Belted Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher Scientific Classification
Scientific name
M. alcyon
Belted Kingfisher Physical Characteristics
Grey, Red, Blue, Black, White
1.7 million
Around 14 years
Around 55 oz
Belted Kingfisher Distribition

“Belted kingfishers are among minority birds to nest on the ground, where they dig deep into a passage right into a sandy financial institution.”

The belted kingfisher is an instead big bird that is simple to detect– if you understand where to look. While all kingfishers were when put right into the very same family, current research study has actually divided them. It appears they all aren’t as carefully relevant as their common name suggests.

3 Impressive Belted Kingfisher Realities

  • Sex-related dimorphism: Unlike many bird species, the female belted kingfishers have extra vibrant markings than the males.
  • Excavators: As opposed to nesting in trees, a set of mated kingfishers will certainly dig deep into a passage right into a sandy financial institution at a mild uphill angle. They will certainly nest at the end of this passage. They dig it uphill to produce an air pocket need to the passage flooding.
  • Territorial: In the breeding period, these birds can come to be fairly territorial. Sometimes, they might also dive at humans.

Where to Discover the Belted Kingfisher

The variety of this species can be a little bit complicated. Not all belted kingfishers move, yet several of them do. There are locations where these birds remain year- round and others where they have to move.

They will certainly require throughout many bodies of water in The United States and Canada. These waters can consist of the sea, fish ponds, and lakes. They merely need to be close sufficient to fish.

If a bird usually stays in the north area of its array, it will certainly move to Mexico, the southerly USA, Central America, and the West Indes in the wintertime. They can not live where the water is iced up. Occasionally, throughout movement, a bird might take a trip much from land and wind up on an island.

In the most southern locations, some birds might move north in the summer season. Nonetheless, this does not happen as often as birds in the north component of the array. The most southern factor these birds are discovered remains in Ecuador, where they might move every couple of years.

If there are staying open bodies of water, a belted kingfisher might not move– also if it lives extremely North.

Belted Kingfisher Nests

This species has an odd nesting habits. They do not nest in trees like various other birds. Rather, they dig passages right into the side of a river financial institution or sand financial institution. Both moms and dads participate in this job. When the passage is done, the female lays eggs, and the moms and dads take transforms breeding them.

Scientific Name

The belted kingfisher’s scientific name is Megaceryle alcyon, though it really did not get this entire name simultaneously. Initially, the bird’s scientific name was Alcedo alcyon. Nonetheless, it was altered in 1848.

Megaceryle originates from words “huge” and “ceryle,” an existing genus. The term “alcyon” indicates “kingfisher” in Latin.

As a result, the genus Megaceryle is merely a genus for bigger kingfishers. These birds show up throughout the globe and include 4 various species.

The belted kingfisher’s family is Alcedinidae, generally described as the kingfisher family. As you ‘d most likely presume, this family consists of kingfishers of all sizes and shapes. In overall, there are 19 category and 114 species.

Dimension, Appearance, & & Habits

The belted kingfisher is instead big, though it practically comes under the “tool” classification as for birds are worried. It determines in between 11- 14 inches with a wingspan of 19- 23 inches. It can consider anywhere from 4.0 to 6.3 ounces. Usually, the females are somewhat bigger than the males.

This species has a lengthy black expense that is utilized for capturing fish. Its big head has a shaggy crest, typical in lots of kingfisher species.

In addition, this species additionally displays reverse sex-related dimorphism. To put it simply, the females are bigger and extra vibrant than the males– the reverse of many species. Both sexes have a blue head, a blue band around their busts, and a clerical. The rear of their wings and bodies vary from dark grey to slate blue.

Belted kingfisher
Female belted kingfishers are recognized by the orange/rust coloring. That shade is lacking from the male.

Steed Crazy/Shutterstock. com

The females have an additional band throughout their top stubborn belly that is referred to as orange or corrosion.

The juveniles are extremely comparable to the grownups. Nonetheless, they all existing as females up until they get to sex-related maturation. The red band is usually spotted in adolescent males, while the band can be smaller sized in adolescent females.

Usually, you can detect this bird setting down at a high blog post or watchpoint near the water. It will certainly look for fish from these factors prior to diving right into the water to capture them. When not searching, the bird usually flies around and makes a rattling phone call.

Belted Kingfisher Movement and Timing

While some birds move on a certain routine, the belted kingfisher does not come under this classification. Rather, just some birds move, generally as the water starts to ice up. If the water never ever totally ices up, specific birds generally do not move. Birds near the shore in north locations might never ever move if the sea stays easily accessible.

Certainly, when a bird moves will certainly rely on when the water ices up because location. Where the birds go additionally differs, though they appear to go back to regarding the very same factor annual. Nonetheless, this differs significantly, as some people appear to go much bent on sea and wind up on islands and even in Europe.

In southerly locations, belted kingfishers in some cases move. Nonetheless, this does not happen each year, and we do not understand specifically what triggers them to sometimes move.

Belted Kingfisher Diet

The belted kingfisher obtains their supper mainly by angling. Nonetheless, they do not simply eat fish. Rather, they have somewhat opportunistic feeding actions and have a tendency to eat whatever is readily available.

What does a belted kingfisher eat?

Generally, these birds eat fish. They will certainly wait from a peak near the water up until they detect a fish they can capture. Nonetheless, these birds additionally eat a range of various other victim things, such as amphibians, shellfishes, insects, reptiles, and little creatures. By doing this, they are somewhat opportunistic.

Usually, these birds will certainly search for food by the water. Usually, this indicates fish. Nonetheless, if an additional animal verifies to be a simple treat, they will certainly seize the day.

Predators, Risks, and Conservation Status

Presently, the belted kingfisher comes under the least concern classification. There does not appear to be a significant decline in their populace, which presently stands at around 1.7 million people.

While this might appear little, these birds are territorial. As a result, there is a limitation to the number of birds the land can sustain. And also, they might obey the water, which better lowers where they can live regardless of their big array.

What east the belted kingfisher?

Generally, belted kingfishers are just pursued by hawks. When gone after by a hawk, these birds will certainly study the water continuously up until the hawk surrenders. Nonetheless, snakes and some creatures, such as cats, can additionally eat these birds.

Recreation, Youthful, and Molting

After mating, a set of belted kingfishers will certainly dig a passage right into the side of a financial institution. This passage is slanted somewhat uphill and usually fairly lengthy. While we do not understand specifically why they dig uphill, this gives an air bubble in instance the passage floodings. The chicks can remain within this air bubble and make it through.

After the passage is done, the female lays 5 to 8 eggs. Unlike many birds, the grownups take transforms resting on the eggs and feeding the young. Throughout this time around, the birds can be incredibly territorial. They will certainly repel predators and various other birds. Occasionally, they might also go after individuals.

The incubation duration is long, lasting in between 22- 24 days. Usually, the nestling duration is similarly as lengthy at around 27- 29 days. As the children are fed, fish bones, ranges, and various other particles collect, which aids sanctuary the children extra.


Presently, the belted kingfisher populace stays constant at around 1.7 million birds. Nonetheless, comprehensive and current populace researches have actually not happened.

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