The German name Affenpinscher translates to monkey dog. This pup’s face is similar to a monkey’s!
Affenpinscher Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis Lupus
Affenpinscher Physical Characteristics
Grey, Black
Affenpinscher Distribition

In Germany, Affenpinscher’s were used to hunt down rats and mice in stables.

An Affenpinscher is a fearless dog brimming with confidence. This can also additionally appear humorous considering the fact that it’s a member of the Toy institution and most effective weighs round 10 kilos absolutely grown. But, in its mind, this canine is a Great Dane!

The records of the Affenpinscher, occasionally known as a monkey terrier because of its appearance, is going again to the seventeenth century.

In Germany, they had been used to hunt down rats and mice in stables. They could easily get into small areas to seize those rodents. Eventually, they had been added into people’s houses to serve the identical purpose. From there, they have become unswerving partners for contributors of the own circle of relatives.

This breed is affectionate and precise with older children and adults. They are critical approximately shielding their own circle of relatives however also are acknowledged to clown round giving anybody a laugh.

3 Pros and Cons of Owning an Affenpinscher

Pros! Cons!
Needs minimal exercise. This small pooch only requires 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day. Sometimes this breed can be difficult to housebreak due to its independent nature.
Families who want an alert canine that barks when a stranger comes to the door will be pleased with an Affenpinscher. Though considered hypoallergenic, it’s best to groom this pooch twice a week. This can be time-consuming for an owner.
This breed doesn’t need much space, so it’s a good option for a family who lives in an apartment. Affenpinschers were bred to chase down rats and mice. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to distinguish between a pet hamster or gerbil and a field mouse they are supposed to capture.
Affenpinscher standing in the grass
Affenpinscher’s are friendly dogs, but they can be yappy!


Affenpinscher Size and Weight

Affenpinschers are small pooches that may grow to be 11.5 inches on the withers. They weigh 10 pounds completely grown. At 7 weeks old, Affenpinschers weigh round 2 kilos. They are taken into consideration completely grown at 12 months old.

Height (Male) 11.5 inches tall
Height (Female) 11.5 inches tall
Weight (Male) 10 pounds, fully grown
Weight (Female) 10 pounds, fully grown

Affenpinscher Common Health Issues

Affenpinschers have a few not unusualplace fitness problems that their proprietor ought to be conscious of. The first one is known as patellar luxation. This is a clinical time period for a dislocated knee.

Knee dislocation takes place while the domestic dog’s kneecap movements out of area as it’s walking or trotting alongside. Sometimes an Affenpinscher is capable of pop it again into area with a positive motion. In different situations, surgical operation can be needed.

Another not unusualplace fitness trouble is known as corneal dystrophy. It’s a genetic circumstance that happens while crystals shape at the canine’s cornea. These crystals can have an effect on the Affenpinscher’s imaginative and prescient and every so often surgical operation is necessary.

Hip dysplasia is some other not unusualplace fitness trouble of this breed. This circumstance happens while the hip joint movements out of alignment. Hip dysplasia can result in arthritis in later years. Limping and confined motion are symptoms and symptoms of this circumstance.
The maximum not unusualplace fitness problems encompass:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Corneal dystrophy
  • Hip dysplasia

Affenpinscher Temperament

Affenpinschers are small puppies acknowledged for his or her fearless behavior. They every so often bark at and attempt to intimidate massive puppies whilst forgetting approximately their length disadvantage!

This brave best makes them splendid watchdogs for a household. In addition, they’ve a loyal, affectionate personality. These tendencies have earned them an amazing recognition as a own circle of relatives canine.

Many proprietors of Affenpinschers are entertained with the aid of using the antics of this puppy. They have a stupid streak which means they prefer to frolic, soar round, throw toys withinside the air, and act goofy. This is certainly considered one among their maximum endearing tendencies.

How to Take Care of an Affenpinscher

Giving the first-class degree of care to an Affenpinscher is less complicated while an proprietor is aware of the precise diet, workout and healthcare desires of this breed. Whether a person has a domestic dog or an grownup Affenpinscher, creating a every day care plan can assist to preserve this puppy healthful and happy.

The Best Dog Food for Affenpinschers

Affenpinscher dogs and grownup puppies have unique dietary, workout and healthcare desires. Look at a number of the desired vitamins of their every day diets.

Affenpinscher domestic dog meals: Protein is the principle element in any tremendous domestic dog meals for Affenpinschers. The amino acids in protein construct sturdy muscular tissues and tissue. Protein might also additionally assist to save you the improvement of hip dysplasia.

