not separately provided on the IUCN Red Listing of EndangeredSpecies Nevertheless, its choose species Varanus salvator is provided as Least Concern.

Reproduction and Life-span

There is not a great deal of info on the black dragon display’s reproducing info, however it is extremely similar to those of various other water display kinds. Male checks reach sex-related maturation at 3.3 feet and at the very least 2 extra pounds, whilst the females get to sex-related maturation at simply 1.64 feet. Although these dimensions might appear tiny, black dragon lizards can mature to be fairly huge in detail of approximately 5 feet and get to an optimum weight of simply over 110 extra pounds.

Breeding in between water monitor lizards could be a little bit odd for a very first- time viewer. There is a great deal of attacking and scraping entailed. These lizards reproduce extremely promptly. Reproducing beginnings with the damp period and the female displays lay their eggs 4 to 6 weeks later on.

Initially, they check cozy and moist places such as burrowed passages, energetic or deserted termite or rodent nests, decomposing logs or tree stumps. After that they go back to their picked area to transfer their eggs, laying from 10 to 40 eggs per clutch. The variety of eggs is identified by the dimension of the female. The bigger the mom, the even more eggs she will likely lay. The moment of incubation differs per account, lasting anywhere from 6 to 7 months usually. Often, it can be substantially much shorter or longer.

Hatchlings are bright and gain freedom as they arise from their eggs. In bondage, these monitor lizards can live from 11 to 25 years.

Black Dragon Lizard Diet

These lizards are meat-eating displays and delight in a vast choice of food. Since they aren’t choosy- eaters and reside in different environments, they have actually adjusted to consuming whatever they can locate. Dragons staying in the swamps and woodlands take advantage of rodents, frogs, turtles, serpents, crabs, young crocodiles, crocodile eggs, and fish. Like various other water displays, they generally participate in open quest of their target instead of the subtler technique of tracking.

Black dragon lizards that live around human- disrupted areas will undoubtedly consist of human food waste in their diet, along with stock, and tamed animals such as cats, dogs, and rodents.

They are mainly insectivorous, particularly as hatchlings. In bondage, proprietors must dirt their food with a calcium and vitamin powder supplement to fulfill their dietary demand. Intestine- crammed insects are likewise a healthy and balanced alternative. As pet displays age and grow, they can eat bigger target products. They will certainly have the ability to eat animals such as icy chicken and turkey, rodents, and fish.

It is necessary to recognize the lizard’s nutritional requirements to prevent poor nutrition and excessive weight. Black dragon monitor lizards in bondage mainly deal with obstacles in the kind of health and wellness concerns. They must be fed regularly throughout the week as opposed to daily, depending upon the dimension of each dish. Additionally, temperature levels must be ideal for appropriate food digestion.

Predators and Dangers

In the wild, black dragon lizards have couple ofpredators These consist of deep sea crocodiles and king cobras.

An additional risk these animals face is the ever before- thriving apparel industry. With the high need of natural leather and reptile skin, water displays go to the top of one of the most made use of animals. Seekers eliminate and skin them for garments, footwear, and bags.

In bondage, black dragons are susceptible to different health and wellness obstacles such as metabolic bone condition (MBD) which is brought on by calcium shortage and characterized by fragile bones. It results in immobilization and fatality.

They are likewise at risk to excessive weight, brought on by constant feeding of calorie- abundant food. An ample feeding routine must be applied to stop this from taking place. Proprietor needs to likewise avoid feeding way too many fatty foods such as prepared eggs and fatty worms or rodents.

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