Also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma!
Birman Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis catus
Birman Physical Characteristics
Brown, Red, Black, Chocolate, Lilac, Caramel
12-16 years
Up to 12 pounds
Birman Distribition

The very first point you observe regarding a Birman cat is its glittering blue eyes! These cats are popular with households as a result of their caring, lively nature.

They have tool to lengthy smooth hair and can be located in lots of distinct shades. These versatile felines are excellent with kids and grownups alike.

Birman Attributes: What to Know Prior To You Purchase

There are some crucial points to take into consideration prior to purchasing or taking on a Birman:

  • These cats have a layer of tool to lengthy hair that requires brushing one or two times a week to maintain it looking healthy and balanced.
  • These cats can in some cases beware around unfamiliar people so it might be needed to place this pet right into one more space when unknown individuals browse through.
  • They are susceptible to excessive weight

Birman Individuality

This type of cat is understood for its kindness to various other pets in a family. They are additionally understood for their knowledge and playfulness. Hang an item of thread before a Birman cat and allow the video games start!

Some cats are understood for their singing habits. Yet, these cats are understood for getting on the peaceful side.

These cats are caring and love to be around their proprietors. They get along with kids, as well. While some cats are understood to maintain to themselves, Birmans like great deals of stroking and interest!

Seal point Birman cat sitting in the grass in the garden.
Seal factor Birman cat being in the turf in the yard.

Point Robbe/Shutterstock. com

Birman vs. Ragdoll

Take A Look At a Birman and a Ragdoll resting side-by-side and they look a great deal alike. Yet there are both resemblances and distinctions in between these 2 types.

A great deal of the resemblances in between these 2 cats associate with their character. They can both be referred to as mild and lively specifically with various other pets. They are smart, peaceful felines.

It’s tough to miss out on the glittering blue eyes of both the cat types. They share most of the exact same shades.

One distinction is located in their background. Birman cats are in some cases called Spiritual Cats of Burma. They were increased in the holy place of Burma by Kittah clergymans. Mythology cases this cat’s blue eyes were acquired from a siren with sapphire blue eyes. Their beautiful white paws are an icon of pureness according to the Kittah clergymans.

The background of the Ragdoll cat has actually much less mythology affixed to it. Ragdolls were reproduced by a female called Ann Baker back in the 1960s. Ann had a cherished and really caring Persian cat called Josephine. Josephine had a routine of going limp in her proprietor’s hands when she was gotten. This is exactly how the name Ragdoll transpired. Ann submitted the documentation to hallmark the name Ragdoll and began reproducing even more of these mild, wonderful cats with this distinct behavior.

Though these cats look similar there are some refined distinctions in their shades and physical appearance. For one, Birman cats have rounded eyes of tool dimension while Ragdolls have huge eyes that are oblong- formed. Additionally, a Ragdoll cat’s hair is soft and pleasant while the Birman has simply one layer of smooth hair with no undercoat. A Birman’s tail is much shorter than a Ragdoll’s. Additionally, grown-up Birman cats evaluate much less than grown-up Ragdolls.

Birman Dimension and Weight

Grownup Birman cats are in between 15 and 18 inches long. Grownups expand to an elevation of in between 8 and 10 inches. Males are normally larger than females.

Grownups evaluate in between 6 and 12 extra pounds. A female Birman normally evaluates in between 6 and 10 extra pounds while a male evaluates 10 to 12 extra pounds.

As discussed, Birman cats and Ragdoll cats are similar in lots of methods. Yet, in regards to dimension, Ragdolls evaluate greater thanBirmans Male Ragdolls can evaluate 12 to 20 extra pounds while females evaluate 8 to 15 extra pounds.

Birman Cost

Full-blooded kittycats set you back anywhere from $600 to $3000 when bought from a dog breeder. Yet, that rate differs by the dog breeder.

One option to purchasing a Birman is taking on one from a rescue company. Some rescue companies have grownups in addition to kittycats readily available. A Birman cat rescue company bills a fostering cost. Fostering charges of Birman rescue companies vary from $60 to $150.

The yearly veterinarian prices for Birman cats vary from $400 to $600. When it involves this cat’s food budget plan, the month-to-month price varieties in between $20 and $30.

Birman kittycats are so preferred lots of dog breeders have waiting checklists. Obviously, the kittycats stick with their mom till they have the ability to live individually.

Birman Kittycats

Although these cats have layers in a range of shades, the kittycats are birthed with all- white hair. As they grow, kittycats begin to tackle their grown-up shades. Obviously, they all have glimmering blue eyes from birth and maintain the white ‘mittens’ on their paws.

Newborn kittycats evaluate from 3 to 5 ounces and have to do with 3 inches long. Their eyes and ears do not open up till they are around 9 days old. They get to adolescence in between 15 and 18 months old. Nonetheless, they do not accomplish complete maturation till they are 3 years of ages.

A complete- expanded male Birman cat procedures in between 15 and 18 inches long and evaluates from 10 to 12 extra pounds. A complete- expanded female Berman is from 15 to 18 inches long and evaluates in between 6 to 10 extra pounds.

Several of the layer shades consist of lavender, blue, delicious chocolate, lotion, red, tortie, and seal.

These kittycats get along and caring with children.

Birman kitten in front of a blue background.
Birman kittycat before a blue history.

Birman Life Expectancy

Birman cats get to a typical age of 14 years. Obviously, for how long this cat lives depends upon its general wellness. The earliest recognized Birman cat, Minx, got to the age of 23!

Birman cats are sturdy and do not experience any type of uncommon wellness concerns. Yet they do share some basic wellness concerns of cats. For one, they are susceptible to excessive weight. Excessive weight in a cat can result in various other concerns like heart and kidney issues. A proprietor that provides their Birman the ideal quantity and sort of food can prevent this wellness concern.

Birman Type vs. Mixed

Full-blooded Birman cats have white paws, smooth hair without an undercoat, a lively nature, and a caring character. A kitty with just one Birman moms and dad might not tackle every one of these attributes and high qualities. The kittycat might acquire even more of the various other moms and dad’s high qualities.

The Cat Fanciers Organization notes the shades of full-blooded Birmans as seal, delicious chocolate, blue, lavender, red, lotion, and tortie.

Sorts Of Birman Cats and Color Styles

Several of the names of the shades credited to these cats are rather testing to think of. What’s a lavender cat?! Take a more detailed check out several of their layer shades:

  • A Seal Layer— A Birman with a seal layer has lotion hair on a lot of its body with dark hair or seal patterns, on its face, tail, ears, and legs. It type of looks a great deal like a cosy Siamese cat!
  • A Blue Layer— When a cat lover states blue hair, they actually suggest hair with a grayish tone. A Birman with a blue layer has mainly lotion hair with blue (grey) hair on its face, tail, ears, and legs.
  • A Delicious Chocolate Layer— A Birman with a delicious chocolate layer has actually mainly golden/ivory tinted hair with delicious chocolate brownish hair on its ears, face, tail, and legs.
  • A Lavender Layer— A Birman cat with a lavender layer has mainly light cream color hair on its body together with pink/gray hair on its face, ears, legs, and tail.
  • A Red Layer— This cat has a lotion layer with red/gold hair on its ears and face.
  • A Tortie Layer— A tortoise covering or tortie layer, has a swirling pattern of black, blue, delicious chocolate and gold hair.


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