Belgian Canary

The Belgian canary is one of the oldest and most influential in its genus.
Belgian Canary Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Serinus canaria domestica
Belgian Canary Physical Characteristics
Grey, Yellow, White, Green
10 to 15 years
Belgian Canary Distribition

” Residential canaries are prominent cage and aviary birds.”


The Belgian canary ( Serinus canaria domestica) is just one of one of the most prominent and prominent canaries that aided create a few of the globe’s most great canary selections today. Reproduced for its body stance, the Belgian can rest stooped on its perch. They are an exceptional selection for those that intend to display them, yet they can be shy, anxious, and difficult to reproduce. Find out every little thing there is to understand about this favored canary pet, consisting of where it came from, just how it acts, and what it consumes.

5 Outstanding Belgian Canary Realities

  • The Belgian canary is just one of the earliest and most prominent in its genus.
  • The Flemish established this type from the Old Dutch canary of the 18th century.
  • This bird is mostly utilized as a pet or for program.
  • This type gets along yet can be shy and hostile around various other birds.
  • Belgian canaries are reproduced for their body stance and educated to rest stooped on their perch.

Where to Locate the Belgian Canary

The Belgian canary is initially from Europe in Belgium, France, and The Netherlands. The Flemish established this type from the Old Dutch canary, and it has actually given that been utilized to develop various other types. The Belgian canary was treasured and extremely prominent in Britain, Belgium, and the USA from the 18th to the center of the 19th century. Today, you can get this canary type from neighborhood or on-line pet shops, and individuals typically utilize them in programs.

Scientific Name

The Belgian canary ( Serinus canaria domestica) comes from the Passeriformes order, that includes fifty percent of all bird species most generally called “setting down birds.” Its Fringillidae family incorporates real finches that eat seeds and nuts and do not move. Its genus, Serinus, is a team of tiny birds in the finch family located in Europe and Africa with yellow in their quill.

Dimension, Appearance & Habits

Belgian canary engraving
The Flemish established the Belgian canary type from the Old Dutch canary of the 18th century.Morphart Creation/Shutterstock. com

The Belgian canary is a long, slim bird reproduced mostly for its kind, body, and back bulge. They have an ordinary size of a little over 6 inches, yet their weight and wingspan are unidentified. They have tiny heads, slim necks, wide shoulders, and a practically triangular- designed body. When they rest, their tails and backs are vertical to the perch. Belgian canaries have smooth eco-friendly, white, yellow, or aficionado- tinted plumes that lay nicely. These canaries get along, social birds that make exceptional pets. While they succeed in cages or rooms, they can be shy and hostile around various other bird species. Males will certainly additionally combat each other when maintained in the exact same cage. This bird was not reproduced for its track, just its body stance.

Movement Pattern and Timing

Belgian canaries are residential birds and as a result do not move.


Belgian canaries are omnivores that mostly eat seeds.

What Does the Belgian Canary Eat?

The canaries eat different seeds, consisting of yard seed, Venetian redrape, hulled oats, white millet, flaxseed, and perilla. Those in the wild will additionally eat berries, fruit, insects, and plants. They such as open areas to eat and choose to forage in trees, hedges, turfs, or the ground. If you have a captive canary, guarantee they have adequate room to appreciate their dishes.

Predators, Hazards, and Conservation Status

The IUCN does not acknowledge the Belgian canary as a species. As a result, we do not understand its conservation status or what dangers it deals with. Nevertheless, these birds are mostly reproduced for bondage and bird programs, so they do not deal with the exact same problems as wild birds.

What Consumes the Belgian Canary?

Residential canaries do not have all-natural predators, yet those in the wild have numerous. They can succumb to huge birds like falcons or crows and reptiles like tree snakes or pythons. The canaries are social birds that discover safety and security in numbers. You will certainly typically discover them in groups of a minimum of 30 people, which offers them with some defense.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

Belgian canaries reproduce in bondage with assistance from people. They can reproduce quickly under the correct problems, yet they have a tendency to be high- strung and are not a complimentary dog breeder or an excellent feeder. Canary reproducing period starts in the springtime, and they have to go to the very least one years of age to recreate. Females lay 3 to 6 eggs in a reproducing cage, and males will certainly have a tendency to them by bringing food. Females incubate alone for 13 or 2 week, and both moms and dads aid in feeding their nestlings. The young fledge the nest around 3 weeks old and end up being independent by 6 weeks. Hereafter time, the female can create one more brood.


The worldwide Belgian canary population is unidentified. This canary is reproduced as a pet and seldom located in the wild, if in all. As a result, little is understood about their population fads, consisting of boosts or reductions, changes, or fragmentations.

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