Atlas Moth

Adult atlas moths do not eat – they live off fat they stored as larvae.
Atlas Moth Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Attacus atlas
Atlas Moth Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Red, Black, Purple
1-2 Weeks
Atlas Moth Distribition

The atlas moth is a lovely insect located primarily in Southeast Asia.

It is understood for its brief life-span, big wingspan, as well as one-of-a-kind brownish as well as white markings.

Special Atlas Moth Truths

  • Atlas moth markings as well as wing form might appear like a serpent to possible predators, specifically when they are flying.
  • The Cantonese name for the atlas moth suggests “serpent’s head moth.”
  • Atlas moths primarily fly at evening to preserve power.
  • Female Atlas moths have a tendency to remain in one area to draw in a friend. Males fly to the females.
  • The Atlas moth is the 2nd biggest moth species worldwide.

Atlas Moth Species, Kind, as well as Scientific Name

The scientific name of the atlas moth is Attacus atlas The name atlas might stand for the map- like attributes of the wing layout as well as its plus size. Atlas was among the Titans– huge legendary beings from Greek folklore.

It remains in the genus Attacus, that includes various other big moths like Attacus caesar The family Saturniidae is comprised of over 2,000 unique moths, consisting of the Atlas moth. This family consists of the little emperor moth with its unique eye- like wing pattern.

Appearance: Exactly How To Determine Atlas Moths

Atlas moths can best be recognized by their unique wing markings. The leading external side of each wing has a factor that stands out which looks comparable to a serpent’s head. The remainder of the wing has a pattern of a red- brownish history, white, purple, as well as brownish red stripes, in the direction of the external side of the wing, as well as white triangulars in the center of the wing.

Specialists think that the serpent- like markings are developed to delay predators that might believe the atlas moth is a yummy reward.

Male Atlas moths are smaller sized than females. Their bodies vary in size from 30 to 36 millimeters as well as their wingspan is in between 210 as well as 230 millimeters. Bigger females have a body size of 39 to 40 millimeters as well as a wingspan of 240 to 250 millimeters. Remember, that 250 millimeters is virtually 10 inches! Currently you see why they called this moth after a Titan of Greek folklore.

The atlas moth is 2nd in wingspan dimension just to the white witch moth which has a wingspan of 14 inches. Nevertheless, there are numerous various other moth species that have a typical wingspan around the exact same dimension as an atlas.

Atlas moths just live for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Once they mate, they pass away. Nevertheless, prior to they are moths, they have various other life process phases such as eggs, larvae, as well as a pupa.

Atlas moth eggs are white or light yellow, oblong- designed as well as flattish. You will certainly discover them on the bottom of fallen leaves that larvae eat, consisting of citrus cinnamon, guava, as well as evergreen trees. Female Atlas moths can injure to 300 eggs at once!

The eggs are sticky so they can stay with the fallen leave or per various other. They are simply a couple of millimeters in both size as well as size. The eggs hatch out after regarding 2 weeks as well as the larvae are birthed.

Atlas moth larvae are little eco-friendly caterpillars with brownish flecks. They have to do with 4.5 inches long. They have a distinct orange ring on their back side. The larvae eat their eggshell, after that eat fallen leaves till they prepare to make their cocoon.

After 4 weeks of consuming, they rotate a cocoon of silk blended with fallen leaves as well as become the atlas moth one more 4 weeks later on. The moths live a lot of their lives in one solitary tree!

Female Atlas moth with open wings on a person's hand. The Atlas Moth has wing colors of rusty brown, light yellow, red, purple, and black.
Female Atlas moth with open wings on an individual’s hand. The Atlas Moth has wing shades of rustic brownish, light yellow, red, purple, as well as black. Mathisa_s

Environment: Where to Locate the Atlas Moth

Atlas moths primarily stay in exotic woodlands in Asia. They are typically located in southeast China, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Taiwan, as well as Cambodia, in addition to various other Oriental nations.

The atlas moth environment includes a damp period as well as a completely dry period. They favor temperature levels in the top 70s.

Diet: What Do Atlas Moths Eat?

Technically, Atlas moths eat absolutely nothing! Atlas moths do not have the common proboscis moths make use of to consume nectar from blossoms. Theirs is also brief to permit them to eat anything. They live off of fat they kept as larvae. They just live from 7- 2 week in the moth phase.

Male atlas moths largely fly at evening to prevent flying in the hottest as well as most difficult time of day to preserve their power, given that they have no other way to refuel. Female atlas moths normally remain in area while attempting to draw in a friend as well as do not fly a lot generally.

Atlas Moth as well as Humans

In some nations, enthusiasts as well as craftspeople make use of atlas moth silk to make lamp shades, footwear, bags, as well as clothes. Nevertheless, it is not utilized widespread readily due to the fact that the silk appears basically hairs, shortly ones like the standard silkmoth. The silk is likewise thicker as well as even more woollen- like.

The silk made from atlas moths is called fagara. It varies in shade from brownish to tan. Some nations, like Indonesia, export fagara to Japan to be made right into obi– thick belts used with robes.

Some professionals think that atlas moth silk might have a lot more industrial usages in the future given that it is a lot more long lasting than standard silk.

In Thailand, individuals occasionally make use of atlas moth cocoons as an adjustment bag or a bag to hold various other items.

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