The oldest breed of cat in the world!
Abyssinian Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis catus
Abyssinian Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Black, White, Beige
13-15 years
6-10 lbs
Abyssinian Distribition

Perhaps an excessive amount of emphasis is given to the unsure factor of starting place of the Abyssinian cat. What actually subjects is this friendly, intelligent, curious, and companionable animal is right here amongst us today. A lover of excessive locations and forever interested by looking what you’re doing, the Abyssinian’s awesome listing of tendencies is the ideal solution that cat fanciers can provide to individuals who love their dogs. It can achieve this many dog-like matters, but it additionally is aware of wherein the clutter container is and what it’s miles used for.

Abyssinian Traits: What To Know Before You Buy

The maximum critical factor to understand approximately an Abyssinian, or Aby for short, is which you aren’t getting a sofa potato out of the deal. If you don’t need to be accompanied round and feature a cat underfoot, you have to reflect onconsideration on a few different puppy. Abyssinians are born to superintend your sports or the ones of different participants of your family.

There are cats that want to be beneathneath matters and cats that want to be above matters. If you can’t discover your Aby, then appearance up. Despite hypothesis that their ancestors got here from a barren region environment, the modern breed could be very keen on timber and different excessive perches.

Abyssinians are famously good-natured as long as they were well introduced. They can peacefully co-exist with birds, dogs, small children, or even goldfish. If you’ve ever fancied having a cat that could play fetch, you can properly get your desire with an Abyssinian.

Abyssinian Personality

If there may be one criticism approximately an Abyssinian’s persona, it could possibly be that they’re nearly too smart. They like to examine, and that they examine via way of means of gazing matters at near quarters. This method that they’re now no longer shy approximately entering into your enterprise even as you’re doing it.

They also are excellent at identifying the way to get into matters or areas that you can now no longer need them in. These inquisitive creatures usually need to understand what’s on the opposite facet of that barrier.

One location that frequently surprises human beings approximately the Abyssinian persona is that they’re very affectionate however notoriously disinterested in being a lap cat. They like curling up beside you, now no longer on pinnacle of you. In this position, they’re flawlessly content material to assist you to puppy them and scratch their ears however they’re disregarded for being a cat you maintain or convey round.

While Abyssinians are open-minded approximately their partners in life, they do like having others of 1 type or some other round. No count if it’s miles a human or some other cat, they’re very sociable and might get bored and unfavorable if left on my own an excessive amount of.

They have very loud cars in relation to purring however they stability this via way of means of the as an alternative sparse use in their voice. If they talk, it’s due to the fact there may be a subject of significance they desire to speak about with you.

Abyssinian cat ruddy closeup on a wooden ladder, a pole, a hammock

Abyssinian Size And Weight

The Abyssinian is a medium to small size breed of cat. Although medium in standard size, their very lithe build, and thin legs lead them to sign up at the smaller end of that medium scale up to now as weight is concerned.

Abys commonly run from eight to ten inches in top and is everywhere from 12 to sixteen inches in length. They tip the scales at a svelte eight to twelve lbs.

Abyssinian Prices

As a purebred cat, Abyssinians aren’t an cheaper pet. Kittens can value everywhere from $500 to $2200. Rarer Abyssinians and people coming from ideal bloodlines can run all of the manner up to $5000.

The wild card in that is that you may attain an Abyssinian kitten for lots much less than those numbers indicate, however they’re now no longer able to getting used to reproduce greater Abyssinians. For a so-called “pet” Aby, you may locate not unusualplace ones withinside the $500-900 variety. Without stepping into distinguished toys, steeply-priced foods, or unanticipated fitness issues, the common value of preserving an Abyssinian is approximately $four hundred a year.

Abyssinian Kittens

Like maximum different cats, Abyssinians have litters withinside the variety of approximately six kittens. Kittens have a tendency to be really darker than their dad and mom whilst born however will loosen up as their exclusive coat develops.

They attain complete top in approximately six months. After that, they progressively placed on bulk till they’re absolutely evolved at round 12 months from their birth.

