African Golden Cat

The first image of an African golden cat was captured in the wild in Gabon in 2002.
African Golden Cat Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Caracal aurata
African Golden Cat Physical Characteristics
Fawn, Red, Blue, Black, White, Cream
10 000
12 years
15 to 35 pounds
African Golden Cat Distribition

The first image of an African golden cat was captured in the wild in Gabon in 2002.

Conservation Status

The African Golden Cat is an elusive animal hardly ever discovered in its herbal habitat. The IUCN Red List declared the species as Vulnerable and at the decline due to habitat loss as a result of business farming, wooden and pulp plantations, searching, and mining.

They are difficult to look at due to their shy nature and densely forested habitats. As a result, scientists don’t recognize an awful lot approximately their conduct and lifestyle, and maximum facts approximately the species outcomes from nutritional research and museum specimens.

Sadly, the African golden cat has misplaced 44% of its habitat. This is due to the fact they don’t migrate and depend upon tropical forested regions. There isn’t anyt any manner they might continue to exist in areas with considerable human disturbance. Unfortunately, the forested regions in west Africa are critically broken via way of means of construction, commonly via way of means of constructing roads.

By making it simpler to assignment deeper and deeper into the forests, it opens up doorways for poachers withinside the bushmeat exchange to get toward those cats. For example, African golden cats are regularly stuck in snares utilized in unlawful searching methods.

In some African countries, Golden cat skins are in excessive call for due to the fact they’re utilized in medicinal drug and tribal rituals. For example, natives use their pores and skin at some point of circumcision ceremonies or as a fortunate attraction at some point of searching and to wrap precious objects.


The African golden cat has two subspecies, namely the:

  • Profelis aurata aurata
  • Profelis aurata cottoni

Anatomy and Appearance

These cats is available in numerous colors: reddish-brown, chestnut, greyish brown, and black. Their styles additionally vary; a few have mild spots, at the same time as others have darker spots. However, different African golden cats best have spot styles on their internal legs and belly.

In addition, they may be lighter in shadeation (nearly white) round their eyes, cheeks, chin, throat, and undersides. Their tails additionally vary, with some being darker and closely banded, at the same time as others are gently banded or plain. However, their tails usually cease with a black tip.

Their shadeation versions and styles have a tendency to extrade because of their location. For example, African golden cats withinside the western territories have extra recognizing (making them darker) at the same time as they may be lighter with minimum recognizing withinside the japanese regions.

They have a small rounded head that nearly appears disproportionate as compared to their frame size. On the alternative hand, the African golden cat is muscular with a cumbersome frame, lengthy legs, massive paws, and a brief tail.

Their duration varies however is typically among 24 to 40 inches and might grow to heights of 15 to 22 inches. Males weigh more than females, however their trendy weight ranges between 12 to 35 pounds.

They appearance very just like the caracal, however there are some differences, just like the African golden cat doesn’t have tufts at the ears, its tail is longer, and its face is shorter and extra rounded. In addition, their ears are small and round, and that they have faded blue to brown eyes.

Distribution and Habitat

African golden cats rely on a forested surroundings for survival. They generally arise in tropical Africa, and their populace is in most cases cut up among regions, alongside the west coast as much as the north, and in west relevant Africa.

This species lives in wet rainforests and are generally determined from sea level as much as 3,600 meters in dense rain forests, bamboo forests, alpine moorland, montane forests, riverine forests, and wooded savannah.

Their populations thrive in undisturbed forests, with dense understory plant life and an abundance of rodents.

Behavior and Lifestyle

Unfortunately, there may be little facts at the African golden cat’s conduct and lifestyle, and what facts does exist comes from only some observations. But, surprisingly, humans have acknowledged approximately them for nearly two hundred years.

The first photo of an African golden cat became captured withinside the wild in Gabon in 2002. Then, in 2008, the second one picture became stuck in Kibale Nation Park of Uganda, and in 2009 a neighborhood witnessed one searching a small mammal on a abandoned street in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

However, due to the fact that 2010, masses of sightings and pictures in Gabon and Uganda had been captured thank you to fashionable era like digital digicam traps. From this proof, scientists have decided that this species is solitary.

Typically, they share their territories with leopards and need to compete with them for food. However, leopards prey on African golden cats, that are scarce in regions with massive leopard populations.

African golden cats are cathemeral (lively at some stage in the day and night), however in regions in which there are leopards (nocturnal), they may be extra lively at some stage in the day.

There isn’t tons facts at the African golden cat’s searching conduct; however, scientists have decided that maximum in their searching takes region at the ground, however they do hunt in bushes now and again.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

Because this cat is so shy, their mating rituals are presently unknown. There has best been one sighting of African golden cats together. Clearly, researchers want to accumulate extra facts at the African golden cat to absolutely apprehend their duplicate and lifestyles cycles.

However, there may be a few proof amassed from captive African golden cats. Litters typically encompass 1 to two cubs however now and again encompass 3 cubs. Mothers retreat to a hidden den to offer birth, typically beneathneath a hole tree. Gestation is quite quick, between 75 to 78 days, and cubs weigh approximately 6.3 to 8.3 oz when born.

African golden cat cubs are born blind, and their eyes usually take seven days to open. They grow fast and, via way of means of weeks, can already climb. Then, at six weeks, they start weaning. Sexual maturity differs between males and females. Females attain sexual adulthood first at eleven months and males at 18 months. African golden cats can stay as much as 12 years vintage withinside the wild.

Diet and Prey

African golden cats are carnivores and generally prey on smaller mammals like:

  • Rodents
  • Red duikers
  • Birds
  • Tree hyraxes
  • Small forest antelope
  • Fish

While these cats have been recorded hunting monkeys, they primarily prey on small primates that are injured or that fall out of trees.