A confined quantity of fats offers a domestic dog strength and facilitates them soak up the nutrients of their meals. Calcium and diet D help the increase of sturdy bones that is specifically treasured to this breed because of its capability to increase patellar luxation. Vitamin A contributes to this domestic dog’s eye fitness. Fiber facilitates with its right digestion.

Affenpinscher grownup canine meals: Protein is simply as critical for grownup sorts as it’s miles for dogs. Protein withinside the shape of meat, rice, and potatoes continues sturdy muscular tissues and tissue.

Vitamin E contributes to pores and skin fitness and Vitamin A helps a canine’s eye fitness. This is critical in stopping corneal dystrophy on this breed. A confined quantity of fats offers strength to this little canine whilst now no longer including useless weight.

Giving Affenpinscher dogs and adults get entry to to water always continues them hydrated and facilitates digestion.

Maintenance and Grooming

How a great deal does an Affenpinscher shed? Though this dog is taken into consideration to be hypoallergenic, it does shed a bit greater than common with the alternate of seasons. Grooming two times every week continues its medium-long, wire-haired coat in excellent circumstance.

A pattern grooming habitual could encompass brushing the canine with a slicker brush. This eliminates unfastened and useless hair. Next, groom with a steel comb offering each exceptional and medium teeth, so it reaches into the canine’s coat. Using those grooming gear on an Affenpinscher’s hair continues the tangles away and continues a healthful coat. It’s first-class to begin on the domestic dog’s head and brush closer to its tail.


Affenpinschers are exceedingly smooth to train. An proprietor ought to preserve in thoughts that those puppies do first-class with brief obedience schooling sessions. When a schooling consultation is brief, an Affenpinscher has much less possibility to lose interest and distracted.

Words of reward and desired treats are very beneficial gear while placing this domestic dog via obedience schooling. It’s an amazing concept to keep a positive sort of desired deal with to apply most effective all through obedience schooling sessions. That way, the Affenpinscher is aware of it’s schooling time while the treats are given.

The Cairn terrier is some other clever canine just like the Affenpinscher that learns higher with brief obedience schooling sessions.


These lovely dogs want a slight quantity of workout every day to hold excellent fitness. This manner approximately 20 to half-hour of activity. Taking a stroll across the neighborhood, taking walks withinside the woods, or gambling fetch are all excellent options. These little dogs have a brief stride, so taking them on an extended jog isn’t an amazing concept. The canine may be exhausted!

As a long way as condominium residing goes, an Affenpinscher is an extraordinary option. This puppy doesn’t want a number of area to transport round in, so an condominium could be an amazing residing environment. This breed is good for those who want to take their pooch alongside anywhere they go! Learn greater approximately the first-class puppies for condominium residing here.

Affenpinscher Puppies

Since this is a Toy breed, Affenpinscher puppies are especially small. So, owners of these puppies must take extra care to keep them safe while allowing them to explore their environment.

Affenpinscher puppy standing in the grass
Affenpinschers make great family pets. They are good with kids and are quite playful.

Didkovska Ilona/

Affenpinscher and Children

Affenpinschers are a terrific choice for households with older kids. Some more youthful kids and babies will be inclined to deal with small puppies as toys.
An Affenpinscher that’s dealt with in a tough manner with the aid of using a younger infant can emerge as fearful and jumpy. Though the kid won’t imply any harm, an Affenpinscher can emerge as apprehensive for its personal protection and lash out.

Dogs Similar to Affenpinschers

  • Cairn terrier– Cairn terriers and Affenpinschers are about the same height, but Cairn terriers weigh a little more. They are both alert, energetic dogs that are considered hypoallergenic.
  • Norfolk terrier– Norfolk terriers have a temperament both feisty and sweet like Affenpinschers. They are approximately the same size, but Norfolk terriers are in the Terrier group, not the toy group.
  • Border terrier– Border terriers are taller and heavier than Affenpinschers. Both Affenpinschers and Border terriers are intelligent and energetic with a loyal temperament.

Famous Affenpinschers

One of the most famous Affenpinschers goes by the name of Banana Joe. At 4 years old, Banana Joe was the first Affenpinscher to win Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show in 2013.

Some popular names for Affenpinschers include:

  • Duke
  • Harley
  • Oliver
  • Cooper
  • Zeus
  • Stella
  • Lulu
  • Molly
  • Coco


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