The family Entelodontidae is commonly referred to as “hell pigs.”
Archaeotherium Scientific Classification
Scientific name
†Archaeotherium mortoni
Archaeotherium Physical Characteristics
Up to 1,300 lbs
Archaeotherium Distribition

Summary as well as Dimension

Archaeotherium (Archaeotherium mortoni) is an extinct artiodactyl dinosaur from the family Entelodontidae. Archaeotherium were animals just like today’s pigs, lamb, camels, as well as cows. Its name, Archaeotherium, originates from the old Greek for “old monster.” The family Entelodontidae is frequently described as “heck pigs.” Yet they are in fact unrelated to today’s pigs. Remarkably, they are extra carefully pertaining to whales as well as hippos.

Archaeotherium had to do with the dimension of modern-day cows. Generally, they stood concerning 3 feet 11 inches at the shoulder. From nose to tail, they had to do with 6 feet to 7 feet long. The biggest uncovered Archaeotherium was 5 feet 3 inches high at the shoulder. They considered approximately 1,300 pounds. The head of the biggest sampling was 31 inches long.

Dimensions of Archaeotherium consisted of:

  • Ordinary elevation of 3 feet 11 inches at the shoulder
  • Ordinary nose to tail size of 6 feet to 7 feet lengthy
  • Biggest sampling elevation of 5 feet 3 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight approximately 1,300 pounds
  • Biggest head size of 31 inches

Researchers think that males as well as females had to do with the very same dimension. Yet it is challenging to understand for specific due to the fact that heads are extra frequently discovered than the animals’ total skeletal systems. These animals likewise had huge heads symmetrical to the remainder of their bodies, making dimension evaluation a lot more intricate.

From uncovered bones, researchers think that this animal resembled a cow with its hoofed feet. Yet it had a much longer deal with than a regular cow, likewise with broader cheekbones as well as humped shoulders. Like warthogs, the Archaeotherium had employers on the face, the big bumps that offered warthogs their “growth” name. Regardless of being called heck pigs, Archaeotherium did not have a pig- like nose.

5 Trendy Truths concerning Archaeotherium

  • Archaeotherium was called “heck pigs” yet is not associated with modern-day pigs.
  • They were comparable in dimension to today’s cows yet had a direct to half their body size!
  • Just like their modern-day family members the hippos, Archaeotherium were omnivores as well as had teeth quite possibly- created for drawing plants out of the ground.
  • No person understands without a doubt why the Archaeotherium went extinct, yet it is thought their predators might be responsible.
  • Since they look a lot like pigs as well as lived beyond water, lots of people are shocked that these animals relate to whales.

Diet– What Did Archaeotherium Eat?

What did Archaeotherium eat? The heck pig’s diet was omnivorous. This implies they consumed both plants as well as animals. They had teeth well- developed for consuming also difficult plants like stems as well as tough fruits. These very same teeth allowed the animal to chew out bones.

The Archaeotherium’s teeth as well as jaws were rather distinct to this ancient family. Actually, their dental attributes differ from any kind of living animal. Yet there belong to their mouths that appear comparable to modern-day pigs, rhinocerouses, bears, as well as various other meat- eaters. Still, heck pigs might not cut up or tear meat with their teeth. It needed to utilize its well- developed neck muscular tissues as well as activity of its entire head to detach portions of its target.

In its North American region, Archaeotherium pursued ancient camels, Poebrotherium. They ran together with their target like a lion, after that attacked the neck of the camel to bring it down. In numerous circumstances, the heck pigs did not eat their dropped target right now. Rather, they would certainly relocate the kill to a cache to eat later on when not able to quest or situate their target. Researchers have actually discovered fossilized remains of several camels in caches like these. When it was time to eat the meat, Archaeotherium tore the body in fifty percent as well as ingested a foot- lengthy back area initially. Various other animals they pursued consisted of ancient horses as well as rhinoceroses.

Researchers think Archaeotherium ate on one side of its mouth. This concept originates from the heck pigs’ teeth being extra endured one side. Their mouths likewise show that they utilized the front teeth to strip vegetation from above- ground plants. Heck pigs commonly consumed smaller sized animals as well as preyed on various other predators’ remaining carcasses.

Archaeotherium in museum
Archaeotherium were animals just like today’s pigs, lamb, camels, as well as cows.

— Certificate

Environment– When as well as Where It Lived

Archaeotherium stayed in The United States and Canada as well as components of Eurasia 35 million to 25 million years ago for a duration of concerning 9.1 million years. Their ages consisted of the Eocene as well as Oligocene dates of the Paleogene Duration. In The United States and Canada, they stayed in forested as well as shore locations of Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, as well as Texas prior to meadows had actually established. Remains have actually likewise been discovered in southerly Canada, particularly in Saskatchewan.

Risks as well as Predators

It is thought that predators of Archeotherium are in charge of the animal’s termination. Yet little else is found out about why they came to be extinct after 9.1 million years in the world.

Various other hazards consisted of the heck pigs’ very own argumentative nature towards each various other. They combated among themselves commonly as well as are thought to have actually shown their extensively- open jaws in hostile display screens of supremacy, similar to a hippo. Grown-up fossils from this family reveal bite marks on their heads that likely took place throughout attacking battles.

Discoveries as well as Fossils– Where It Was Found

Fossilized bones for Archaeotherium are usually uncovered in the Great Plains’ White River Development. Yet they have actually been discovered in several united state states, consisting of South Dakota, North Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, as well as Saskatchewan. In Toadstool Geologic Park of Nebraska, a collection of Subhyracodon tracks reveal the animal was strolling, after that quit as well as evaluated its shoulder at Archeotherium tracking it. The Subhyracodon after that performed at a broadband as an Archeotherium’s tracks joined it, showing the heck pig was chasing after the rhinoceros- like animal as target. Various other animals’ bones have actually been discovered cached in The United States and Canada, most likely by Archeotherium. Archeotherium’s distinct attacks have actually likewise been uncovered in various other fossilized animals’ bones in the floodplains of The United States and Canada.

Termination– When Did It Pass away Out?

Researchers have actually not yet uncovered what made the Archeotherium heck pig go extinct. Yet they think it was most likely as a result of predation by larger dinosaurs like the “bear dog” Amphicyon. On the whole, the animal lived for concerning 9.1 million years from 35 million to 25 million years earlier. This was throughout the Eocene as well as Oligocene dates of the Paleogene Duration of the Cenozoic Age.

Comparable Animals to the Archaeotherium

Comparable dinosaurs to the Archaeotherium consist of:

  • Amphicyon — Although Archaeotherium would certainly have been target to the Amphicyon, this “bear dog” resembled its target “heck pig.” The bear dog was neither bear neither dog- relevant yet gained its label for its appearance as well as actions. Likewise, the heck pig was not associated with a pig yet nicknamed such due to just how it looked as well as acted.
  • Archaeopotamus — An extinct forefather of the hippopotamus, the Archaeopotamus was distantly pertaining toArchaeotherium Both Archaeopotamus as well as Archaeotherium had the open jaw these days’s hippos. They utilized this jaw not simply for consuming, yet to extensively open up in a display screen of supremacy. Fossils likewise show that Archaeotherium combated utilizing their open mouths, similar to hippos.
  • Metridiochoerus — Metridiochoerus was a primitive gigantic warthog. It resembles the Archaeotherium heck pig because both animals had big swellings on their faces, likewise called “employers.” These are the “growth” bumps for which warthogs obtain their name. Likewise like warthogs, Archaeotherium had actually a lengthened face, open jaw, as well as intricate teeth. Both animals were likewise omnivores.


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