African Bullfrog

The African bullfrog is one of only three species of frog that have “teeth.”
African Bullfrog Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Pyxicephalus adspersus
African Bullfrog Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Cream, Olive, Light-Brown
45 years
0.9 to 18 kilograms (2 – 4 pounds)
African Bullfrog Distribition

The African bullfrog is the biggest frog in sub-Saharan Africa.

The African bullfrog is one in all the most important frogs on earth. Only the Goliath frog is bigger. It lives generally withinside the valuable a part of sub-Saharan Africa. It is a voracious eater and could swallow whatever it may address however is likewise famous as a pet. The rate of this sort of frogs isn’t prohibitive.

Another function of the bullfrog is the sound it makes while it’s far annoyed. The sound is defined as croaking, roaring, or bleating.

5 Incredible African Bullfrog Facts!

  • Interestingly, the frog is likewise referred to as the pixie frog. This, of course, has not anything to do with the animal’s size. “Pixie” comes from its clinical call of Pyxicephalus adspersus.
  • As belligerent as he can every now and then be, the male African bullfrog is a doting father, to a point. If he sees that the pool that holds his tadpoles is going for walks out of water, he’ll use his lower back legs to dig a channel into a bigger pool to each refill the smaller pool and permit the tadpoles to escape. On the opposite hand, he’ll every now and then consume his young.
  • After burrowing underground, a few African bullfrogs preserve simply their noses above ground, the higher to seize any unsuspecting prey.
  • When the frog estivates, it sloughs off its pores and skin one layer at a time to shape a cocoon round itself. This is one of the diversifications the frog has evolved to live alive in a antagonistic environment.
  • The pores and skin of frogs differs from the pores and skin of people and different mammals in that it desires to be shed in a single piece from time to time. It first splits down the lower back, then splits throughout the animal’s belly. This lets in the frog to tug its legs and arms out of the antique pores and skin then paintings it off its head. The frog then eats its antique pores and skin.

African Bullfrog Scientific Name

The African bullfrog belongs to the Pyxicephalus genus. The call has not anything to do with “pixie” as in fairies however means “spherical field head,” from the Greek. This describes the form of the frog’s massive head. There are 4 species that belong to Pyxicephalus. They are the African bullfrog, the safe to eat bullfrog, Calabresi’s bullfrog, and Pyxicephalus angusticeps.

African Bullfrog Appearance & Behavior

The person male African bullfrog is olive inexperienced, with a throat vicinity in sun sunglasses of yellow or orange. A large male may be the scale of a dinner plate! The woman frog is a lot smaller, and olive inexperienced to mild brown, aleven though her throat is white or cream. Younger bullfrogs are a long way extra vividly colored, with mottled pores and skin and white or yellow strains that run down their lower back. The colorings fade to the person coloring because the frog receives older, aleven though a few ladies do hold the strains. Adult frogs have a spade-formed knob on their hind foot to assist them dig. Their lower back ft have a few webbing at the same time as the stubby the front ft do now no longer.

The African bullfrog is stated for having a big cranium and strong skeleton, and aleven though they do now no longer have tooth, their backside jaw has 3 systems referred to as odontodes. These are toothlike growths which might be very just like tooth however range from tooth in that they develop superficially at the pinnacle of the pores and skin. Odontodes are diversifications used to seize and grasp directly to prey. The African bullfrog is one in all handiest 3 species of frog that have “tooth.”

African bullfrogs are solitary keep the breeding season, which occurs after a heavy rain that lets in shallow, brief swimming pools of water to shape. A institution of frogs is referred to as an military or a knot.

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How big is the African bullfrog?

Male African bullfrogs are nearly 10 inches long, whilst girls are approximately four.five inches long.

How much does the African bullfrog weigh?

The adult males of this huge frog can weigh a bit over four pounds, and the girls weigh approximately 1/2 of that, as they’re 1/2 of the size. This is uncommon due to the fact in maximum frog species the girls are larger than the adult males.

Why does the African bullfrog appear to be that?

