Basilisk Lizard

Can run/walk on water.
Basilisk Lizard Scientific Classification
Basilisk Lizard Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Green
7 years
Top speed
15 mph
4.8 – 13+ ounces
Basilisk Lizard Distribition

The basilisk lizard, or the basilisk, is a fantastic however fairly disagreeable reptile to be round.

They love spending their days within the rainforest close to rivers and streams, which they’ll run shortly throughout with out ever sinking. Take note of their colours to assist in your identification of every of the 4 species. Whereas one species might solely have brown and cream colours, one other has brilliant inexperienced hues that permit them mix with the plush Central and South American setting.

5 Increbile Basilisk Lizard Details!

Listed here are some enjoyable details about this lizard.

  • The basilisk lizard is typically merely referred to as the basilisk.
  • When working, this lizard can attain a pace of 15 mph.
  • Because of their skill to run on water, the basilisk lizard is typically known as the Jesus lizard, referencing the story of Jesus Christ strolling on water within the Bible.
  • Their worth is pretty low to buy as a pet, beginning at simply $3. Nevertheless, the worth could also be as excessive as $20 with some distributors.
  • One of many many diversifications of the basilisk is its toes’s fringes. These diversifications make it attainable for the lizard to run on the water’s floor with out sinking.

Basilisk Lizard Scientific Name

The basilisk lizard’s scientific title is Basiliscus, which is the genus that covers 4 totally different species – B. plumifrons, B. basiliscus, B. galeritus and B. vittatus. They’re part of the Corytophanidae of the Reptilia class. The title comes from the Greek phrase “basilískos,” which accurately means “little king.”

Basilisk Lizard Appearance

A part of the rationale that the basilisk lizard is so fascinating among the many public is due to its unimaginable colours. Relying on the species, you’ll be capable of discover them in reds, greens, blues, and even yellows. The colours of the lizard assist with the identification of which species they might be.

The frequent basilisk, for instance, is brown and cream. The plumed basilisk, then again, ranges from brilliant to darkish inexperienced, and a few even find yourself a blue-inexperienced. Identification is simple as a result of they usually have a yellow stomach and spots alongside their neck.

Normally, the tail accounts for about 75% of the lizard’s whole size. The typical size (with the tail) is about 2.5 toes lengthy. Their toes characteristic distinctive diversifications – like hinges and hole bones – to assist hold them on high of the water.

Colorful blue Basilisk Lizard in a terrarium. Basilisk lizards come in a variety of interesting colors.
Colourful blue Basilisk Lizard in a terrarium. Basilisk lizards are available in quite a lot of fascinating colours.

Peter Ekvall/

Basilisk Lizard Conduct

As lovely because the basilisk lizard is, ensure you by no means strategy one within the wild. They don’t seem to be pleasant, and so they turn out to be very skittish and afraid round people. They’re identified for working on water to permit them to run away from predators and run in direction of their prey.

The lizards want to dwell a solitary life-style. Their days are sometimes busy with foraging for meals or spending time within the solar by the water. In the event that they select to sleep in a tree, they’ll go as much as 20 meters excessive.

Basilisk Lizard Habitat

If you wish to discover a basilisk lizard, you’ll have to journey to Central America and South America. This sort of lizard prefers to dwell within the rainforest, staying near the water that they wish to run throughout. They’ll discover locations close to rivers and streams, that are additionally their important searching grounds.

These creators are semi-aquatic and semi-arboreal, dwelling at elevations of as much as 775 meters.

Basilisk Lizard Diet

The weight loss plan of the basilisk lizard varies from one species to the subsequent, however they’re typically omnivores. They like to eat winged bugs, although they are going to eat smaller prey that’s accessible by the water close to which they dwell. Their weight loss plan is 20% to 30% plant matter, and the remaining is a mix of bugs, spiders, small mammals, snails, and smaller lizards.

Basilisk Lizard Predators and Threats

The basilisk lizard is a worthy predator, feeding totally on bugs. To catch them, the lizard seeks out prey in bushes and even within the air. They are going to run after their prey till they catch it, although their meals comes rather more simply as a pet. Operating on the water is useful to each their searching and their escape from being hunted. When it’s working on water, it may possibly attain a pace of 15 mph.

As a pet, basilisk lizard infants require as much as three meals a day, gathering as a lot as they’ll eat inside simply ten minutes. Simply over 70% of their weight loss plan consists of bugs and different animal life, whereas the remaining is plant matter.

What Eats Basilisk Lizards?

Frequent predators of those lizards embrace giant birds, snakes, fish, and different reptiles. The largest predator for basilisks is the quetzal, which is a sort of chicken.

What Do Basilisk Lizards Eat?

Every basilisk has an assortment of various meals that they eat. Whereas all 4 species are omnivorous, the plumed basilisk lizard (also referred to as the inexperienced basilisk lizard) primarily prefers to comply with a carnivorous weight loss plan. They keep near the water to allow them to eat frogs and fish.

The crimson-head basilisk primarily eats bugs, however they’ll search for arthropods, small vertebrates, and fish. The frequent basilisk lizard prefers an analogous weight loss plan, although they’ll additionally devour freshwater shrimp, small birds, small reptiles, and small mammals. Juvenile frequent basilisks are likely to rely totally on bugs as their supply of vitamins.

The brown basilisk tends to be essentially the most versatile with its weight loss plan, appearing extra opportunistically. They have a tendency to eat aquatic larvae, bugs, grasshoppers, and scorpions after they have the selection.

Basilisk Lizard Replica and Life Cycle

Mating between these lizards is a novel course of. Whereas females solely mate with one male through the mating season, males will take a number of companions. The females usually lay as much as 4 clutches through the 12 months, every of which is as much as 20 eggs. The feminine lays the eggs in a trench and doesn’t take any time to take care of them. She leaves them behind, and the infants hatch inside 8-10 weeks, although it takes about 2 days for these lizards to completely come out of the shell throughout their life cycle.

From the second these infants – also referred to as hatchlings – are born, they’ll instantly run-on land and water. They will additionally swim and climb from beginning. They haven’t any care from their mom or father as infants, and so they attain sexual maturity as early as 10 months outdated, although they’re far smaller than their eventual grownup measurement. More often than not, females attain sexual maturity at a a lot sooner charge.

The typical lifespan of this lizard is 7 years when it’s saved in captivity. Within the wild, they’re in fixed peril as they defend themselves from predators, so that they don’t have fairly as lengthy to dwell by their life cycle.

Basilisk Lizard Inhabitants

In your complete world, there are 4 totally different species of this lizard on the planet, which embrace the frequent basilisk lizard, crimson-headed basilisk lizards, plumed basilisk lizards (also referred to as a inexperienced basilisk lizard), and striped basilisk lizards. Whereas the overall variety of every of those species stays unknown, the IUCN classifies all of them as “not extinct.” Presently, one of many largest challenges to the worldwide inhabitants of this lizard is people, as they’re the rationale behind their lack of habitat. The quetzal, a chicken, is likely one of the pure challenges it faces within the animal kingdom.


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