The bichir species is more than 400 million years old
Bichir Scientific Classification
Bichir Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Green
15-20 years
5 – 10 lbs
Bichir Distribition

Bichirs are slim, ancient- looking fish that are usually believed to look like dinosaurs or eastern dragons.

Bichir fish are belonging to Africa and can be located in virtually every freshwater body on the continent. Their distinct looks and very interactive characters have actually likewise made bichirs unbelievably prominent as fish tank pets.

3 Amazing Bichir Realities!

  • Breathing: Unlike various other kinds of fish, bichir fish really have lungs and can taking a breath both in and out of the water. As a matter of fact, lots of will certainly swim to the surface area for a breath when the water is also sloppy for their preferences.
  • Nighttime practices: These are predacious fish that appear in the evening. They such as to eat bugs, worms, and various other animals that arise from the mud when the sunlight decreases.
  • Strolling ashore: The Senegal bichir fish is recognized for having the ability to utilize its fins to push itself throughout the land for brief ranges. This allows the fish action in between neighboring fish ponds or capture target that is attempting to leave from the water.

Bichir Classification and Scientific Name

The scientific name for these fish is Polypterus, which implies “lots of- winged.” This describes the collection of fragile fins that line the rear of every one of them. The Polypteridae family comes from the Actinopterygii class of ray- finned fishes. There is still a substantial quantity of argument regarding the number of various kinds exist and exactly how they ought to be identified; right now, there are 13 identified species.

Bichir Species

These fish are located in rivers and lakes throughout the totality of Africa. There are presently 13 various species that are identified by the scientific neighborhood, and a lot of these species have their very own subspecies.

Several Of one of the most prominent kinds consist of:

  • Elaborate bichir: Polypterus ornatipinnis are recognized for their distinct black and yellow patterns. Although they’re a little hostile in the direction of various other fish, their appearance makes elaborate bichirs unbelievably prominent as fish tank pets.
  • Senegal bichir: Additionally referred to as the dinosaur bichir, Polypterus senegalus is just one of one of the most prevalent enters Africa. They have huge pectoral fins that they make use of to push themselves throughout brief stretches of land.
  • Saddled bichir: Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri is a light- tinted bichir that periodically shows up with a striking candy striped pattern. Saddled bichirs are the biggest subspecies and can rise to 30 inches long.

Bichir Appearance

These are long, slim fish that are usually incorrect for eels. Rather than dorsal fins, these fish have a collection of fragile ray fins that expand along their spinal columns. They push themselves with their pectoral fins, yet they likewise have back fins and popular tail fins. They can be found in a wide range of shades and patterns that transform based upon their all-natural environments. Dinosaur bichirs are a dark grey shade, yet elaborate bichir been available in striking tones of black and yellow.

These fish are usually classified by whether their top or reduced jaw protrudes. While it holds true that reduced jaw bichirs usually have a solid underbite, top jaw bichirs commonly have smooth jawlines that make the outcropping tough to observe. Reduced jaw bichirs are generally bigger than top jaw bichirs.

The majority of them expand to be 11- 20 inches long, and they can evaluate anywhere from 5- 10 extra pounds. Saddled bichir are among the lengthiest subspecies; the biggest tape-recorded fish was 30 inches long.

Armoured Bichir or Banded Bichir (Polypterus delhezi) ornamental fish from Congo river
chonlasub woravichan/Shutterstock. com

Bichir Distribution, Populace, and Environment

These fish are belonging to Africa and can be located in virtually every superficial freshwater river and fish pond on the continent. Each body of water normally just has one species of bichir; also in fish tanks, they have a tendency to strike various other bichirs of various species. Dinosaur bichirs can be located throughout, yet elaborate bichirs are restricted to the eastern components of the continent. These fish are unbelievably typical and are provided as either not extinct or of least concern.

Although they can reside in any type of body of fresh water, the fish favor sloppy and silty atmospheres. These fish are nighttime, which implies they invest the majority of their days resting at the end of the river. During the night, they search for bugs, animals, and various other little animals that live in the sloppy shallows.

Bichir Predators and Target

These fish are predacious animals that will certainly eat any type of animal smaller sized than them. Their all-natural target consists of shellfish, animals, bugs, worms, and various other fish that are little adequate to match a bichir’s mouth.

When they are not searching, they are fairly serene fish. They might reveal hostile habits if various other predacious fish enter their region, yet they will usually leave huge fish alone. These fish do not have all-natural predators, yet they might still periodically be captured and consumed by bigger predators.

Bichir Recreation and Life-span

These are egg- laying fish that have a tendency to reproduce yearly unless reproduction is caused. They commonly experience 1- 2 day dating routines in which the male selects and tries to charm a female. As soon as the pair has actually combined off, the female will certainly launch as much as 300 eggs over a week- extended period. The male feeds the eggs as they are launched and after that permits them to be spread along the riverbed or throughout the fish tank flooring.

The eggs just take 3- 4 days to hatch out. The fry is just 2- 3 millimeters long, yet they expand unbelievably swiftly. The majority of them acquire 2- 3 centimeters of mass a day for the very first couple of years of their lives. These fish in fish tanks have a tendency to live to be 15- two decades old; in the wild, their ordinary life-span is more detailed to one decade.

Bichir in Angling and Food Preparation

These fish is viewed as a fish tank pet and are not generally utilized for food preparation. The majority of them offered in pet shops are reproduced and elevated in a container. Wild bichirs are not spied of their environments in amounts huge sufficient to be tape-recorded.


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