Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd)

The Alabai’s genes indicate that this breed has been around for more than 5,000 years.
Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd) Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd) Physical Characteristics
Grey, Black, White, Brindle, Multi-colored
12 – 15 years
110+ lbs
Alabai (Central Asian Shepherd) Distribition

The Alabai’s genetics show that this type has actually been around for greater than 5,000 years.

The Alabai dog, generally described as Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are a large type. They can be mapped back over 5,000 years and have actually traditionally been utilized as an attack dog for goats and sheep. Today, the Alabai dog might still be utilized as a shepherd dog, however they are likewise utilized to aid shield the family and ownerships of wanderers.

Alabais have among the toughest attacks of any kind of various other types; their bite pressure is in between 500 and 650 extra pounds per square inch. As the type came from Central Asia, it makes good sense that they are among one of the most preferred types in Russia. Along with being called a Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Alabais might likewise be called Central Asian Ovtcharkas, Center Asian Ovtcharkas, and Mid-Asian Shepherds.

Having an Alabai Dog: 3 Pros and Cons

Pros! Cons!
Easy to bridegroom: Alabais are quite simple to bridegroom and just require to be cleaned around when a week. Big: Alabais are a large type and will certainly call for a great deal of room and food.
Great with various other animals: Central Asian Sheep Dogs are usually excellent with various other dogs and cats. Can be testing to train: Alabais are a really independent type, which can make obedience training harder.
Safety: Alabais are daring and will certainly shield their family. Their bite pressure of 500 to 650 extra pounds per square inch supports their bark if endangered. Not fit for apartment living: Central Asian Shepherd Dogs require to stay in a house with a huge fenced- in backyard and will certainly refrain from doing well in an apartment setup.
Central Asian shepherd, Alabai, standing on a rock in the mountains.
Central Asian shepherd, Alabai, basing on a rock in the hills.Degtyaryov Andrey/

Alabai Dimension and Weight

The Alabai dog are a large type. Males and females are both a minimum of 25.5 inches high and might more than 27.5 inches high. They generally evaluate a minimum of 88 extra pounds, however can stand up to over 110 extra pounds.

Elevation (Male) 25.5 inches to 27.5+ inches
Elevation (Female) 25.5 inches to 27.5+ inches
Weight (Male) 88 extra pounds to 110+ extra pounds
Weight (Female) 88 extra pounds to 110+ extra pounds

Alabai Typical Wellness Issues

The Alabai dog has actually been around for over 5,000 years and all-natural option has actually aided to develop a really healthy and balanced and genetically immune type. Nonetheless, given that they are such a huge type, they might create hip or arm joint dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is a problem where the hip bone does not create correctly. The joints scrub versus each various other and create degeneration. This can make it really unpleasant for an Alabai to stroll and might call for surgical treatment.

In a similar way, arm joint dysplasia influences an Alabai’s arm joint joints. It can likewise make strolling really tough and unpleasant. An Alabai dog might call for surgical treatment to fix this problem too.

To evaluate, both most widespread wellness issues that Alabais face are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Arm joint dysplasia

Alabai Personality and Actions

Alabais have a really independent individuality. They are likewise really certain, territorial, and safety, and if they pick up a risk in the direction of their enjoyed ones might display hostile habits. This type is very devoted to their enjoyed ones and can be fairly caring.

The Alabai’s attributes make them an excellent family dog for houses with older kids, however because of their dimension are usually not advised for houses with toddlers.

Just How to Look After an Alabai Dog

Given That an Alabai is such a distinct type, you will certainly require to maintain their character, dimension, dietary demands, task demands, and training demands in mind when producing a treatment strategy.

The Alabai Dog Upkeep and Pet Grooming

Alabais are really simple to bridegroom. They do not lose quite throughout the year, however do have one really hefty losing period. In between losing periods, an Alabai will certainly simply call for periodic cleaning and showering.

An Alabai’s nails do expand really rapidly and need to be maintained trimmed to maintain them from obtaining also long, breaking, splitting, or making it unpleasant for the dog to stroll. Proprietors need to likewise make sure to maintain the Alabai’s ears tidy and teeth cleaned regularly.

Alabai Dog Training

An Alabai’s independent nature can make this type testing to educate. Experienced proprietors that have the ability to dedicate the moment essential for training this type will likely produce the most effective outcomes. Regular and reasonable training is necessary to aid an Alabai discover assumptions and come to be a caring and well- acted puppy.

Alabai Dog Workout

While Alabais are not a really high power type, they still call for everyday workout. Goal to take your Alabai on lengthy strolls, provide a job to finish outdoors, or have fun with them in a fenced- in backyard. This type needs to be provided a minimum of a hr of everyday workout.

Alabai Pups

Alabai pups will certainly expand rapidly and proprietors will certainly require to be prepared to satisfy the expanding needs this type provides. Young puppies will certainly require to be provided lots of play time and task to maintain them hectic and delighted. They frequently take pleasure in having fun with challenging playthings made from rubber that will not be quickly damaged.

Prior to earning an Alabai pup, make sure your house is puppy evidence, which you await the dedication associated with elevating this type. They call for higher guidance and even more constant training than lots of various other types.

Alabai puppies on a white background in the studio.
Alabai pups on a white history in the workshop.Kristina Korotkova/

Alabais and Kid

Alabais can be great with kids. They are caring, safety, and devoted. Nonetheless, given that this type is really safety, they might not be as approving of unfamiliar people, such as a youngster’s friend, in the house. Alabais are likewise large and might inadvertently hurt a smaller sized kid, so they need to be very closely monitored when around kids.

Dogs similar to Alabai

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, Mastiffs, and Tibetan Mastiffs are 3 types that resemble the Alabai.

  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog: Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and Alabais are both large types that evaluate over 100 extra pounds. Both types are really territorial and can make an exceptional guard dog. Alabais usually do far better with various other dogs and cats than Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.
  • Mastiff: Mastiffs and Alabais are both caring dogs that are really safety of individuals that are essential to them. Mastiffs are extra simple- going and can be simpler to educate thanAlabais
  • Tibetan Mastiff: Tibetan Mastiffs and Alabais both evaluate over 100 extra pounds, though an Alabai is usually taller with an ordinary elevation of 29.5 inches contrasted to the 26.5- inch typical elevation of aTibetan Mastiff Alabais make a far better pet for houses with kids or various other animals thanTibetan Mastiffs

Alabai vs Kangal

Kangals are one more old type. They can be gone back as for the 12th century, while Alabais have actually been around for over 5,000 years. Kangals and Alabais have actually both been utilized to secure groups of animals. Both types have a really solid bite pressure, though the Kangal’s is also more powerful than the Alabai’s. Kangals and Alabais can both weight over 110 extra pounds, however Kangals might be taller at as much as 30 inches high.

Famous Alabais

If you want adhering to a couple of Alabais on Instagram, below are a couple of accounts you can have a look at:

  • guardiandogmi: Central Asian Shepherd Mi U.S.A.
  • Central Asian Shepherd
  • alabai_montenegro: Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Can not choose the ideal name for your Alabai? See if among the leading options listed below seems like the ideal fit:

  • Bear
  • Beauty
  • Bruce
  • Harper
  • Fiona
  • Max
  • Sadie
  • Ruby
  • Zoey


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