When hunting birds, they will often pluck the feathers before eating. This mimics the caracal’s eating behavior due to the amount of feathers they pluck before indulging.

African Golden Cat Predators and Threats

Leopards prey on African golden cats, however they pick the equal territories, so the African golden cats attempt to keep away from leopards through being greater lively for the duration of the day at the same time as the Apex predators are sleeping.

Unfortunately, their major danger is habitat loss as a result of deforestation, mainly in Eastern and Western Africa. Due to the human populace increasing, an increasing number of of the surroundings is destroyed to make manner for infrastructure.

The constructing of roads has expanded extensively in Africa withinside the beyond decade, mainly withinside the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Congo.

Another danger to the African golden cat is the bushmeat exchange. By making the denser wooded area regions greater handy thru new roadways, those international locations have made looking less complicated for poachers. As a result, the bushmeat exchange has flourished, and African golden cats regularly get stuck of their snares.

Although those cats aren’t their goal prey, poachers will nevertheless promote their meat for consumption, and natives accept as true with their fur and pores and skin are an excellent good fortune appeal for the duration of looking. In addition, tribes use their fur in rituals and to wrap items.

Farmers do now no longer remember those cats pests as there aren’t many facts wherein an African golden cat has attacked cattle. However, this doesn’t prevent locals residing in human settlements from killing them, as they may damage a number of the cattle in the event that they desired to.

African Golden Cat Interesting Facts

While the African golden cat is timid, and there isn’t always a variety of records on file approximately them, right here are a few thrilling facts:

  • The African golden cat is an superb climber however prefers to seek and stay at the floor majority of the time.
  • African golden cats mark their territory through spraying heady fragrance and smearing feces on their boundaries
  • These cats proportion their habitat with leopards, their largest predator, however attempt their great to keep away from them.
  • These cats are ordinarily solitary animals; however, men and women come collectively for the duration of mating season.
  • Their gestation duration lasts among seventy five to seventy eight days, typically ensuing in a single or kittens
  • The mom will retreat to a hidden den whilst she is prepared to present birth, typically in a hole tree

African Golden Cat Relationship and Humans

The African golden cat does now no longer have an excellent courting with humans. Natives have hunted them illegally for years for his or her meat and pelts.

Their fur is precious and used for:

  • Circumcision rituals
    To wrap objects
    As an excellent good fortune appeal for looking

Chicken, goat, and sheep farmers remember them pests and could kill them, despite the fact that there are only a few recorded cattle attacks.

African Golden Cats in Zoos

The African golden cat isn’t always well-known, and there haven’t been lots of them saved in captivity and those that have been have lengthy handed away. At present, there aren’t anyt any golden cats in zoos everywhere withinside the world.

Animals Similar to the African Golden Cat

Only different African cats are just like the African golden cat: the caracal and serval.


The caracal is an underestimated predator this is greater effective than it looks. They have reddish-brown fur, a bobtail, and lengthy black pointy ears with tufts at the ends. They are fantastic jumpers due to the fact their hind legs are longer than their the front legs, which propels them to heights of 10 feet. Needless to say, birds don’t stand a threat towards those stealthy predators.

Interesting Facts About the Caracal
  • The saying “placed the cat a few of the pigeons” stems from historic India and Iran, wherein they might placed skilled caracals into arenas containing a couple of pigeons.Bystanders might guess on what number of birds the caracal might capture in a unmarried jump.
  • Caracals aren’t best indigenous to Africa and additionally discovered alongside the Arabian Peninsula as much as Pakistan and Western India.
  • Similar to the leopard, a few caracals will conceal their prey in trees. This typically happens in regions with massive hyena populations.
  • There are obvious similarities among the caracal and the lynx. However, scientists now accept as true with that the caracal is greater intently associated with the serval and African golden cat than to any species of lynx.
  • In South Africa, caracals are taken into consideration pests and regularly hunt cattle for fun, killing a couple of animal despite the fact that they won’t consume it. Farmers get very pissed off and kill them. Between 1931 to 1952, 2,219 caracals have been killed in a tiny region of South Africa.
Caracals, are similarly sized wild cats that scientists believe are closely related to African golden cats.

Calliopejen / Creative Commons


Servals are lovely medium-sized cats scattered throughout the African continent. They decide upon grasslands and wetlands; however, they may be adaptable and may continue to exist in special ecosystems.

Although they’ve disappeared from a few African nations because of habitat loss and hunting, they may be indexed as Least Concerned on IUCN’s Red List. This is due to the fact they nonetheless have excessive numbers withinside the wild, and their populations stay stable.

Servals can come to be very tame, and a few human beings maintain them as pets, despite the fact that it’s unlawful to very own one in lots of locations due to the fact they are able to damage human beings with their sharp tooth and claws.

Maddest Angriest Cats - Serval
Servals are also similar in size to African golden cats. They can become very tame and some people keep them as pets.

Howard Klaaste/

Interesting Facts About Servals
  • Servals are professional hunters and are a success 50% of the time. That’s excellent in comparison to different cat species, which handiest have a 10% fulfillment rate. They are so impressive; that they could even capture flying birds.
  • Servals have each stripes and spots on their our bodies which assist them combination into their surroundings.
  • Servals have an impeccable feel of smell, sight, and hearing, that’s one of the motives they’re such skillful hunters and suitable at warding off threats.
  • Servals have numerous predators, which encompass people, dogs, leopards, and hyenas
  • The handiest land animal quicker than a serval is a cheetah. Servals can run between 45-50 miles per hour.


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