Asian Vine Snake

This snake chews on its victims to release venom
Asian Vine Snake Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Ahaetulla prasina
Asian Vine Snake Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Blue, Green
5 – 12 years
Asian Vine Snake Distribition

The Asian vine snake’s lengthy, slim tongue appears like a worm that can tempt in frogs and also various other victim.

An Asian vine snake is additionally called Gunther’s whip snake. It’s belonging to Southeast Asia and also resides in a woodland environment. This snake is remarkable for its intense environment-friendly ranges and also a body the size of a pencil It’s poisonous with a diet of frogs and also lizards. The populace of this snake is secure and also its detailed as Least Concern by preservationists.

4 Outstanding Truths

  1. It provides online birth to as lots of as 10 neonates, additionally called snakelets
  2. In addition to striking its victim, this snake chews on it to launch poison
  3. Its body is the size of a pencil
  4. Its environment-friendly ranges are so intense they can often seem fluorescent

Where to Locate Asian Vine Snakes

The Asian vine snake additionally called Gunther’s whip snake reside in Southeast Asia. Its array consists of the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and also Myanmar. As its name shows, these snakes invest a great deal of time assimilating with the branches of trees in woodlands. They reside in damp or completely dry woodlands in addition to in a shrubland environment.

These snakes reside in an exotic environment and also are energetic throughout the year. They quest for food throughout the day.

Scientific Name

Ahaetulla prasina is the scientific name of the Asian vine snake. It’s additionally called Gunther’s whip snake and also Asian whip snake. The Latin word prasina equates to leek environment-friendly. It belongs to the Colubridae family and also the Reptilia class.

There are 3 subspecies of this snake:

  • Ahaetulla prasina medioxima
  • Ahaetulla prasina preocularis
  • Ahaetulla prasina suluensis

Populace & Conservation Status

The IUCN Red Checklist of Endangered Species does not have a complete populace detailed for these snakes. However it is called extensive and also widespread in the Philippines and also Indochina. It has a secure populace.

Appearance & Summary

The Asian vine snake has intense environment-friendly ranges. Several of these snakes have a yellow red stripe on their back while others have a pattern of blue lines going through their ranges.

The head of an Asian vine snake is sharp and also has actually been contrasted to a spear. If you examine the form of this snake’s head, you’ll see a bump on both sides at the rear of its head. These bumps consist of the poison glands of this snake.

Among one of the most fascinating truths concerning this snake’s fangs is they lie in the rear of its mouth. Each fang is grooved so when the poison trickles from its poison glands, it diminishes the groove of its fangs.

The size of this snake’s body resembles a pencil. Its size varies from 2.5 to 5 feet.

These snakes have an upright black student in each of their yellow eyes. This function is various from the environment-friendly vine snake that is belonging to South America. This snake has the very same intense environment-friendly ranges and also sharp head. Nonetheless, the environment-friendly vine snake has rounded black students.

Exactly how to determine an Asian vine snake:

  • Brilliant environment-friendly ranges with a yellow red stripe or a blue- lined pattern
  • Directed, spear- like head
  • Bumps on the sides of its head that hold poison Black upright students in yellow eyes
An Asian vine snake hangs from a tree branch
Asian vine snakes are as slim as a pencil.Lauren Suryanata/

Asian Vine Snake Poison: Exactly How Unsafe Are They?

These snakes have a poisonous bite. However its poison is taken into consideration light and also not harmful to humans. This is why some individuals maintain this snake as a pet. Obviously, its poisonous bite is dangerous to this snake’s victim.

Though this snake is hostile when searching its victim, it’s just most likely to attack a human if it really feels intimidated.

If somebody obtains a bite from this snake, the initial step in very first- help treatment is to clean the injury with soap and also water. Next off, placed initially- help lotion on the injury and also cover it with a tidy plaster. If there’s extreme discomfort, swelling, or a breakout, after that it’s an excellent suggestion to see a physician for like look for an infection.

Asian Vine Snake Habits and also Humans

The Asian vine snake also known as Gunther’s whip snake is hostile towards its victim yet has an or else light personality. It’s often maintained as a pet. Nonetheless, maintaining this snake as a pet is not suggested. It needs unique treatment in the type of a diet that consists of amphibians.

Usually, these snakes do not wander off from their woodland environment where they conceal amongst the branches of the trees.


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