Archelon Turtle

Archelons are the largest turtles to have ever lived in the world
Archelon Turtle Scientific Classification
Archelon Turtle Physical Characteristics
4,900 pounds
Archelon Turtle Distribition

Archelon Turtle Summary as well as Dimension

The Archelon turtle had a body mass of 4,900 extra pounds. It came up to 13.1 feet from nose to tail as well as 16 feet vast from one fin pointer to the various other. Although its covering looked just like that of contemporary sea turtles, it was much more leatherlike than solidified. It is likewise thought that this covering had 1- inch to 2- inch ridges on it. The aquatic animal had an addicted beak like a parrot with squashing jaws as well as extremely solid front feet that had the ability to draw its mass with the water like paddles.

The Archelon turtle’s summary as well as dimension information consist of:

  • 4900 pound. weight
  • 16 feet vast
  • 13 feet lengthy
  • 1- to 2- inch ridges on its leatherlike covering
  • Connected beak
  • Squashing jaws
  • Slim head
  • Sharp tail
  • Solid front “fin- like” feet

The turtle most likely fed on mollusks, jellyfish, as well as shellfishes located on the seafloor. Its main predators were primitive sharks as well as the Mosasaur. The animal’s genus name of Archelon originates from Old Greek arkhe, indicating “initial” or “early,” as well as chelone, indicating “turtle.” Its species name of ischyros is likewise Greek, indicating “magnificent” or “effective.”

Although there are lots of spaces in scientific understanding regarding the Archelon’s breeding as well as nesting behaviors, we do understand that they embedded on the coastline. Like various other sea turtles, they would certainly appear of the water during the night as well as lay eggs underneath the sand’s surface area.

3D rendering of an Archelon turtle on a white background
Archelon turtles had substantial feet that they made use of like fins to draw their cumbersome bodies with the water.

Michael Rosskothen/Shutterstock. com

5 Trendy Truths regarding Archelon Turtles

  • Archelons are the biggest turtles to have actually ever before resided in the globe
  • Their predators consisted of the Mosasaur, a gigantic sea animal that had an alligator- like head as well as shark- like body
  • The turtles’ covering was leatherlike, making it lighter as well as just like the contemporary leatherback sea turtle
  • They came up to 16 feet throughout as well as greater than 13 feet from head to tail
  • Researchers understand they lived 100 years or longer!

Diet: What Did the Archelon Turtle Eat?

The Archelon turtle was a predator that fed mainly on shellfishes, mollusks, as well as jellyfish. This diet is basically the like lots of sea turtles these days. It had the ability to discover these foods at the water’s surface area. This suggested it might eat well without needing to dive to the seafloor.

Environment: When as well as Where It Lived

The Archelon lived throughout the Late Cretaceous duration 100 million to 66 million years earlier in the Western Inside Seaway that when punctured the center of The United States and Canada. The primitive animal’s fossil was located in 1895 in the Pierre Shale geological development of South Dakota, which was covered by this sea 80.5 million years earlier. Because that time, fossils of the sea turtle have actually likewise been located in Wyoming as well as North Dakota. A sampling from South Dakota as well as kept by the Vienna Nature Gallery is thought to have actually passed away at regarding 100 years old.

One more sampling was located in the Pierre Shale geological development in 1970. This turtle determined 16 feet vast, from one fin’s pointer to the various other. It was 13.1 feet long. Due to the fact that the Archelon is bigger than Protostega gigas (9.8 feet long) as well as Stupendemys (11 feet long), it is currently recognized as the globe’s largest turtle in background.

Dangers as well as Predators

The main predators of Archelon sea turtles were primitive sharks as well as the Mosasaur. The Mosasaur had jaws like a gigantic alligator as well as might quickly purchase the turtle. Yet it is thought the huge turtles came to be extinct as a result of environment modification, the linked air conditioning environment as well as the diminishing of the Western Inside Seaway. Boosting predation on eggs as well as hatchlings likewise most likely contributed in the animal’s end.

Discoveries as well as Fossils: Where It Was Found

The Archelon sea turtle was initial uncovered by American paleontologist George Reber Wieland in 1895. He located the holotype sampling– the initial- ever before fossil of the species– in the Pierre Shale geological development of South Dakota. Wieland located the bones on the coast of the Cheyenne River in Custer Area. The sampling he uncovered was missing its head. Yet in 1897, another person located a fossilized head of the turtle in the exact same location.

In 1902, an additional total sampling was located on the Cheyenne River. One of the most current explorations of Archelon skeletal systems happened in South Dakota in 1992 as well as North Dakota in 2002. The 1992 exploration was the biggest sampling located to day. Nicknamed Brigitta, this fossilized Archelon was revealed in Oglala Lakota Area, South Dakota. It is currently housed in the Vienna Nature Gallery.

Termination: When Did It Pass away Out?

The Archelon is thought to have actually passed away out at the end of the Late Cretaceous duration. This suggests it no more existed after 66 million years earlier. Researchers think it came to be extinct as a result of the impacts of environment modification. These modifications were particularly cooling temperature levels as well as decrease of the turtle’s residence waters, the Western Inside Seaway. Land- based creatures likewise eaten the turtles’ eggs as well as hatchlings on the coastlines of this seaway. That predation raised in time as well as brought about less of the turtles making it through right into their adult years.

Comparable Animals to the Archelon Turtle

There were numerous primitive animals comparable to the Archelon turtle, although none were as huge as this sea- house titan.

Comparable dinosaurs to the Archelon turtle consist of:

  • Protostega gigas– Extinct sea turtles just like Archelon turtles, yet a lot smaller sized at 8.9 feet long. These turtles swam the Western Inside Seaway of The United States And Canada as well as were initial uncovered in 1871 in Kansas.
  • Microstega copei– One more extinct sea turtle from the Late Cretaceous duration, initial explained by George Reber Wieland in 1909 after exploration in Kansas.
  • Notochelone– First uncovered by Richard Lydekker in 1889, this sea turtle was one of the most typical reptile in the seas around Queensland, Australia throughout the Very early Cretaceous duration. It lived regarding 100 million years earlier, was a lot smaller sized than Archelon as well as is extinct.

Although it appears like various other sea turtles at stated value, Archelon does not share origins with any type of various other sea turtle, living or extinct.


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