Like their dad and mom, the kittens are very playful and intelligent. They make amazing pets for children to grow up with.

Abyssinian kittens playing

Abyssinian Lifespan

Their curious nature and love of heights can artificially shorten their herbal lifespan because of accidents. Barring any early dying because of misadventure, however, Abyssinians without difficulty remaining into the 13-15 yr range. With right care and diligence, residing into their 20s isn’t always too uncommon.

Given the massive preliminary funding in obtaining one, Aby proprietors generally watch their cat’s fitness very cautiously and have a tendency to their veterinary wishes in a well timed manner. This way that Abyssinians are much less possibly to increase situations that require them to be euthanized at an in advance age.

Their durability is likewise helped through their endomorphic frame traits and their typically energetic ranges of pastime all through their lives. Conversely, the extraordinarily small genetic inventory of the breed has brought about a few lingering hereditary problems that seem greater regularly in Abyssinians than withinside the popular cat population.

Among the diseases which most commonly afflict these cats are:

  • Chronic Renal Failure – Also called easy kidney failure, this hereditary circumstance is one you may need to shield in opposition to through cautiously analyzing the ancestry of any potential kitten you will be withinside the marketplace for.
  • Hyperthyroidism – The standard litheness of the breed may be accentuated through hyperthyroidism. This circumstance forces the frame to burn power it does now no longer always want or need to burn. This in flip reasons the already skinny cat to be thinner nonetheless and makes it tougher for them to place or preserve weight on their bodies. Medication can manage the problem.
  • Luxating Patella – In a human, this will be called a dislocated kneecap. Painful to suffer, painful to pressure returned into its accurate position, it’s far nonetheless now no longer a chief fear due to the fact that a big variety of quadrupeds had been recognized to be afflicted by this illness at one time or another.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy – In the long-lived Abyssinian, retinal atrophy first moves withinside the shape of growing night time blindness. This in the end develops into full-fledged blindness below all conditions. This is a genetic trait of the breed for which there may be no treatment. The best to be had prevention is to cautiously scrutinize the family tree of any potential kitten or cat purchase.
  • Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency – This is the huge one for Abyssinians. Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency is an inheritable pink blood mobileular circumstance that reasons anemia and different blood afflictions. The best understand treatment is a bone marrow transplant.

Abyssinian Breed Versus Mixed Breed

To be a genuine Abyssinian, breeders require that a specimen must be one of four colors.

  • Ruddy – The first identified coat colour for an Abyssinian is ruddy, that’s a mixture of reddish-brown with ticks, or small lengths, of black peeking thru in places. This ripple of multi-hued fur colour alongside any character strand is one of the most important special capabilities of an Abyssinian. The black is discovered at the ends of the fur and is maximum reported at the tail and on the decrease extremities of the paws. It ought to additionally have a totally purple nostril to qualify.
  • Cinnamon – More reddish than the brownish Ruddy Abyssinian, and greater of an orange-brown withinside the below regions of the coat. All Abyssinians require the darkest colours to be at the guidelines of the fur. The Cinnamon has Chocolate Brown on the tail tip and toes in addition to a dark purple nostril.
  • Fawn – The lighter-hued Fawn Abyssinian is fairly evocative of a mild Siamese colour coat with rose-beige because the number one colour and mild brown on the ends. Light cocoa brown at the tail tip and toes are matched with a salmon-coloured nostril.
  • Blue – The Blue Abyssinian isn’t definitely a blue cat however alternatively one which has a heat beige coat fairly much like the Fawn however is tipped with bluish-grey slate highlights in place of brownish ones. Tail and decrease paws have the identical requirement for predominate darkish colours and the nostril is a reddish purple.

Very mild versions of those colour schemes are sufficient to disqualify a cat from being a cat breeder’s general purebred Abyssinian. Black hair on a purple Aby will disqualify. With few exceptions across the face, white patches or spots will disqualify. A darkish necklace, or ring that is going absolutely across the neck area, will disqualify. There aren’t anyt any identified crossbreed Abyssinians.


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