Baijis use echolocation to find food in the Yangtze River.
Baiji Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Liptodes vexillifer
Baiji Physical Characteristics
Grey, Blue, White
24 years
Top speed
37 mph
368 lbs
Baiji Distribition

The baiji is occasionally called the Yangtze dolphin, the White fin or the White flag.

The baiji is an animal that resides in the Yangtze River in China. There are thought to be really couple of baiji left out there. Its main conservation status is Seriously Endangered, however some researchers think they are extinct.

3 Extraordinary Baiji Truths!

  • Ingesting victim: The baiji has 30 to 36 sharp teeth. However, as opposed to eating little fish as well as various other victim, they ingest them entire.
  • Echolocation: This creature has really inadequate vision. It utilizes echolocation or acoustic wave to discover institutions of fish as well as various other victim.
  • Dolphin at risk: This creature is Seriously Endangered as well as perhaps extinct. For years, it was inadvertently captured in industrial angling webs. When these creatures are captured in angling webs they can not show up for air.

Baiji Classification as well as Scientific Name

The scientific name of the baiji is Lipotes vexillifer Lipotes is Latin definition left, as well as vexillifer is a Latin acceptation flag holder.

The baiji is additionally called the Yangtze dolphin, the white fin or the white flag. It’s the only participant of the lipotidae family as well as remains in the Mammalia class.

Baiji are just one of 6 species called river dolphins. The others consist of:

  • Ganges River dolphin
  • River dolphin
  • Araguaian River dolphin
  • Bolivian River dolphin
  • La Plata River dolphin

The baiji is Seriously Endangered. Researchers differ on the amount of are left out there. Some researchers think there might be 10 or less while various other researchers think them to be extinct.

Baiji Species

The majority of these creatures reside in the open sea. However the baiji or White fin is called a river dolphin as a result of its particular environment. Various other remarkable instances consist of:

  • Bolivian River dolphin: This freshwater river dolphin is a bit larger than the baiji. Bolivian River dolphins can expand as long as 9ft as well as evaluate simply under 400lbs. Their presence is additionally under danger as a result of industrial angling task in the Bolivian River.
  • La Plata dolphin: This species resides in freshwater in addition to deep sea tidewaters. It’s smaller sized than the baiji. The La Plata dolphin expands to be 5.9 ft. long as well as evaluates 110lbs at one of the most.
  • Ganges River dolphin: This freshwater dolphin’s habits resembles the baiji because it pursues victim by echolocation. However the approximated populace of this dolphin varies in between 1,200- 1,800.

Baiji Appearance

A baiji is an animal with a blue grey back as well as a white bottom. They have 30 to 36 sharp teeth on their top as well as reduced jaws. A baiji has one belly that’s split right into 3 chambers whereas many dolphins have 2 tummies. Their nose is lengthy as well as beaklike. They have actually rounded fins that enable them to relocate quickly with river water. Baijis variety in size from 7.5 to 8.5 feet. They evaluate around 360 extra pounds.

Their pigmentation enables them to assimilate with their river environment. The capacity to swim really quick is one more protective attribute of this dolphin. The fastest a baiji can swim is 37mph.

Baiji in the water

Baiji Distribution, Populace as well as Environment

The baiji resides in the Yangtze River in China. They are fresh water dolphins. Their searching habits consists of locating take advantage of both the flooring of the river in addition to in superficial locations. The approximated populace is anywhere from 10 of these dolphins to none. This is why their authorities conservation status is Seriously Endangered. Some researchers think they are an extinct species.

This creature is seriously endangered for a couple of factors. For years, these dolphins were (inadvertently) caught in the webs of industrial angler as well as passed away. Additionally, water contamination from expanding markets as well as logging in China has actually seriously endangered the environment of this dolphin.

Today, legislations have actually been established to shield any kind of staying baiji dolphins in the Yangtze River. The very same legislations that shield the baiji additionally cover one more endangered species called the Yangtze finless cetacean.

Baiji Predators as well as Target

Humans are the only predators of baiji dolphins though they are not consumed by individuals.

The diet of a baiji dolphin contains little fish such as carp, yellow catfish, as well as copper fish. These quick dolphins have the ability to catch little fish as well as ingest them entire.

The conservation status of baijis is Seriously Endangered.

Baiji Recreation as well as Life Expectancy

Reproducing period remains in the springtime as well as summer season for the baiji dolphin. Though very little is understood about their breeding routines, researchers understand the gestation duration of a female varieties from 6 to year. She provides real-time birth to 1 child additionally called a calf bone.

The mommy dolphin registered nurses her calf bone, shows it exactly how to swim in addition to exactly how to climb to the surface area for air. A calf bone might registered nurse up until the age of 18 months old. During that time, the mommy dolphin starts to instruct her calf bone exactly how to quest for little fish. A calf bone might stick with its mommy for 3 to 6 years prior to coming to be independent.

Male baijis end up being sexually fully grown at 6 years old while females are sexually fully grown at 4 years of ages. Among one of the most intriguing truths concerning this creature is they can live to be 24 years of ages.

Baiji in Angling as well as Food Preparation

It holds true that dolphin meat is a special in some nations such as Japan. However baijis are not numerous sufficient for humans to quest as well as eat. And also, they are currently shielded by regulation.


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