The South American spectacled bear is its closest relative living today.
Arctodus Scientific Classification
Arctodus Physical Characteristics
Black, Light Grey, Light-Brown
2,000 pounds or more
Arctodus Distribition

These bears resided in the Pleistocene Date 2.5 to 0.5 million years earlier.

The Arctodus is an extinct participant of the bear genus. It’s likewise called the North American brief- dealt with bear and also is often called the bulldog bear. The face of the Arctodus has a smushed- in appearance. That’s why it’s often called the bulldog bear.

Arctodus simus is the scientific name of the large brief- dealt with bear. The Greek word Arctodus implies bear tooth and also words simus equates to snub- nosed.
Both species of Arctodus consist of:

  • Lesser brief- dealt with bear (Arctodus pristinus)
  • Huge brief- dealt with bear (Arctodus simus)

Arctodus Summary & & Dimension

Research an illustration or re- produced hairy design of an Arctodus and also you might believe you’re considering a bear living at your neighborhood zoo. This bear did have a whole lot alike with the bears these days, however the Arctodus is extinct. The South American spectacled bear is its closest family member living today.

The Arctodus was an unbelievably big animal with a common weight of one bunch (2,000 pounds.). Nevertheless, some freshly found fossil proof has actually offered paleontologists a factor to believe these animals were also bigger. The size of the Arctodus is approximated in between 8 and also 10 feet. So, when the Arctodus chose to base on its back legs, it would most likely have looked a whole lot like a grizzly bear taking on 10 feet high! When strolling on all 4 feet an Arctodus had to do with 5 to 6 feet high at its shoulder. Bearing in mind that a grown-up male is around 6 feet high offers you a far better image of the dimension of an Arctodus.

Its canine teeth were most likely a minimum of 2 inches long with solid molars made use of to ground up its victim.

The toes of the Arctodus are one more noteworthy attribute of this bear. The toes of this extinct bear face ahead while the toes of bears living today are routed internal. Paleontologists aren’t certain regarding the factor behind this distinction. The solid claws of this bear have actually been approximated at 3 inches in size.

The eyes of the Arctodus were established vast apart. You can obtain a far better concept of this by considering a photo of a spectacled bear. This offered the Arctodus exceptional vision for discovering its victim and also seeking it with different settings.

Paleontologists that have actually functioned to re- develop the complete appearance of an Arctodus have actually offered it brown to black hair with grayish- white hair on its face and also rounded ears.

An Arctodus recap:

  • Weight: 2,000 extra pounds or even more
  • Elevation: 5 to 6 feet at the shoulder
  • Size: 8 to 10 feet
  • Teeth: 2 inches or even more in size
  • Claws: 3 inches long
Illustration of Arctodus near a river
Arctodus had a snub nose, which is why they are likewise described as a bulldog bear.

Daniel Eskridge/Shutterstock. com

Diet: What Did the Arctodus Eat?

With its big canine teeth and also effective molars, you have actually most likely currently thought that the Arctodus was a predator. You’re ideal! So, what did the Arctodus eat? They are thought to have actually consumed big victim such as alarming wolves, bison, horses, and also American cave lions. The Arctodus had extremely solid jaws efficient in squashing bone so big creatures were not a trouble to disintegrate and also absorb.

The Arctodus had a number of trump cards it made use of when searching the alarming wolf, American lion, and also various other big creatures. For one, this old bear had an exceptional feeling of scent it made use of to find its victim. Furthermore, the Arctodus was thought to take a trip at rates of 40mph so it might seek its victim with wonderful success.

Paleontologists think the Arctodus was a seeker and also a scavenger. To put it simply, it consumed victim eliminated and also left by various other animals.

Arctodus Environment: When and also Where It Lived

The Arctodus resided in the very early to the center component of the Pleistocene age. Proof of this animal has actually been located throughout The United States and Canada consisting of Canada and also the USA.

There’s proof that lots of the lower brief- dealt with bear survived on the eastern shore of the USA in addition to down right into Mexico. Conversely, there’s proof large brief- dealt with bears resided in the north component of the USA in addition to in the western component of the united state expanding right into Alaska. As a whole, these animals really did not remain in one location throughout their lives. Paleontologists understand this due to the fact that bones and also fossils have actually been located all over The United States and Canada.

Nations where Arctodus as soon as lived:

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Mexico

Risks and also Predators

The Arctodus was a huge animal with effective jaws so it’s not unexpected it had couple of to absolutely no predators in some locations. Nevertheless, among the risks to the presence of the Arctodus was loss of food. The big victim consumed by this old bear was being exterminated leaving it to take on various other animals for a lowering food supply.

Discoveries and also Fossils: Where the Arctodus Was Found

The very first exploration of Arctodus fossils go back to 1854. A paleontologist called Joseph Leidy located Arctodus fossils in South Carolina particularly in the Ashley Phosphate Beds. Surprisingly, simply lately in March 2021 a scuba diver located a 3- inch tooth of a huge brief- dealt with bear while diving in Cooper River in South Carolina. Simply put, explorations worrying the Arctodus are still being made!

In 1967, big areas of a huge brief- dealt with bear’s skeletal system were found in a superficial lake in Fulton Area in the state of Indiana. This is one of the most noteworthy and also full exploration of Arctodus bones to day.

An additional noteworthy and also reasonably current exploration of Arctodus bones took place in 2008 in Iowa. Actually, it was the very first Arctodus bone located in the state. A farmer in Iowa discovered a huge bone in a dam near Troublesome Creek. He took the bone to the Division of Farming where an excavator placed it with a number of examinations. Ultimately, the bone was determined as a shin and also component of a hips from a huge brief- dealt with bear. This interesting exploration contributes to the large region of this bear from the Glacial period. Can you think of discovering an Arctodus bone where you live?

Termination: When Did the Arctodus Pass Away Out?

Paleologists think the Arctodus went extinct at the end of the Pleistocene Date. Similar to numerous animals living back then, paleontologists are unsure regarding the factor behind this animal’s termination.

One concept goes that when the old Clovis individuals relocated right into The United States and Canada, they made use of a certain sort of spear to eliminate the big victim consumed by theArctodus As its victim went away, the populace of the Arctodus lowered too.

A 2nd concept is that the glaciation in the Pleistocene age exterminated the Arctodus together with numerous various other sorts of animals.

Comparable Animals

Animals comparable to the Arctodus consist of:

  • Jefferson ground sloth: At 8 to 10 feet long and also 2200 extra pounds, this Glacial period ground sloth was comparable in size and also weight to the Arctodus.
  • South American brief- dealt with bear: This South American bear shares a comparable face appearance and also incredible dimension with the Arctodus located in The United States and Canada. Nevertheless, the South American brief- dealt with bear was bigger considering as much as 3,858 extra pounds.
  • Cave bear: At more than 9 feet in size, the cavern bear living in the Pleistocene Date was comparable in dimension to the Arctodus.
  • Tyrant polar bear: This Glacial period polar bear family member shares its significant dimension with theArctodus The Tyrant polar bear was thought to be over 11 feet long and also considered 2200 extra pounds.


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