The hooves of the addax are splayed and have flat, springy soles, one of the adaptations that help it walk over sand.
Addax Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Addax nasomaculatus
Addax Physical Characteristics
White, Grey-Brown
Less than 500 in the wild
19-25 years
Addax Distribition

“Critically Endangered Antelope of the African Desert”

This stunning antelope, additionally referred to as the screwhorn or white antelope as soon as ranged over the Sahara Desert. Now it’s miles on the brink of extinction because of poaching, weather change, overhunting, and habitat destruction. Fortunately, efforts are being made to go back its wild populace to wholesome numbers. Read on for greater records approximately the addax.

5 Incredible Addax Facts!

Here are 5 records approximately this brilliant however endangered antelope:

  • Unlike different antelopes, the addax has squarish enamel like a cow. Addax additionally don’t have the facial glands which might be observed on different antelope, however they do have heady fragrance glands of their ft.
  • Both men and women have horns, and every horn has from one and a 1/2 of to a few twists.
  • One of the addax’s diversifications to a desolate tract habitat is they hardly ever want to drink water.
  • Though they’re scarce withinside the wild, addax are not unusualplace in zoos together with Germany’s Hanover Zoo and America’s St. Louis Zoo. Conservation efforts consist of elevating zoo-born animals that could sooner or later assist bolster the wild populace.
  • Some historians trust that the addax become at the least in part domesticated through the historic Egyptians.

Scientific Name

The white antelope’s clinical call is Addax nasomaculatus. Addax is thought to return back from an Arab phrase for “crooked horn.” Nasomaculatus comes from the Latin nasus for “nostril” and maculatus, which means “noticed.” So the call Addax nasomaculatus possibly interprets as “animal with crooked horns and noticed nostril.” There are simplest one species of addax.


The addax is cited for the stunning colour of its coat and specially its spiral horns. Males are a bit larger than women and stand approximately forty one to forty five inches on the shoulder as compared to women, who stand 37 to forty three inches on the shoulder. Males also are heavier and weigh among 220 and 276 pounds, even as women weigh among one hundred thirty and 2 hundred pounds. The animal’s experience of odor and peripheral imaginative and prescient is excellent, diversifications that assist them comply with the rains.

The coat of A. nasomaculatus adjustments with the seasons. It is in the main gray-brown in iciness with white legs and rump. The coat turns nearly absolutely white or blond withinside the summer. There is a tuft of brown hair on the top among the horns, and this flows down right into a mane. There are patches at the nostril that make an X form at the face. The animal additionally has a beard, significantly purple nostrils, and a quick tail that results in a black tassel.

The addax’s legs are quick, and aleven though the legs and ft are constructed for staying power they’re now no longer constructed for speed. To onlookers, it appears as though the animal’s “knees” rarely bend because it moves. This makes it clean prey for predators together with lions, hyenas, and humans. The horns may be so long as 33 inches, aleven though the longest horns have been forty three inches in length. The horns have 30 to 35 ridges withinside the middle and the bottom. Males use their horns to spar with different men over women.

The most distinctive feature of an Addax is its spiral horns.



Addax lives in herds, which a few biologists declare are headed via way of means of the alpha male whilst others declare are headed via way of means of the alpha woman. They do recognise that girls type themselves right into a hierarchy, with the oldest girls being dominant. The adult males set up territories and shield the girls inside them. Though herds was once large, in recent times they may be made from 5 to twenty individuals. Addax herds tour lengthy distances to locate vegetation, following the rains.

Interestingly, Addax is essentially nocturnal, because the cooler night time temperatures make it simpler for them to transport around. In the warmth of the day, they excavate depressions withinside the color and lie down in them. Their light-coloured coats additionally mirror the warmth and maintain them cool.


A. nasomaculatus is a creature of the desert, however it additionally migrates to savannas and grasslands. Unfortunately, it’s been extirpated from the regions in which it used to variety freely together with Egypt, Mauritania, and Western Sahara.


The white antelope eats grasses, which include tussocks, wiregrass, and the seeds of panic grass. It will devour the leaves of small bushes and shrubs if the grass is unavailable. These plant meals deliver the animal sufficient water in order that it doesn’t must drink.

Predators and Threats

Because they can’t outrun their predators, Addax has usually been difficulty to predation via way of means of carnivores together with leopards, hyenas, and cheetahs. Even if they might run fast, they have been in no way a healthy for the human beings who valued their meat and their hides or surely desired to place their heads with their amazing horns on their walls. Because of this, the antelope’s populace has been shrinking for the reason that center of the nineteenth century, and it’s far now seriously endangered. However, there are hundreds of addax in zoos and personal menageries, and conservation techniques were followed in numerous countries, which include Algeria and Morocco.

Addax additionally has a tendency to harbor parasites while situations are moist. The maximum not unusualplace parasite of the antelope has a tendency to be sorts of nematodes.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

The woman addax is prepared to reproduce while she’s approximately one a 1/2 of years old, and the male is prepared while he’s approximately three. Since adult males shield girls of their territory, the dominant male associates with the fertile girls in his herd. Though addax can breed at some point of the year, they basically accomplish that withinside the earliest spring or overdue winter. The woman offers start to 1 calf after a being pregnant that’s a bit much less than 9 months. Calves weigh approximately eleven kilos at start and are weaned while they may be approximately seven months old. The woman is going lower back into estrus simply more than one days after giving start.

The lifespan of the white antelope is set 19 years withinside the wild, however every other six years or so may be brought to the lifespan of the animal if it’s far properly cared for in captivity.


There are probable 500 or fewer of those antelopes final withinside the wild, aleven though there are probable hundreds in zoos or personal menageries. Breeding packages were mounted to assist the wild populations, and addax has been reintroduced into areas in which they have been as soon as considerable together with Tunisia’s Bou-Hedma National Park and the Grand Erg Oriental withinside the Sahara Desert.


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