Azawakh Scientific Classification
Azawakh Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Red, Blue, Black, White, Gold, Brindle
Top speed
35 mph
Azawakh Distribition

Azawakh Intro

The Azawakh is a slim, sophisticated, big type dog established by the nomadic people of a number of western Saharan nations yet is still unusual in Europe and The United States And Canada. They are sighthounds, reproduced as attack dog and searching dogs, and able to add to 40 miles per hour in search of gazelle and hares. In character, they have actually been contrasted to cats due to their independent nature and shyness around complete strangers. They are best fit to knowledgeable dog proprietors without kids that can offer constant training and chances for constant energetic workout.

Kinds Of Azawakhs and Azawakh blends

Due To The Fact That the Azawakh is an unusual type that is not yet prominent beyond West Africa, there are very few Azawakh blends yet. One that is recognized is the Azawakh Borzoi.

3 benefits and drawbacks of having Azawakhs


  • Do not require brushing. Azawakhs have brief- haired layers of red, black, blue, brindle, brownish, gold, grey, or white. They lost reasonably yet their layers do not call for anything past an once a week cleaning. They do not scent and do not require constant showering.
  • An uncommon, unique type. Azawakhs are still fairly unidentified in Europe and The United States And Canada. Their beauty and elegance and their beginning in the Sahara are most likely to influence a lot of interest and discussion.
  • Smart and sensible. The fashion of an Azawakh is self- ensured, sharp, and sensible. They are very smart. They can be scheduled with complete strangers. These qualities have actually led some to explain them as “cat- like.”


  • Need a great deal of workout. These are very energised dogs that require constant energetic workout. They are not appropriate for apartment or condos or family members with an inactive way of living. They additionally will certainly not run around to exercise themselves without one more dog or human in their visibility.
  • Required cautious training. Azawakhs are independent- minded dogs that can be challenging to educate. Client, willful training is necessary, nevertheless, as or else they might not hit it off with kids and various other pets.
  • Variable characters. The character of this type is not constant throughout people. The aggressiveness degree of these dogs can differ significantly relying on their genes and training.

The Most Effective Dog Food For Azawakhs

Azawakhs ought to have a well balanced diet of high- high quality dog food strengthened with necessary vitamins, minerals, and micronutrient. It is essential to check their weight under a vet’s guidance to see to it they do not obtain obese. Bear in mind, these dogs have slim skins that reveal their frameworks and musculature. At a healthy and balanced weight, you ought to have the ability to see their ribs.

Azawakhs are an energised type, so see to it the food you select has a high meat web content to please their healthy protein requires. They can eat a high- high quality damp or completely dry dog food along with fresh meat in small amounts. Meat brew can additionally be contributed to completely dry food to make it more delicious.

As a result of the nutritional requirements of Azawakhs, at A- Z Animals we advise Reaction Grain Free Dry Dog Food. This high- high quality brand name has a 40% healthy protein degree, is minimally refined, and is sourced sensibly from cage- complimentary chicken. It includes no grain items, synthetic shades, or chemicals. It’s offered in 5 tastes and appropriate for dogs of any ages.

Azawakh Dimension and Weight

The Azawakh is a high, slim dog with an elevation varying from 25- 29 inches high at the shoulder for males and 23.5- 27.5 inches high. Males consider anywhere from 44- 55 extra pounds at maturation while females are smaller sized, at 33- 44 extra pounds.

Elevation (Male) 25- 29″ Tall
Elevation (Female) 23.5- 27.5″ Tall
Weight (male) 44- 55 pounds, totally expanded
Weight (female) 33- 44 pounds, totally expanded

Azawakh Usual Health And Wellness Issues

This is a normally healthy and balanced type, yet they ought to be evaluated for feasible problems with hypothyroidism, seizures, heart troubles, and autoimmune conditions. Proprietors ought to know that at a healthy and balanced weight, a grown-up Azawakh will certainly show up extremely slim, with its bone and muscular tissue framework noticeable with slim skin. Proprietors not familiar with the type might overfeed them.

Ask your vet to evaluate your Azawakh for these feasible problems:

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Seizures
  • Heart troubles
  • Autoimmune conditions

Azawakh Character and Actions

Several of the favorable personality type connected with Azawakhs are self-reliance, commitment, and deep love. There can be a vast variant in their character relying on their genes, training, and socializing. With appropriate training, they can be excellent with kids and various other pets, yet they can be challenging to educate due to their independent- mindedness.

They additionally call for a lot of workout with individual communication with their proprietor or various other humans or pets. This is a habits that will certainly attract energetic pet proprietors yet be a tough quality for those that do not have the moment or power to commit day-to-day interest to their pet.

Just How To Look After Azawakhs

Rare breeds of dogs - Azawakh
3 young Azawakh (African Sighthounds) standing with each other among the rock columns of a historical structure. This unusual type of dogs arised from Africa 8,000 years animalinfo

Azawakh Upkeep and Pet Grooming

Azawakhs have a brief layer that does not drop significantly and calls for very little pet grooming. It suffices to clean them as soon as a week with a soft bristle brush or brushing glove. They do not scent and do not call for constant bathrooms. Also when they obtain sloppy, it is frequently adequate to enable the mud to completely dry and after that clean it out of their layers. Just like all types, they ought to obtain routine nail- cutting and tooth- cleaning to stay healthy and balanced.

Azawakh Training

This type calls for client training from very early in its life, preferably from a knowledgeable instructor that utilizes favorable, incentive- based strategies. As a smart and independent- minded type, they do not react well to rough or corrective training techniques. They can be a lot more testing to educate than similar types, yet with a well-informed and caring proprietor, their power and knowledge can be routed in useful methods.

Azawakh Workout

Azawakhs require day-to-day energetic workout, running or playing in a fenced lawn or park. They search in cram in their native environment. This suggests if left outside without humans or various other dogs, they will certainly not self- workout. They will certainly take pleasure in any type of type of jobs that call for dexterity, searching, and trouble- addressing.

Azawakhs and Kid

Azawakhs might not be the most effective alternative for family members with kids. Their characters vary from one dog to the following, from mild, caring lapdogs to very overprotective attack dog. Raising them with kids from puppyhood, with cautious training and socializing, can aid them be much better pets for family members. Pups revealing leading attributes ought to not remain in family members with kids or various other pets.

Dogs similar to Azawakhs

  • Greyhound – Greyhounds are rather similar in appearance to theAzawakh Although they are referred to as the fastest dog type, remarkably they do not call for greater than a 20- thirty minutes stroll a day.
  • Whippet – This type was established in Victorian England for rabbit searching. It is a rapid- running sighthound like theAzawakh This type is a lot more well-known and foreseeable as a family pet.
  • Saluki – The Saluki is a sighthound like the Azawakh yet is belonging to the Center East. It is similar in dimension and body framework yet has long hair on its ears, tail, and the rear of its legs.


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