Armadillo Lizard

They communicate through a series of tongue flicking, head bobbing and tail wagging, among other methods.
Armadillo Lizard Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Ouroborus cataphractus
Armadillo Lizard Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Black, Dark Brown, Light-Brown
In captivity, 25 years
Top speed
-1 mph
2.5–3.5 oz
Armadillo Lizard Distribition

If you have actually ever before wished to claim you possess a dragon, the armadillo lizard is the excellent pet for yo u.

Additionally called the armadillo girdled lizard, Golden- armadillo lizard, and also dragon armadillo lizard, this South African reptile has spiny layers of shield, a trendy defense reaction that additionally leaves them– in spite of their little dimension– resembling something you may see tracking the skies of Video Game of Thrones

The lizard is the optimal reptile pet. It’s exceptionally friendly. In the wild, these lizards’ adjustments consist of organizing in sets of 4 to 6 animals. It’s highly suggested if you have one in the house, you allow them cope with others. Still, in spite of a possibly pleasant nature, these animals aren’t eager regarding dealing with.

In bondage, the armadillo lizard needs little upkeep. Several lizard fans love their pet armadillo lizards. However these animals are tough to obtain your hands on as the lizard can not be exported from its indigenous nation.

The name originates from the armadillo. Armadillo is Spanish for “little armored one.” The name describes the scaly, bony plates covering the creatures head, legs, back, and also tail. However in spite of their flaky recognitions, the creature armadillo is not associated with the armadillo lizard in any way. However like the armadillo, when endangered, the armadillo lizard attacks its tail and also swirls right into a sphere.

Continue Reading for a detailed testimonial of the armadillo lizard, exactly how it’s special past its appearance, and also its possible as a pet. The pet lizard species will certainly stun you.

5 Armadillo Lizard Realities

Right here are some intriguing truths regarding the armadillo lizard.

  • The animal has couple of land predators many thanks to its hard spinal columns and also armored outside. However the lizards are susceptible to assault by birds of target trying to find food.
  • A lot of reptiles lay eggs. The armadillo lizard offers real-time birth to its young, unlike their relative reptile pet. The pet lizard species in fact feed their child. One more recognition that separates them from various other lizards.
  • Climbing temperatures and also wildfires are a straight danger to these animals.
  • While the remainder of the globe appeals to place them in rooms, it’s prohibited to maintain these lizards as pets in South Africa or to export them.
  • The tails expand longer than the remainder of the armadillo lizard’s whole body.

Armadillo Lizard Scientific Name

Ouroborus cataphractus is native to the island to South African deserts along the western shore.

The lizard obtained its usual name from its protective position. Like the animal armadillo, the lizard swirls right into a sphere to secure itself.

The dragon armadillo lizard is a diurnal animal with rows of hard spiny ranges throughout its body. One of the most vulnerable component of their body is the stubborn belly. The lizard secures it by attacking its tail and also botching up. This leaves just their tough outside forpredators As long as they desire the lizard as target, many predators often tend to not wish to handle the tough, flaky surface area.

Armadillo Lizard Appearance & & Habits

Right here are some truths regarding the armadillo lizard’s habits, adjustments, and also appearance.


The armadillo girdled lizard’s most noticeable recognition is its armored skin. The spiny shield is osteoderms. That’s bony plates installed in the facial layer of the animal’s skin. Osteoderms prevail with numerous reptilian species, consisting of alligators, crocs, and also some tortoises.

Tiny in dimension, the animal’s body is level. The function allows the lizard capture in between tiny gaps. Shades often tend to be boring, commonly light to dark brownish or yellow- brownish. The underbelly is yellow with black patterns. Not just are the eyes black however so is the scaling around the mouth.

While you’ll locate sources that claim or else, the grown-up lizard just expands a little over 4 inches in dimension. Usually, males are a little bit much longer in size than females. One more recognition that divides the sexes is males have wider heads and also hemipenal lumps.

The tails of the Armadillo Lizard grow longer than the rest of the armadillo lizard's entire body.
The tails of the Armadillo Lizard expand longer than the remainder of the armadillo lizard’s whole body.

flyingv3/Shutterstock. com


These reptiles are slow-moving due to their hefty develop. That develop makes hiding and also passively protecting itself from predators crucial as the armadillo girdled lizard can not run.

The lizards like to invest their time concealing in between rocks and also absorbing the sunlight. In the wild, they collect in teams of approximately 6. Some scientists claim this habits is for handling security frompredators However while they stay clear of physical dispute, the lizard does have exceptionally effective jaws. The armadillo lizard has actually attacked off toes.

The males are territorial regarding their environment, specifically throughout mating periods. That starts in September and also lasts 8 weeks. The males are hostile in quest of a companion.

While many reptiles lay eggs, females bring to life a minimum of one child. On uncommon events, they might have 2 children.

These animals go foraging for their diet, taking a trip approximately a size of 18 miles far from house to locate food.

These animals have a life expectancy of 25 years in bondage. There is no study on for how long of a life expectancy they have in the wild.

The Armadillo Lizard as Pet

It’s prohibited to export a wild- captured dragon armadillo lizard out of South Africa. However they are quickly captured and also made a pet. The pet lizard species create simple target to seekers as they’re slow-moving and also tame.

Sadly, some individuals severely desire the pet. Because of this, the pet lizard species is taken into consideration vulnerable due to the plentiful capture to feed need. If you do desire one as a pet, try to find a reliable dog breeder in your location.

Armadillo Girdled Lizard Environment

O. cataphractus suches as hiding in gaps in rock outcrops and also hill inclines. They like environments bordered by dwarf seasonal bushes.

The reptiles diet primarily on termites, millipedes, beetles, and also often scorpions and also plants.

For food, pet proprietors feed their lizards butterworms, superworms, and also pinky computer mice.

Armadillo Lizard Predators & & Threats

The greatest danger to the lizard is humans that record them for the underground market. Various other risks consist of wildfire and also environment modification.

The animal’s conservation status is of “Least Concern” However the South African federal government sees the animal looking for security due to its underground market worth.

It is prohibited to have these reptiles as a pet in their indigenous nation or to export the animals. The Cape Provincial Regulation is established to aid ill and also damaged armadillo lizards.

What Consumes the Armadillo Lizard?

A Lot Of predators on the South African desert premises avoid the armored reptile due to its covering. Noticeable predators are predators, such as eagles, falcons, and also ospreys.

What Does the Armadillo Lizard Eat?

The lizard diet regimens on a range of insects essentially. They additionally devour on the periodic plant if essential.

Recreation, Children and also Life Expectancy

This lizard is polygynandrous. That suggests in between the September to October mating periods both sexes take numerous companions.

The females do not lay eggs. The gestation duration is after that in between 6 and also 8 months. Eggs hatch in the mommy and also she births an infant and also occasionally 2. In many cases, females might quit mating for a year to look after the child.

The child armadillo lizard transforms fully grown and also effective after getting to a body size at 3.75 inches.

In bondage, it’s identified the animal has a life expectancy of approximately a quarter- century. There’s no document of life expectancy for animals staying in the wild.

Armadillo Girdled Lizard Populace

The reptile definitely encounters its share of risks, consisting of capture, winged predators, increasing temperatures, and also wildfires. Still, there are no main researches looking at the dimension of the populace. However as its condition is of “Least Concern” to conservationists, it’s secure to claim this lizard population remains in great problem.


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