Asian Elephant

The young are taken care of by all of the female elephants in the herd, referred to as “aunties.
Asian Elephant Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Elephas maximus
Asian Elephant Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Black
55 – 70 years
Top speed
27 mph
3,000kg – 5,000kg (6,500lbs – 11,000lbs)
Asian Elephant Distribition

The Asian Elephant is the biggest land animal in Asia.

Elephants are the biggest land animals on the planet, however the Asian elephant is smaller sized than its relative, the African elephant. This species is discovered throughout southeast Asia, mainly in forested areas in India. They are identified as endangered and also are targets of poaching for their tusks and also skin.

Amazing Asian Elephant Truths!

  • These elephants have a finger- like appendage on completion of their trunks that permits them to choose points up.
  • Elephants are thought about among one of the most smart animals, as they can utilizing devices and also revealing pain and also empathy.
  • Asian elephants have more than 1000 muscle mass in their trunks.
  • These elephants are friendly animals that develop matriarchal teams.
  • These elephants are main to several Hindu ideas.

Asian Elephant Scientific Name

There are 3 subspecies of Asian elephants with 3 different scientific names. The subspecies are organized by place and also dimension. They all share the scientific name Elephas maximus In Greek grammars, “elephant” describes a horned or antlered monster. In Latin, “ele” implies arc, and also “phant” implies big. Maximus likewise implies big. The Sri Lankan elephant, Elephas maximus maximus, is the biggest of the Asian elephants and also is belonging to Sri Lanka. The Sumatran elephant, Elephas maximus sumatranus, is belonging to the little island of Sumatra and also is the tiniest of the subspecies. Ultimately, the Indian elephant, Elephas maximus indicus, has the biggest variety and also is belonging to landmass Asia.

Some researchers recommend that Borneo pygmy elephants might be a subspecies of these elephants. If so, they would certainly be the tiniest of all the subspecies. Borneo pygmy elephants have various percentages and also rounder encounters than the Asian elephants, nonetheless. They are likewise extra manageable.

Asian Elephant Appearance

Though they are smaller sized than their African equivalents, Asian elephants are still massive creatures. They stand anywhere from 6.6 feet to 9.8 feet high, with the biggest species being the Sri Lankan range. These elephants can evaluate anywhere from 2.25- 2.5 heaps, which is somewhat bigger than a jeep. They are generally grey or brownish. These elephants include light pink areas of de- coloring around their ears and also encounters. These are believed to differ based upon diet and also genes. Youthful Asian elephants are covered in great red hair, which dims as they age.

Possibly their most amazing function is their lengthy trunk. Completion of elephant trunks includes a solitary finger- like muscle mass (African elephants have 2). Their trunks have over 1000 muscle mass and also are excellent for discovering their environments via scent and also touch. Asian elephants likewise have tiny, spherical ears, which aid control their body temperature level.

Not all Asian elephants have tusks. Some males include popular tusks, however females have none. Some males have a smaller sized range of tusks called “backsides.”

The biggest well-known Asian elephant was a bull elephant called Raja Gaj. He stood at 11ft high, which is 2ft taller than the typical elephant. Raja Gaj was last seen at the Bardia National Forest in 2007. He had to do with 70 years of ages at the time.

Wild Asian elephant mother and calf, Corbett National Park, India.
Mogens Trolle/Shutterstock. com

Asian Elephant vs. African Elephant

There are several distinctions in appearance in between Asian and also African elephants. Asian elephants are smaller sized than their far better- understood equivalents in Africa. They have 2 domes on the top of their heads, where the African elephant has one rounded dome. Asian elephants have smoother skin, stronger trunks, and also one solitary “finger” on completion of their trunks. On the other hand, African elephants have harsh skin, softer trunks, and also 2 “fingers” on completion of their trunks that makes them far better able to adjust items than Asian elephants.

Asian elephants and also African elephants will certainly never ever fulfill in the wild, as their varieties do not overlap. African elephants are belonging to west and also main Africa, while Asian elephants stay in India, southeast Asia, Sumatra, and also Sri Lanka.

Asian Elephant Habits

Male elephants are singular for the majority of their lives. Females stay in matriarchal teams called herds. These herds are led by one female elephant. She is generally the earliest of the team and also leads them on acquainted tracks trying to find food and also water. These herds of females can be approximately 20 people.

These elephants take a trip at sundown and also dawn and also laze throughout the warmth of the day. They are not territorial. Elephants can interact with each various other utilizing reduced- pitched noises that humans can not listen to. These noises can notify various other elephants approximately 2 miles away.