The African bullfrog has the frame plan of maximum different frogs. Its effective legs assist it leap farfar from danger, and its hairless pores and skin protects its inner organs, enables it soak up oxygen, and absorbs water. The pores and skin is likewise complete of glands. Many of those glands are discovered at the frog’s again and head and secrete a slippery answer that each maintains the pores and skin wet and protects it towards pathogens. Since it’s slick, it additionally enables the frog break out predators.

African Bullfrog Habitat

The bullfrog may be discovered in an extremely good style of habitats in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s discovered as a long way east as Somalia, as a long way west as Nigeria, and south into South Africa. Though they’re amphibians, African bullfrogs can stay in climates that live dry for years. They can stay withinside the mountains however are possibly happiest close to our bodies of water. The mystery to their adaptability is they dig chambers withinside the soil whilst the weather turns into too harsh, input the chambers and estivate till situations are extra favorable.

What does the African bullfrog eat?

The frog eats snakes, reptiles, amphibians, insects, mice, different small mammals, and small birds. They aren’t above consuming every different, and it’s far instead not unusualplace for a bullfrog tadpole to begin consuming its brothers and sisters whilst it emerges from the egg. A father bullfrog will on occasion make a meal of a number of the eggs or tadpoles he’s guarding.

Like maximum different frogs, the African bullfrog is a carnivore. It hunts via way of means of everting its sticky tongue. The tongue attaches to its prey and attracts it into the frog’s big mouth. Once there, it is able to be held via way of means of the dermal enamel whilst the frog kills it.

A character who maintains the African bullfrog as a puppy desires to ensure that it does now no longer attempt to consume whatever this is indigestible, including toys or different overseas objects. The frog need to additionally now no longer be fed muscle meat including floor beef, for it doesn’t deliver the vitamins the animal desires. Frogs may be issue to infections of their pores and skin and eyes and ammonia poisoning if their enclosure is neglected.

What eats the African bullfrog?

People who stay close to African bullfrogs on occasion consume them and bear in mind the beef to be a delicacy. Besides humans, predators consist of birds of prey which are huge sufficient to grab up adults with talons or beaks, display lizards and turtles that clutch juveniles with their sharp beaks then swallow them. The largest chance to the frog is habitat destruction, however those frogs have advanced variations that permit them to thrive in loads of climates, from broiling warm deserts to excessive velds in which the temperatures can get under freezing withinside the winter.

The African bullfrog’s conservation popularity is ”Least Concern” aleven though their numbers are declining.

African Bullfrog Reproduction, Babies and Life Span

The African bullfrog is sexually mature whilst it’s approximately 1 and a 1/2 of to two years old. During the breeding season, the more youthful adult males acquire in a single small region of the pool whilst the larger adult males visit the middle and attempt to chase every different off. They will on occasion combat to the loss of life to do this. They make a valid that resembles a loud “whoop!” to draw girls. The girls input the water and try and mate with the dominant male. A woman African bullfrog releases as much as 4000 eggs withinside the breeding pool. Then, she leaves to allow the daddy protect them.

There isn’t anyt any gestation duration for the African bullfrog. Once she is clasped via way of means of the male she has selected, the woman lays eggs at the floor of the water, and the male fertilizes them. The tadpoles hatch approximately days later. The younger of bullfrogs are referred to as larvae, tadpoles or polliwogs.

Since African bullfrogs are amphibians, their younger do now no longer nurse and consequently do now no longer want to be weaned. They are omnivorous and could take vegetation, stay and useless insects, fish which are small sufficient to handle, and different tadpoles. As they mature, they become distinct carnivores.

Tadpoles develop to younger frogs in approximately 3 weeks. If it survives infancy, this bullfrog has been recognised to stay so long as forty five years. As they age they may, like different amphibians, be issue to sicknesses including chytridiomycosis, which assaults the pores and skin, and different sicknesses as a result of ranaviruses.

African Bullfrog Population

Though the precise populace of African bullfrogs is unknown, its conservation popularity is “Least Concern,” aleven though its populace is declining.


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