Albacore Tuna

The albacore is a very fast swimmer
Albacore Tuna Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Thunnus alalunga
Albacore Tuna Physical Characteristics
Grey, Blue, Silver
More than a million
10 – 12 years
Top speed
50 mph
Up to 80lbs
Albacore Tuna Distribition

The Albacore Tuna, or longfin tuna, is a huge smooth- skinned pelagic fish that wanders the open seas in huge colleges.

As one of the major foundations of the globe’s angling markets, albacore supplies are thoroughly handled by governmental companies to avoid overfishing.

3 Amazing Albacore Tuna Truths

  • Colleges of albacore can extend as much as 19 miles wide. They are occasionally gone along with by skipjack, yellowfin, as well as bluefin tuna.
  • Albacore swims at rates of around 50 miles per hr.
  • Albacore has a really high metabolic process as well as eat as much as 25% of their body weight in food daily.

Albacore Tuna Classification as well as Scientific Name

The scientific name of the albacore is Thunnus alalunga This seems the mix of 2 words: ala, implying wing, as well as lunga, implying long.

Albacore Tuna Appearance

The albacore is among the tiniest tuna species. Considering just concerning 80 extra pounds, it is just somewhat bigger than the skipjack. The albacore has a dark blue or grey back, fading to silver or white around the belly. One of the most noticeable feature is the huge pectoral fin on the side of the body. This is exactly how it obtained the alternative name longfin.

Albacore Thunnus alalunga fish between bluefin tuna school
lunamarina/Shutterstock. com

Albacore Tuna Distribution, Populace, as well as Environment

The albacore has distinctive supplies in the north Pacific as well as southerly Pacific. It’s likewise located in the Atlantic, the Indian Sea, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. According to the IUCN Red Listing, this species is taken into consideration “least concern”. Although lots of populaces are properly handled, others remain in high decrease.

Albacore Tuna Predators as well as Target

The albacore is a leading ocean blue killer. Its rate as well as dimension provide it an integral benefit over lots of various other species.

What does the albacore eat?

The albacore is the only tuna species that feeds largely on squid as well as various other cephalopods. Shellfishes as well as fish are second resources of food.

What consumes the albacore?

The albacore is preyed upon by billfish, sharks, rays, as well as various other tuna.

Albacore Tuna Recreation as well as Life Expectancy

The albacore go back to the exotic waters annually around the summertime period to recreate. Depending upon her dimension, the female will certainly launch in between 800,000 as well as 2.6 million eggs right into the water. Minority albacores that endure right into the adult years get to sex-related maturation at 5 or 6 years as well as meet 12 years.

Albacore in Angling as well as Food Preparation

The albacore is seriously crucial to industrial as well as entertainment fisheries all over the world. With its light preference as well as company meat, this species make up concerning 30% of the tinned tuna market. Typical dishes consist of barbequed albacore, steaks, salads, sushi, as well as sashimi.


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