Abyssinian Guinea Pig

They are one of the oldest breeds of guinea pig
Abyssinian Guinea Pig Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cavia porcellus
Abyssinian Guinea Pig Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, White, Brindle
Top speed
4 mph
Abyssinian Guinea Pig Distribition

Abyssinian guinea pigs are just one of the earliest types of guinea pigs, staying in the hills of South America.”


In spite of the name, guinea pigs are not pigs in all however a sort of rodent. They are understood for their distinctly harsh, rosette- formed hair and capacity to make loud sounds. These animals make magnificent residence pets and are really pleasant. Actually, they have actually been prominent residence pets considering that the 1600s. They have a far more social character than various other guinea pig types, which is partially what makes them so prominent.

5 Amazing Abyssinian Guinea Pig Realities

  • They are available in a wide variety of shades – from monotone to vibrant. Their strong shades been available in several tones and designs, such as roan, tortoiseshell, Himalayan, Dutch, Dalmation, and several others.
  • While guinea pigs are a typical pet all around the world, in South America they are additionally a widespread food resource, and you can still locate road delays marketing baked guinea pigs.
  • They are a lot more social and energised than various other guinea pigs.
  • They have 4 toes on each front foot and 3 on each back foot.
  • In spite of their name, they did not come from Abyssinia (contemporary- day Ethiopia).

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Scientific Name

Medically referred to as Cavia porcellus, the Abyssinian is just one of the earliest guinea pig types. In spite of the name, the rodent did not come from Abyssinia, currently referred to as Ethiopia. While the real beginning of their name is mainly unidentified, like various other types of guinea pigs, they live in hilly locations in South America. This type, like a lot of others, is trained all around the world. They are offspring of a rodent called Cavia cutleri, and their domestication most likely initial started around 5000 BCE.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Appearance

The Abyssinian guinea pig is a tiny rodent, concerning 8- 12 inches in size, and it considers concerning 2 to 3 extra pounds. For contrast, they have to do with the exact same dimension as a man’s footwear.

Abyssian guinea pigs look fairly similar to various other types of guinea pigs. They have lengthy bodies, wide heads, and brief faces. Their ears sag downwards and are formed like flowers. Some additionally have a rich shrub of hair under their noses.

A distinct function of the Abyssinian guinea pig is its harsh, “rosette” formed hair. Unlike various other types, the Abyssinian does not have any kind of level or smooth places. Rather, their hair generally has 8 to 10 rosettes each, which remain in sets. They prolong throughout their bodies, from head to toe. While harsh, the hair expands circularly and might be as long as 2 inches.

They are available in a couple of various shades however mostly neutral tones. Their most prominent shades are white, black, brownish, brindle, roans, tortoiseshell, and red.

Abyssinian guinea pig on white background
Abyssinian guinea pigs have lengthy bodies, wide heads, and brief faces. They can be a selection of shades, consisting of red.iStock.com/ svehlik


In the wild, the Abyssinian guinea pig stays in teams called herds. These social animals are fairly singing and do not hesitate frequently. The one-of-a-kind sound these rodents make is a high- pitched screech or whistle.

Although several reside in the wild, they have actually been trained, so they have actually come to be fairly familiar with the inside your home. They can live alone however like to be with even more of their kind since they are social animals. It’s advised that you maintain the very least 2 of them if you’re thinking about having them as pets.


Abyssinian guinea pigs are just located in South America in the wild, either in woodland- covered locations, open meadows, or in the hilly areas of the Andes. They can endure in altitudes of approximately 16,000 feet over water level! The Abyssinian guinea pig has a huge array and can be located from Venezuela to southerly Patagonia, however they are not located in western Chile or a lot of the Amazon River container.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Diet

They are herbivores that eat shrubs, fresh veggies, fruits, lawn, and seeds.

What does the Abyssinian guinea pig eat?

The diet of Abyssinian guinea pigs is plant based – making them herbivores. Out in the wild, their diet is mainly based upon lawn, leaves, seeds, bark, and blossoms on the mountain inclines of South America. In bondage, they can eat manufactured nourishment pellets, hay, and numerous vegetables and fruits.

On the whole, their diet appears like that of most various other guinea pig types. Timothy hay, a verdant type of hay that is essential for their diet regimens, is frequently fed in bondage. They additionally require veggies in their diet for them to satisfy their nutrient demands. Generally, eco-friendly, leafed veggies suffice. In addition, including fruits to their diet can enhance their gastrointestinal system and vitamin C consumption.

What consumes Abyssinian guinea pigs?

Their primary predators are animals such as weasels and predators like eagles and hawks. In a house atmosphere, they could be prone to assaults from tamed cats or dogs. In South America, guinea pigs are a typical food resource.

Predators and Dangers

As discussed over, these guinea pigs are prone to being exploited by bigger animals, specifically animals and aggressive birds. Nonetheless, they have actually created all-natural reactions to assist them endure. They generally run away by concealing in burrows, where bigger animals can not get in. Although logging adversely influences some guinea pigs, these animals adjust well to alter, so human elements and environment modification do not impact the population a lot.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Reproduction

The Abyssinian guinea pig generally gets to sex-related maturation at 3 months old. Out in the wild, these animals have no details reproducing period and can reproduce at any moment of the year. Nevertheless, having children in the winter months is frequently unusual. Their gestation duration is in between 58 to 72 days, and a female brings to life in between 5 and 15 dogs at once. Throughout the years, a female may bring to life approximately 5 trashes.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Infants

The children are referred to as dogs. They are generally effectively- created when they’re birthed and have lengthy hair – a function one-of-a-kind to them. They generally nurse on their mom’s milk for approximately 21 days, after which they can forage individually. A solitary clutter of dogs can vary from 5 approximately 15!


The typical life-span of an Abyssinian guinea pig is anywhere in between 5 and 8 years. And the lengthiest- living Abyssinian guinea pig on document got to 15 years in bondage.

In regards to conditions, they are prone to some usual disorders. A couple of are as complies with:

  • Pneumonia  – triggered by microbial infections
  • Looseness of the bowels  – intestinal concerns
  • Scurvy – a shortage of vitamin C
  • Urinary system troubles – bladder rocks, blood in pee, and so on

As A Result, if you maintain one as a pet, you ought to arrange normal veterinarian sees and offer a well- well balanced diet.


The total population of the Abyssinian guinea pig is presently unidentified. There could be an opportunity of their population decreasing, thinking about contemporary- day urbanization and logging. Nonetheless, info concerning these patterns is based upon conjecture.

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs as Pets

Abyssinian guinea pigs make terrific pets. They are manageable, social, and caring animals that are fairly very easy to care for. An astonishing 1.5 million houses in the USA alone very own guinea pigs. So it do without stating that these are prominent pets.

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs in Zoos

Abyssinian guinea pigs are generally located in zoos around the globe. You can see them in a few of the complying with zoos in the United States:

  • Smithsonian National Zoo
  • Shepperly Ranch Stroking Zoo
  • Nashville Zoo

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