Amazon Tree Boa

Amazon tree boas come in a rainbow of colors.
Amazon Tree Boa Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Corallus hortulanus
Amazon Tree Boa Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Yellow, Fawn, Red, Orange, Peach, Olive, Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Dull Olive, Olive-Grey
20+ years in captivity
Amazon Tree Boa Distribition

Amazon tree boas are extensively maintained as pets, yet remarkably little is learnt about them in the wild.

This slim boa normally can be found in a number of shades, called stages. It’s a nonvenomous relative to the emerald tree boa ( Corallus caninus) Both are preferred pets amongst knowledgeable herpetoculturists as well as treasured gems of some zoo collections.

Unbelievable Amazon Tree Boa Truths

  • Amazon tree boas invest a lot of their lives in trees as well as just seldom involve the ground, yet occasionally discover a peaceful edge on the ground to remainder.
  • They are still extremely usual in the wild yet extremely tough to discover when you go searching for them.
  • These snakes have actually 2 genetically acquired stages, the yard stage as well as the tinted stage.

Scientific Name as well as Classification of the Amazon Tree Boa

The Amazon tree boa belongs to the Boidae family of nonvenomous constrictors. Its scientific name is Corallus hortulana; although some resources provide it as Corallus hortulanus Corallus genus boas are belonging to Central America, South America, as well as the West Indies. Its certain name, hortulana, describes the yards where several citizens can see these snakes.

This species passes a couple of usual names. Along with the Amazon tree boa, it’s likewise called the yard boa, yard tree boa, boa Amazónica de jardín, boa arborícola Amazónica, boa de los jardines, boa arborícola del amazonas, as well as the macabrel.

Amazon Tree Boa Appearance

Amazon tree boas are lengthy as well as slim, unlike several of their large boa relatives. These snakes vary in between 5 as well as 6 as well as a half feet in size as well as, also in nature, display a wide array of shades as well as patterns. Their base shade can be black, brownish, grey, red, orange, or yellow with speckles, bands, saddles, chevrons, or rhomboid forms– or have no pattern in all. Color scheme are organized right into “stages,” the yard stage is boring with extremely variable pattern, while the vibrant reds, oranges, as well as yellows are an additional team called the shade stage. A few of the shade stage boas have patterns, as well as others do not.

Unlike the eco-friendly tree python as well as emerald tree boa, Amazon tree boas do not alter shades as they develop. Other than their patterns, which establish as they expand, they’re birthed with the shade they’ll be as grownups.

This species has big eyes with elliptical machine students that usually match their body shade. Amazon tree boas have exceptional sight that they utilize throughout the day. Their warm- picking up pits lie along the top as well as reduced lip, as well as they utilize them during the night to situate their victim. Their lengthy, needle- like teeth as well as solid jaws make a bite excruciating, yet they’re not poisonous. So, one of the most you’ll have is a tooth left as well as perhaps an infection if you do not maintain the location tidy.

Amazon Tree Boa Habits

This species lives most of its life in the trees, although they occasionally coil up in a risk-free hideout on the ground. The Amazon tree boa is singular as well as can be energetic throughout the day as well as the evening. Nevertheless, they are a lot more energetic at sundown as well as earlier in the evening when the temperature levels are a little colder, as well as their victim is simply obtaining relocating.

Some caretakers report that the people they have aren’t vulnerable to attacking. Nevertheless, that isn’t the standard. These snakes are not reluctant concerning utilizing their lengthy, sharp teeth, despite the fact that they aren’t as lengthy as those of the emerald tree boa ( Corallus caninus) they’re still powerful. Amazon tree boas are recognized for their aggressiveness, as well as it’s an uncommon serpent that does not blast a trainer. When they strike, it is generally at the face.

Nevertheless hostile they are, it’s their flexibility that aids them get used to bondage. This propensity to strike at every little thing is why many people attempt to maintain these snakes in units that run out primary website traffic locations. Some caretakers state that managing these snakes during the night enhances your chances of being attacked since they’re primarily nighttime, so managing them throughout the day is much better.

A lot of the snakes in collections around the globe are imported. Much more dog breeders are marketing hostage- reproduced people, yet the substantial bulk are still wild- captured. The aggressiveness as well as sensitivity that this species shows might end up being minimized as even more hostage- reproduced people are presented right into the pet profession, yet that’s unidentified yet. No matter, this is not the serpent for a newbie– attempt a round python or a glowing boa; they’re better selections.

Amazon Tree Boa
Amazon tree boas have a number of normally- happening shades– consisting of red.

Amazon Tree Boa/

Amazon Tree Boa Environment as well as Diet

Of all the Amazonian snakes, this serpent has among one of the most diverse eco-friendly specific niches. These snakes can be located in several locations of the Amazon, that include Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Surinam, as well as Venezuela. Mostly arboreal, they’re located curtained throughout tree branches in wild woodlands along with fruit tree ranches. They are similarly comfy in somebody’s yard trees as they remain in wild, separated woodlands. These snakes are extremely versatile as well as array from water level upwards to 3,000 meters in elevation.

Its diet consists of rats, computer mice, bats, lizards, frogs, as well as birds. Amazon tree boas utilize their prehensile stories to hang from branches while they wait on victim to find close sufficient. Viewing them feed is intriguing all on its own. They can get their dish, coil around as well as tighten, as well as eat everything without ever before leaving their perch.

Amazon Tree Boa Predators, Risks, Populace, as well as Preservation

According to the IUCN analysis from 2013, there might be some local dangers such as environment loss as well as mistreatment (it resembles a viper). Nevertheless, there aren’t any type of extensive dangers. They need trees in order to live, however, so full logging would certainly annihilate them. Amazon tree boas prevail as well as usual throughout their array, yet it’s likewise feasible that over- gathering for the pet profession might impact the species.

These snakes drop victim to various other predators; predators as well as various other bigger animals will certainly eat them if provided a possibility.

Amazon Tree Boa Recreation, Infants, as well as Life-span

Amazon tree boas can live for over 15 years, as well as this species comes to be sexually fully grown in between the ages of 2 as well as 5. Males are typically more youthful when they develop, as the females require to acquire a bit a lot more dimension to be able to sustain the children up until they’re birthed.

Breeding is generally in between December as well as March. These snakes, like various other boas, do not lay eggs. The female brings the children for 7 to 10 months up until they prepare to be birthed. Typically, a female brings to life 4- 10 neonates in between September as well as November. After their very first shed, the children will certainly take their very first dish.


Boas belong to a substantial family of animals, all nonvenomous. Some can be hazardous to individuals as well as animals, yet many aren’t.

  • Rainbow boas are called for the rainbow iridescence that shows up in the sunshine.
  • Green anacondas are the heaviest snakes in the globe– as well as remain in the Boidae family.
  • Cuban boas can get to 21 feet long, yet many just get to 12- 15 feet.


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