Atlas Beetle

Male Atlas beetles have prominent horns that are three times that of females.
Atlas Beetle Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Chalcosoma atlas
Atlas Beetle Physical Characteristics
12 months
Atlas Beetle Distribition

Man Atlas beetles have popular horns that are 3 times that of women.


The Atlas beetle (Chalcosoma atlas) is a species of beetle belonging to Southeast Asia. They’re understood for their exceptional dimension as well as the popular horns of the men. This beetle is likewise fairly solid. They can raise things that depend on 850 times their body weight. The larvae of these beetles are fairly hostile as well as can attack any person that attempts to touch them. Their toughness as well as eye-catching appearance make this beetle fairly preferred with enthusiasts.

Atlas Beetles Species, Kind, as well as Scientific Name

Atlas beetles are understood by the scientific name Chalcosoma atlas. They’re a huge species of beetles that come from the family Scarabaeidae. Likewise called Scarab beetles, the family Scarabaeidae includes greater than 30,000 species of beetles discovered throughout the globe. Scarab beetles have stout bodies as well as are usually brilliant metal shades.

Atlas beetles are belonging to Southeast Asia. They’re most generally discovered in Malaysia, however they’re likewise existing in some components of Indonesia as well as the Philippines. This pest is called after the Greek mythical number Atlas that was cursed to hold the skies for all infinity.

Atlas beetles come from the genus Chalcosoma, a genus of rhinoceros beetles belonging to Southeast Asia. Rhinocerous beetles usually have trident-shaped horns as well as are native to the island to the Southeast Asia area. These incredibly solid bugs can raise things that are a number of times their very own weight. Male Atlas beetles are usually larger, as well as they have a huge horn which they make use of to explore ground cover to avoidpredators

Appearance: Exactly How To Determine Atlas Beetles

Like various other rhinoceros beetles in the genus Chalcosoma, Atlas beetles have an exceptional dimension. They’re amongst the biggest of all rhinoceros beetles. They display sex-related dimorphism, a sensation that prevails in Scarab beetles. Men are bigger than women. They likewise have popular horns as well as prolonged appendages. The legs as well as horns of some men might not be as long as that of various other men.

Man Atlas beetles are generally in between 60- 120 millimeters (2.4- 4.7 in) in size. Women, on the various other hand, might determine in between 25- 60 millimeters (0.98- 2.36 in). Men are understood to have actually specialized horns on their heads as well as thorax. The horns remain in the type of 2 popular ones on the head that contour outside to develop a U form. They likewise have a 3rd just as long however lower-placed horn that contours up.

They make use of these specialized horns to eliminate each various other to obtain breeding civil liberties to the lady. While the prominent-trident-shaped horns are an attribute they show to various other beetles in the Chalcosoma genus, their horns are wider contrasted to that of various other species.

Atlas beetles are cumbersome bugs with a typical weight of regarding 0.004 g. Their specific weight usually depends upon the sex, age, as well as dimension of the bug. This beetle is among the greatest animals in the world. Their durable bodies as well as thick horns make it feasible for them to raise things that depend on 4 g in weight which indicates they can raise 850 times their body weight.

Atlas beetles have wide-rounded forms, which is regular of scarabs. Additionally, they have a hard exoskeleton that confines their flying wings. The shade of their body usually varies from dark brownish to a gorgeous metal eco-friendly shade.

Environment: Where to Locate Atlas Beetles

The Atlas beetle is belonging to Southeast Asia. They’re specifically usual in Malaysia however likewise take place in some components of the Philippines as well as Indonesia. In position where they’re discovered, Atlas beetles usually reside in exotic jungles, where they hold on to the branches of fruit trees. They might likewise reside in ranches as well as second woodlands.

Although they can fly when they open their elytra, this beetle can not raise itself from the ground because of its hefty weight. To fly, they usually need to release themselves from trees considering that they can not raise their body from the ground.

Diet: What Do Atlas Beetles Eat?

The Atlas beetle is a vegetarian bug that eats fallen leaves, fruits, as well as blossoms. They usually hold on to tree branches where they eat fallen leaves. Nevertheless, they can likewise eat sap from the trees. Nevertheless, the favored food for a lot of grownups is fruit (specifically figs). The larvae of this pest feed primarily on deteriorating timber. Nevertheless, it can likewise eat various other insects.

What Consumes Atlas Beetles?

Atlas beetles have a customized all-natural killer called the large scoliid wasp (Megascolia procer). This bug makes use of the larvae of the Atlas beetle as a host for its eggs. The big wasp pursues the larvae of the beetle, infusing them with a poison that disables them as well as transfers its propel the Larvae. When the eggs hatch out, they eat the larva from the within up until they become grownups. In addition to these parasitical wasps, these beetles are big sufficient to not come to be victim to various other insects as well as animals that usually quest various other insects such as reptiles, rats, as well as birds.

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