Asian Arowana

The male Asian arowana raises the eggs in its mouth
Asian Arowana Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Scleropages formosus
Asian Arowana Physical Characteristics
Red, Green, Orange, Silver
Up to 60 years
Up to 6.8kg (15lbs)
Asian Arowana Distribition

The Asian Arowana is understood by lots of unique names, consisting of the Asian bony tongue and also the dragonfish

The name dragonfish originates from its distinct appearance, consisting of the enormous ranges, intense glossy shades, and also the elegant activities with the water. They are preferred and also very searched for in the worldwide pet profession. Nevertheless, since they do call for a considerable storage tank dimension and also a lot of food, the Asian Arowana is not a simple pet to take care of. They are likewise prohibited in lots of nations to safeguard the continuing to be wild populaces.

3 Asian Arowana Truths!

  • The Asian Arowana is a sign of all the best and also success in lots of neighborhood societies.
  • The Asian Arowana is usually taken into consideration to be a primitive fish because little outside modification has actually happened given that it initially progressed lots of numerous years earlier.
  • The Asian Arowana is very territorial and also hostile versus trespassers. Because of this, lots of fish select to live alone or in little teams.

Asian Arowana Classification and also Scientific Name

The scientific name of the Asian Arowana is Scleropages formosus Scleropages originates from a Greek term that normally converts to suggest difficult fallen leaves. This is probably a recommendation to the big ranges on the body. The species name formosus is originated from a Latin acceptation stunning, good-looking, or carefully created. There is some dispute concerning whether the Asian Arowana is a solitary species or 4 different sorts of species, however a lot of taxonomists identify it as a solitary species.

Asian Arowana Appearance

The Asian Arowana is characterized by a long, slim body with thick ranges on the belly and also a set of lengthy barbels (picking up body organs) arising from the reduced jaw, which contours up right into a sharp nose. They are available in a variety of various shades, consisting of environment-friendly, silver, orange, and also red. The species can come up to 3 feet long, however a lot of samplings are significantly smaller sized than this. When swimming, their follower- like fins expanded and also move beautifully with the water. Males are normally differentiated from females by their broader and also much deeper mouths.

Asian Arowana has a unique appearance, including massive scales, bright lustrous colors, and graceful movements through the water.
Asian Arowana has a distinct appearance, consisting of enormous ranges, intense glossy shades, and also elegant activities with the water.

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Asian Arowana Distribution, Populace, and also Environment

The Asian Arowana favors the slow-moving- relocating waters of swamps and also marshes throughout Southeast Asia. These locations are usually called blackwater rivers since corroded plants transforms them dirty and also acidic. Populace numbers are not understood, however according to the IUCN Red Listing, the Asian Arowana is an endangered species. Environment loss and also overfishing for the pet profession are significant factors to their decrease. They are shielded by lots of federal governments all over the world, however prohibited poaching still proceeds apace.

Asian Arowana Predators and also Victim

The Asian Arowana is a meat-eating species. They invest a lot of their day searching for food in superficial, shaded locations of their environment.

What consumes the Asian Arowana?

As a result of their plus size, the Asian Arowana has couple of significant predators in the wild probably besides bigger fish.

What does the Asian Arowana eat?

The Asian Arowana will certainly eat nearly anything they discover near the surface area, consisting of insects, frogs, spiders, birds, lizards, bats, and also a lot more. They have the capacity to jump out of the water and also take target right out of the air. A lot of their target are located holding on plants or drifting externally.

Asian Arowana Recreation and also Life Expectancy

When the reproducing period shows up, the female will certainly lay anywhere in between 30 and also 100 big eggs each time. The male will certainly after that feed the eggs on the surface with his sperm. The Asian Arowana is what’s referred to as a mouthbrooder. This suggests the male will certainly maintain the eggs within his mouth to safeguard them versus possiblepredators Also after hatching out from the eggs, the fry will certainly continue to be within the dad’s mouth for an additional 2 or 3 months. After discovering to take care of themselves, the juveniles take around 3 or 4 years to get to complete sex-related maturation, longer than a lot of fresh water fish. They have actually been understood to live a remarkably very long time in bondage. The optimum life-span is around 60 years of ages, however a lot of have a tendency to live for around 15 or twenty years.

Asian Arowana in Angling and also Food Preparation

The Asian Arowana is not usually captured by individuals for food, however they are a rather prominent selection for the fish tank profession as a result of their distinct appearance. They are available in various sorts of shades, consisting of red, silver, and also albino. Sadly, they can be rather hard and also picky to take care of. The Asian Arowana needs a huge storage tank dimension of a minimum of 50 gallons or a whole exterior fish pond evaluated around 80 levels Fahrenheit (or 28 levels Celsius). This species is a ravenous eater that creates a great deal of waste, and also they do not hit it off with various other fish either.


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