These elephants delight in the water and also utilize their trunks to spray themselves with water and also mud. This technique assists shield their skin from insects. Some locations of their skin are slim and also delicate, while others depend on an inch thick. As a result of a multitude of nerves in their skin, elephant skin is delicate, and also the mud bathrooms supply much- required defense.

Asian Elephant Environment

These species of elephants are discovered in India and also Southeast Asia. They as soon as extended as much north as the Yangtze River, however their variety has actually gradually decreased. They are thought about to be woodland animals, however they likewise delight in woodlands with a couple of locations of meadow in them. These transitional locations where woodland and also meadow fulfill supply an abundant range of plants for the elephants to eat.

These elephants are migratory within their large residence variety. They perform seasonal movements. Humans frequently interfere with the movement courses that were lengthy passed by Asian elephants.

Asian Elephant Diet

Like all elephant species, these elephants are herbivores. Their diet includes origins, turf, and also the bark of trees. In a solitary day, some elephants can consume to 300lbs of food. Since they require to take in a massive quantity of food, they invest concerning 3/4 of their day seeking it out. Elephants require to take in such big quantities of food since their bodies can just refine concerning 44% of the food that they eat. They need to consume water at the very least daily, so they are constantly near to a resource of water.

Herds of these elephants likewise have a preference for grown ranch plants, such as bananas and also walking cane sugar. These herds can be a devastating pressure for farmers if one chooses to elbow in on their plants.

In bondage, Asian elephants have their diet regimens customized to their details demands. They are fed intermittently throughout the day to carefully resemble the regularity of feeding they would certainly carry out in the wild. Elephants in bondage generally eat hay bundles, alfalfa pellets, and also bran oats. They likewise eat fresh fruits and also veggies like pleasant potatoes, carrots, and also apples.

Asian Elephant Predators and also Risks

These elephants have couple of all-naturalpredators Since they are just one of the biggest land animals, there is little reward for predators to try to remove a grown-up elephant. Tigers periodically take advantage of more youthful, smaller sized Asian elephants.

Humans existing the most significant risks to Asian elephants. Indirectly, logging impacts elephant environments and also migratory courses. Woodlands are reduced in order to produce area for brand-new farmland, which brings the elephants right into closer call with humans. Disputes in between elephants and also humans develop when elephants stroll their area and also discover it has actually been changed by farmland.

Though it is prohibited to poach wild elephants, it is still in charge of the Asian elephant populace decrease. Elephants are looked for their cream color, which is specifically a hazard to male elephants. Nonetheless, both sexes of elephants are looked for their skin, which is utilized for precious jewelry.

Young elephants are occasionally trafficked out of the wild for the tourist market. They are educated at a young age to be ridden and also to do for travelers.

Asian Elephant Recreation

Female elephants deliver every 3 to 8 years. Male elephants, called bulls, generally dad their very first kid after age 30, while females are productive in their mid- teenagers. Males take a longer time to expand solid sufficient to take on various other males for companions, which is why it takes as long for them to be able to mate.

Female elephants, called cows, have the lengthiest gestation duration of any kind of animal. Their young are birthed after 22 months and also evaluate approximately 350lbs. Sometimes, 2 calf bones are birthed. Not long after they are birthed, calf bones can registered nurse. Enjoyable realities concerning Asian elephant herd framework are that young are looked after among the female elephants in the herd, described as “aunties.” They are discouraged off of milk after 6 months, however they continue to be affixed to the mom for a lot longer, occasionally up until an additional young is birthed. Male calf bones will certainly leave the herd once they get to sex-related maturation. Female calf bones will certainly deal with the herd forever.

There is not a great deal of information on wild elephant populaces, however they are believed to live to be around half a century old.

Asian Elephant Populace

Asian elephants are endangered as a result of environment loss, environment fragmentation, and also poaching. Current populace matters have actually approximated that there are much less than 50,000 people left in the wild.

As a result of these ecological and also human stress, Asian elephants have actually experienced a massive populace decrease. They have actually shed over 50% of their numbers in the last 75 years. Asian elephants go to threat of going extinct, and also several preservation initiatives have actually been made to conserve the different species of Asian elephants. The Indian range is one of the most populated and also prevalent of the subspecies.

Asian Elephants In the Zoo

Concerning a 3rd of the whole Asian elephant populace remains in bondage. A lot of these elephants stay in Myanmar, India, and also Thailand. These restricted elephants are primarily utilized in the tourist market in these locations.

Numerous zoos in the United States have Asian elephants for clients to see and also have actually connected preservation strategies to conserve the Asian elephant species. Amongst these zoos are the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC, and also the Buttonwood Zoo in Massachusetts.


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